A not -so- happy ending for ROMEO & JULIET

WARNING: If you're into romantic love stories (not to mention fairytales), then I'm telling you, DO NOT READ THIS!

Everybody knows what a 'perfect love story' is. When we were still young, our moms used to fill our little minds with different fairy tales (but with the same plot). So we grow up dreaming to have our own 'perfect love story', to live a 'fairy tale life'. Every girl I know dreams to soon meet their Prince Charming while the wolves... uhmmm I mean the boys, to meet the love of their lives as soon as possible. LOL. But for me who have been dumped several times, 'perfect love stories' only exist in books, in fairytales. Ok. Ok. Some may contradict me. I told you not to read this. But, answer these: If fairy tales do exist like what you're saying, why Romeo and Juliet (see below) are not together? Why Juliet choose to be with another prince? I really tried not to offend anybody but I think I've failed. Tell me.

No. No. No. I don't want to tell our story. It will just let me remember the memories. I thought it will have a happy ending, that we will 'live happily forever' but destiny is really playful, my love story doesn't end like the way I thought it would be. But, take note, it doesn't mean that I regret my decision to be with her. NEVER. To tell you, the time that I'm with her is one of the happiest moments of my life. Promise.

And, if there's one thing I love about us is the fact that after all these years, we still remain...

good friends!



My dearest readers, I will be gone from from April 18 to April 30 to prepare for the coming exam. All I wanna ask from you is to pray for me and I'm hoping that when I come back I have a good news. *winks*



.pOot! said...

haha. i hope you like the entry. basta pray for me ha. salamat.

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Hi dear!

Sorry cz I'm not visiting u..

Good luck for your exam as well.^__^

Ah, love story. Even I don't have perfect love story. I'm single now. Already 2 years after broke up with my 1st love. I don't want to search for love anymore. Tired.

Anyway, you'll find your true love dear. Take good care ya?



.pOot! said...

thanks zara.

ok. i have to go. bye.

Ika Iskandar said...

Wish u all the best k...

Tq 4visiting...
Nice blog u have...

.pOot! said...

to ika,

thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm from Pasłęk in Poland, and you?

Lisa said...

I got lost in your story. It still sounds like a fairy tale. You will meet your other half when you least expect it. Good luck from Sweden

Lyla said...

thank you for visiting my blog, i hope you like my article :)

.pOot! said...

@ Lisa,

thank you. my fingers are always cross but i'm not really in a hurry. i'm still young for that. *laughs*

@ Lyla,

i really like it! *winks*

@ karol, from poland? interesting. i'm from the philippines btw.

tsariba said...

bisita ka sa akin may tag ako sayo ;p

Anonymous said...

hey gudlak parekoy.

my two cents worth on this:

fairytale,just like love,does not exist.

love is an excuse for people to get laid.ayun.

baka may magalit sa statement kong to..peace.btw,thanks sa pagdaan

.pOot! said...

@ ate tsariba,

pasensya na, di ko yata yun magagawa ngayon. bust kasi ako for the board exam sa wed. and thu. pero pagbalik an pagbalik ko eh yun ang gagawin ko. *winks* promise yun. love u.

@ flamindevil,

salamat parekoy. agree ako dun sa sinabi mo 'tol.

yung magagalit dun sa sinabi mo upakan natin.


oh sige na bye bye na muna. kain muna ko.

.pOot! said...


bukas na ung exam. kinakabahan na ako. btw, ung sked ng exam ay:

first day (April 29)


Fundamentals of Health Care

Infant Care and Feeding

second day (April 30)

Professional Growth and Development

Primary Health Care

good luck samin. just pray for me.

Chyng said...

I also dont believe in Happily Ever After. They are not free!

Ax said...

oh, love story pa rin naman. at least friends.

friends with benefits ba yan? hehe. backread mode.

.pOot! said...

oo nga. yun din ang thankful ako kasi kahit ano man yung nangyari sa'min eh super friends pa din kami.