A not -so- happy ending for ROMEO & JULIET

WARNING: If you're into romantic love stories (not to mention fairytales), then I'm telling you, DO NOT READ THIS!

Everybody knows what a 'perfect love story' is. When we were still young, our moms used to fill our little minds with different fairy tales (but with the same plot). So we grow up dreaming to have our own 'perfect love story', to live a 'fairy tale life'. Every girl I know dreams to soon meet their Prince Charming while the wolves... uhmmm I mean the boys, to meet the love of their lives as soon as possible. LOL. But for me who have been dumped several times, 'perfect love stories' only exist in books, in fairytales. Ok. Ok. Some may contradict me. I told you not to read this. But, answer these: If fairy tales do exist like what you're saying, why Romeo and Juliet (see below) are not together? Why Juliet choose to be with another prince? I really tried not to offend anybody but I think I've failed. Tell me.

No. No. No. I don't want to tell our story. It will just let me remember the memories. I thought it will have a happy ending, that we will 'live happily forever' but destiny is really playful, my love story doesn't end like the way I thought it would be. But, take note, it doesn't mean that I regret my decision to be with her. NEVER. To tell you, the time that I'm with her is one of the happiest moments of my life. Promise.

And, if there's one thing I love about us is the fact that after all these years, we still remain...

good friends!



My dearest readers, I will be gone from from April 18 to April 30 to prepare for the coming exam. All I wanna ask from you is to pray for me and I'm hoping that when I come back I have a good news. *winks*



Why I love these girls?

Maybe I'm single (how many times will I admit it?) but I'm not loveless. And, if you think that I'm alone and lonely then you're wrong 'coz to tell you, I'm not. In fact, there are plenty of girls around me. What the? Lower those eyebrows. NO, it's not that I'm 'into' them... not all of them. LOL.

Maybe, the only thing common to this girls is the fact that "they are all special to .poOt!".

GROUP 2 GIRLS: When I first got the news that I will join Group 2 during our affiliation last Oct. '08 in Manila, I was taken aback. I really don't know my 'new' group mates personally except for a couple so I nearly protested. But, the truth is, I can't do anything about it, it's the department's decision.

I expected that I'll be outplace in the group. Who can blame me? They've been group mates for almost four months while I'm a newbie to the group. But, but, but I was so wrong and a certified MORON for thinking that way. To tell you honestly, they are the friendliest, most accommodating group I've ever met. There is no dull moment with them. I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that I can get close to them in a short span of time. Until now, we still maintain close ties with each other.

MOST UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT WITH THEM: Many to mention but probably uhmmm... during every snacks that we've shared. Like me, they also love to eat. And one great discovery during one of our duties in MHD-Pedro Gil: they love isaw too!

How I love these girls. DANICA, JOY, CHE, MAH --- some of my closest buddies this college.


KRISTINE: Sometimes, she annoys me. But, I love her very much. Oops... I almost forget. She's celebrating her 17th birthday today. Do you want me to sing 'Happy Birthday'? Never mind. Promise, you'll regret it. hahaha.

By the way, my gift is on it's way... SOON.

TIFFANY: Among my two sibs, Tiffany needs more guidance. As in, MORE guidance. I noticed that she's stubborn when it comes to her studies. tsk. tsk. And my task, according to Mom, is to make her realize that "Education is everything". That's what I'm doing now. Another one, she's pretty. So, according to Mom again, I need to protect her and chase the wolves away.

Although, she's the 'pasaway' int he family and she oftenly give me headaches, God knows how I love her very much.

ALLIAH: uhmmm. She's my most favorite cousin. Simon and Andre don't be sad, I also love you both. Sweet. Adorable. Cunning. To sum it all up, an ANGEL. She does't fail to make me smile even I'm in the mood not to.

Baby Alliah, I love oyu very much. Kuya will always be here for you.

DANNYCA: It's been long since the last time we've talked. How I miss her so much. I miss her jokes. I miss the way she laughs. I can still remember the times when she will be the one to make the move so that the girl I admire will notice me. And, she's SUCCESSFUL at times.

'Coz of our closeness, we are, sometimes, mistaken as a couple. And we think that's funny.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT HER? She's always there for me everytime I need her. I love you bestfriend.

EUNICE: Guys, who can forget your first girlfriend? hai. Eunice- I used to call her 'bhe' when we were still together- still remains special for me all these years. She still has a special place in my heart and no one can ever replace it. Sayang nga eh! She found a new prince. *sniffs*

What about 'US'? Though we took our separate ways almost three years ago, we still remain 'good friends' and that's what I love about us. Even after our not-so-happy-ending, the communication between us never ceases. I can text her about my new 'crush'. She can tell me who her suitors are. Sweet, isn't it?

I want to borrow the line on McDo TVC: "Kahit hindi kami ang naging sa huli, Siya pa rin ang 'first love' ko".

DOCTRINE: The girl that made me fall in love again the second time (Mark doubts it) around. hahaha. So cheesy. But, she really did. When I'm with her, I felt a thousand butterflies in my tummy. Ganun ba talaga 'pag in love?

7 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT HER: Just read my article "I my baby girl". Just keep it a secret. OK?

Now, who's lonely? To that imbecile guy who keeps talking nonsense about me, "dude, shut up". Maybe you're just a little bit INSECURE.

Mom, if you're reading this, don't be sad if you're not on the list. I'm coming up with an entry just for you soon. *winks*

single but happy,




Dear Earthlings,

What's up? I know it's been long since the last time you heard a word from me. I know you already knew the reason and there's no need for me to repeat it.

To tell you, I really don't have the plan to post a new entry here 'til the end of the licensure exam in April 30 but a certain blogger friend, who just got home from a Cebu-Bohol getaway with his boyfriend (you know who you are), inspired me to give it a shot.

It's been a busy week for me (as usual!). Though, we don't have review classes last week because of the conflicting skeds between BUTC and AUL, filing of application form in PRC and graduation practices filled up our schedules.

But, despite of the hardships, there are still things that I should be thankful for:

1. I and my baby, 'Chillspot' are celebrating our 2nd monthsary TODAY. I know that for some, who celebrated its 100th year or so (LOL!) in the blogger's world, it's nothing, but for me it's 'SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT'.

I want to thank this opportunity to thank you, my dear readers, for your undying support. Thank you to my blogger friends, Ate Chyng, Zara of Malaysia, Ruthie Tuttie, Donna and all. A BIG HUG to all of you!

2. Two days ago, I made my mom proud(I hope so!) when I joined the 160+ others who graduated in Midwifery. Cheers!

All I need to do is pass the licensure exam *fingers cross* and VOILA , .poOt! is a Register Midwife. An addition to young professionals in the blogger's world.

I want to share some of the photos taken before, during and after the graduation ceremony held last April 06, 2009:

Love (xoxo),