I ♥ my baby girl!

Hi guys!

This is supposed to be a Valentine’s Day post but Mama grounded me for the weekend for a reason I can’t share with you HERE. So, I just spent the Valentine’s in my room just like a normal day and if not for Phineas and Ferb it would be one of the most boring days of my life. LOL. Anyway, thanks for those who texted me just to greet me and for those who are saddened ‘coz they think I didn’t reply to them, I did, just telepathically. Haven’t you received it?

By the way, here’s my Valentine’s Day post.

Since the day, I and my former girlfriend broke-up… that’s almost 3 years ago… I never had been involved in another relationship. I know what you’re thinking. Nope, it’s not that I’m afraid to love again it's because...

First, I think I’m not yet fully prepared to open my heart again. To tell you the truth, I still love my former girlfriend and it will be unfair for my future girlfriend if she knew that I only courted her just to help me forget my past. And, I don’t want that ‘coz it’s not right, isn’t it?

Second, I’m still searching for her, the ‘girl of my dreams’…it may sounds corny but it’s true…since I and my former girlfriend broke up I never fall in again. I admired a dozen and get involved with a couple of ‘flings’ but it never lead anywhere. Promise! I’m still searching…

…not until I met her…

Her name is Doctrine. We go to the same school. In fact, she's a group mate of mine during RLE.

You know, I never intended to fell in with her but she has so many good qualities that a guy can't resist to admire.

7 things I about her

1. She has a good sense of humor.

2. She's interesting to talk with.

3. She's gorgeous.

4. She really listen to what I have to say as much as I listen to her.

5. She doesn't fails to make me laugh.

6. She's confident, outspoken and strong-willed.

7. Sorry Miley if I'll borrow your line, 'She made me her'.

As far as I can remember, our first meeting (it's June 18 last year, I think) was very casual, a simple 'hi' and 'hello'... that's it. I think I only spoke a couple of sentences (or less) to her on the day we've met. From then on, we slowly became comfy with each other... we talked, we ate together, we went home together... things that ordinary close friends do together... until an unexpected thing happened, I realized that I'm starting to fell in with her. Maybe, she already noticed it because of the "extra-attention" I'm giving to her. But, I hope not yet *fingers crossed*.

Though I have already feelings for her, I don't want to take the next move YET because errr... maybe I've fallen to early and if I tell her the truth I may scare her off... then our friendship will be gone FOREVER... 'sniffs'

And, if ever, she learned 'bout this, I'M SO DEAD TO HER.LOL.

P.S. Ruthie Tuttie, if you're reading this, please don't share it with our schoolmates. Please! LOL.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a photo of our gigantic billboard in Cebu. LOL. It's my gift to her last Valentine's. hahaha.



BOYS do flirt (period)

Lower those eyebrows! Yes, boys flirt. Got a problem with that? If none, then SHUT UP!

I don’t know why I’m annoyed every time this certain friend (let’s call her Ms. X) asked me the question “Why do boys flirt?”. Maybe because, she asked me this question a hundred times already (read as every time she see her boyfriend flirting with other girls… and this happens EVERYDAY. LOL). But, she never got a serious answer from me but if you considers “Get rid of him. Find another.” or “Do the same. Flirt with a guy.” a serious answer then OK.

I’m getting more serious so help me to work this out, ok? Ms. X uhhmm… and for the other girls too (Ate Chyng, being a smart girl knows this already), remember that just because a boy has already a girlfriend, it doesn’t make him stop noticing other girls huh. It just happens that SOME boys are naturally born with the flirting gene. Maybe, he inherited it from is father or great great granddad. Hahaha.

Girls, don’t be too shallow (Zara of Malaysia and Ate Chyng not included), remember that like you boys wants to feel free even if they’re committed so they sometimes errr… FLIRT. I think it’s one way of fulfilling our need to be a bit naughty without actually being naughty. Come on, you know what I mean.

ANOTHER REASON WHY BOYS FLIRT. I know girls this is not new to you and you may forget about this. Sometimes boys flirt because we want to make you jealous especially if we see you fluttering your eyelids at other boys. We hate to see it, so we must do something. In that case, we're just fair.

But girls (boys too!), flirting can be sometimes meaningless... maybe sometimes your boyfriend (or girlfriend are just being TOO friendly. The stuffs that you consider flirting... can just be something else, you know.

I hope my dear Ms. X you understand all the talking blah blah blah... and PLEASE I'm begging you don't attempt to ask me that f****** question again. Do you get me?!



I'm down with OXD!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Some of you may say yes, some of you may say a big NO. Me? I belong to the latter until I’ve seen Xian Mikol. For those who have been into Pluto since August 26 last year or doesn’t have the damn cable connection, Xian is the prettiest, sexiest and hottest model on JDMA. It’s up to you to know the meaning of that.

Since the first time I saw her, my eyes were glued looking at her beautiful face… her eyes, her lips… EVERYTHING. Her face is somewhat a combo of Joyce Jimenez and errr… the screen partner of Aljur Abrenica, who’s that?


I don't care if she's a bitch. Oops! wrong choice of word. uhhhmm... flirt rather. I still love her. She's definitely the girl for me. (daydreaming) No doubt, I have Obsessive Xian Disorder. LOL.

