A Dream is a hope that never sleeps

It’s been a month since I have posted my last article. I miss my blog and my readers too! Maybe you’re wondering what might have happened. Well, the past weeks have been very busy for me. Because of that I am also behind blogging. There are a lot of things – a lot, really – I want to share with you. I’ll get back to regular programming next month.


Nae salmi haru haru kkumeul kkuneun geotcheoreom
Neowa hamkke majubomyeo saranghal su itdamyeon
Dasi ireoseolgeoya

Naege sojunghaetdeon gieok sogui haengbokdeul
Himdeul sigan sogeseodo deouk ddaseuhaetdeon
Heemangeun naegen jamdeulji anheun ggum

Don’t tell me how many days are left before the board exam. Mom is already doing that wonderful job for me. So, you don’t have to hammer again that it’s “9 days to go, board exam na!”. Kita niyo ngang sobrang pressured na ako. Actually, whatever-you-call-this-kind-of-feeling is not new to me. I took the MLE in 2009 and luckily, I passed it unscathed and with my sanity intact. But still, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. Imma confess that I am not yet that confident to take this exam that could dictate the fate of my career. A lot of negative vibes gets inside my head as the examination is looming closer that I sometimes think I have a disorder of some sort. LMAO.

When I took the board two years ago, I took it because I need to (in my school, that’s a prerequisite before you become a junior). I didn’t really take it seriously… I dunno, maybe because I know I will pass with ease. Brilliant minds didn’t need much bombardment, you know! LMFAO. Just kidding. But now, it’s a different story. I don’t want to settle for mediocrity anymore. Enough of 81.95! My battle cry this year is “TO TOP THE BOARD EXAM!”. I usually tell that to my friends. Yes and they just laugh at me. But I can’t blame them. Being a mediocre student, that dream seem far fetched from me. But still, I am taking a strong grip on it like my life’s depended on it. At bakit? As Otep puts it, libre ang mangarap. Even when the end line is blurry, even if that dream seems a million miles away, I am hopeful. For I know that those who believe in the power of dreams will soon be rewarded. Hmmm, pwede. LMAO.

Maybe you’re wondering where I’m getting this enthusiasm. To tell you, I am a congenital dreamer because I love to dream. I really do. But my interest in dreaming was tarnished for I have felt rejections many times in my life. I became a pessimist and I had lost faith in my dreams. I became fearful and coward. I lost the bravery and the courage. Moreover, I refrained from taking risks. And I was determined to remain that way.

But I have come to realize that not all of our dreams are bound to come true. At times, they will just serve as inspirations. Even the smallest dream sometimes cannot be touch, cannot be made real simply because it is not meant for us. Moreover, I have come to realize that all those who dare to dream went this way too. They once became weak and coward, fearful and doubtful. But they never gave up their dreams. Our head would sometimes tell us that we are weak but it’s all in our mind. Life is a series of games. And one of life’s games is dream catching, the more dreams catched, the better.

AHEM! Siyanga pala, iyong panimulang kanta, OST yun ng “Baker King”. Wala akong maintindihan sa lyrics pero sa tuwing naririnig ko ang kantang yan, ginaganahan akong mangarap.