It’s been a week since that gruesome shooting incident happened inside a mall (refresher course: a 13 year-old boy shoots alleged boyfriend and then shoot himself). It was all over the news. Upon hearing it on television, I became sad. Just because of a crazy little thing called love, two young people lost their lives. Ang sayang lang!

I’m surprised that someone actually created a fan page dedicated to Jake - the 13-year-old young man. I don't have any idea on what's the real intention of the page creator but I think the page will do more harm than good. Thought there’s a lot of people who expressed their genuine concerns and deepest condolences to the families, there are also a number of overly self-righteous Filipinos who out rightly judged and criticized the two young men without even knowing the whole story. Look, I am not defending Jake for what he has done. Nor I’m tolerating their relationship considering their age but c’mon can we at least give some respect to the souls of these young men and their families.

Some also brought up their sexuality – a nice sample of classic discrimination. NEWS FLASH: This incident can happen to any heterosexual couples out there. All along, I thought that sexual preference discrimination has subsided in the Philippines but it seems that I am wrong.

People might insist these as their own claim of freedom of speech there’s no problem with that. In a democracy, everyone is free to express his opinion. But not all opinions are intended to help. Some, let’s just say, aimed to achieve more sinister results.


I had a “heated” argument the other day. I reacted to one of the posts (pictured above) of the page I’m subscribing to. I just want people to be more sensitive of the feelings of others. It is just an opinion, as good as anyone’s, but unfortunately it was given more credence than it should.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding happiness amidst tragedies. Nor do I have anything against the administrator (after all, why should I, I don’t even know him personally) but I must argue that what he posted is way-out-of-the-line and indeed, inappropriate.

And just because I’m the only one who think that the joke didn’t make a lick of sense nor was it a good one I am automatically close-minded? Wow. With all due respect to him, how can he assert that I am close-minded if he himself just brushed my comment off without even bothering to look where I’m coming from.

*start of rant* Dude, only those who are shallow will use language as a counter argument. You’re at a loss so instead of providing an intelligent counter argument to debunk what I have said, you shoot the messenger. You are not forced to agree with it, you’re free to offer your own “views” but where is it? *end of rant*

I know that the screen caps are just a very few out of a lot of FBs and tweets re: the shooting incident but I don't need to see the rest to know that there are still people who are just plain irresponsible and insensitive. Can we be responsible posters for once, pretty freakin' please?

Also, let us stop this “hate” thing against the third sex. In the eyes of God, everyone is equal and everyone deserves to be love.

To Jake and Jonathan, you will surely be missed.