Maybe, just maybe, you're wondering what the hell I'm doing these past few days that keeps me busy from posting a new entry. And if I did, for sure, it is just a quick one just like the last time.

Honestly, I'm not really busy, not at all. In fact, I have the time to go online everyday. But, what the heck am I doing? Ok. Ok. Get off me! To tell you the truth, it's because of...


Yes, it's true. Since my friend introduced me to Restaurant City two weeks ago, I started to became addicted to different Facebook apps. --- Pet Society, Who has the biggest (toot)?, Friends for Sale, GeoChallenge, Yoville, Farmville and Villville (lol. just kidding!)

I never thought that I will really enjoy Facebook. I created my FB account last year but I never bothered to put much attention into it. I thought it was soooooo Friendster. But when I checked it out (due to pressure from my friends), I learned that FB is miles ahead from it. SUE ME, but it's the truth. LOL.

So, if you're starting to miss me, you know where to message me. *wink* Here's my FB account: jubertjohn@yahoo.com. Just add me up. OK?

By the way, before I go, there's someone who wants to say hi to you guys.

He is PUCHIMON, my pet in Pet Society. So cute, isn't it? Just like me. But, I'm much cuter. No kiddin'.





Though I'm on a tight budget every week since (Mom, listen to this) I have a lot of things to pay, there are "some" things that I really can't resist. Obviously, one of these "some" is watching movies. I'm a SUPER BIG fan of movies. It don't care if I'm watching it on a DVD, on the boob tube or straight from the big screen.

This post will just be a quick one. I just want to let you know the films coming out this year (from August to December) that I'm looking forward to watch... hopefully. *fingers crossed*

NOTE! If you want to see the trailer (I know you're craving for it!), just click the poster. *wink*