:| .poOt!

> images taken from http://www.oxygen.com/janice/models/xian.aspx. thanks!


30 things you must know about .poOt! *

does it look old?

1. His full name is Jubert John Requillas Marzan

2. He was born on the 17th of May,1991 in Angeles City, Pampanga

3. He currently live with his mother and two sisters in Oas, Albay

4. He’s an overprotective kuya to his two sisters who are both high school students of St. Michael Academy

5. He’s a family-centered guy and pays due respect to his parents

6. he spend almost 11 years out of his 17 years of existence with his best friend (lapit na 10th anniversary namin… danic, tanda na natin, hahaha…)

7. He graduated elementary and high school at Oas South Central School and Oas Polytechnic School respectively

8. He is currently a second year Nursing student of Bicol University Tabaco Campus,Tabaco City

9. When he was in the elementary he dreamed to be a priest, a teacher or a nurse

10. His favorite subjects during high school are Social Studies (Philippine, Asian, and World history, and Economics) and Biology while Mathematics and Chemistry are those subjects he hated most

11. He has interest in history, geography,economics,social/global issues and linguistics

12. He has a small-scale collection of books and magazines in their house including the 2009 editions of Guinness World Records and Top 10 of Everything

13. When he's online, he doesn’t forget to answer the daily geography quiz on nationalgeographic.com; he also beaten Speedy a lot of times in the US Great State Race

14. He won’t be surprised if your first impression to him is “suplado” but the truth is, he’s so friendly and down-to-earth

15. He is righteous, sincere and is easily affected with sob stories

16. Although he enjoys being with nature, he consider himself as a homebody

17. His best friend said that he is so “makulit” but he’s just being “malambing”

18. He has big heart for street/abused/disabled children and Africans

19. Currently he's SINGLE but he had one serious relationship in the past and two 'flings' (can you define fling?)

20. Talking to himself makes him feel comfortable but he doesn't dare to talk to himself in public. hahaha

21. He smokes a couple of cigarettes when he is confuse to make himself at ease (seldom) but the truth he is irritated to smell cigarette smokes.LOL. Add to that, he's only an occasional drinker.

22. His favorite korean drama series is Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata and he watched it three times (on TV, DVD, and VCD)

23. He eats anything he wants: he likes to eat street foods, chocolates, cakes and junks.hahaha.

24. He is not a sporty guy but he loves to watch sport tournaments (basketball, billiards, figure skating, football, bowling, swimming etc…) on TV and he can’t wait for the Laos Games this year

25. Among the places he visited, his favorites are Baguio City, Pangasinan, Tagaytay, Zambales and Olongapo

26. all his past loves, crushes and his first girlfriend has one thing in common aside from they are all pretty: they are all intelligent

27. He met his first girlfriend on February 13, 2006 (yes. a day before Valentine's) at the Youth Congress

28. He wants to pursue a political career and to top this to be the Secretary of the Department of Tourism and to be the future Philippine president

29. He dreams to host a traveling and tourism show on either National Geographic or Discovery Channel

30. He plans to take up Political Science or Economics after he graduated in Nursing

:| .poOt!

*taken from .poOt!'s f.s. account


Poor Michael!

Have you heard the news?

The news about the suspension of Olympic superstar Michael Phelps. If not yet, pity you.

The 23 year old swimmer who made history last year when he hauled a total of 8 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics was suspended by USA Swimming from joining competitions for 3 months. Why? Because of the photos which appeared in a tabloid paper (what's the name? The News of the World. that is!) that shows Michael inhaling from a glass pipe used in smoking weeds. (looks familiar in chillspOt. LOL!) According to the news, the images were taken on a student party last November. tsssk...

'Coz of the scandal concerning Michael, the USA Swimming withdraw financial support for the next three months. Poor Michael! Another, Kellogg, one of Michael's major sponsors announced that it will not renew their contract with Michael when it expires at the end of this month.

Wait! Before I go, how does the tabloid paper (what's the name again? The News of the World. Ok!) got the images? Next time Michael if you will do IT again, don't leave evidences. OK?! LOL.

Got to go.

: .poOt!

Welcome to my ChillspOt!

Guys, wazzup!

Thanks for having time to peep at my so-so blog. errrr... By the way, I'm Jubert John Requillas Marzan a.k.a poOt from Albay, Philippines. Maybe your wondering where in the world is that. Ever heard of Mayon Volcano? If so, then that's my place ---no, no, no not on it but near it... about 30 kilometers or less (I think). I'm 17 years of age and currently taking up BSN (note: it's ladderized). I'm now on my sophomore year in Bicol University Tabaco Campus.

Ok!Ok! Enough with that, let's start with the blog thing. Maybe your wondering what the heck got into my mind when I'm thinking of a name for my blog. hmmmm... for those who doesn't have the time to google it, chillspot literally means a "nice place to smoke weed or do other drugs without being noticed by outsiders*". I know what your thinking! No... I'm not going to blog about marijuana here. LOL. Or post images of pot sessions (?). LOL-er. Mama might be reading this post.

But, what in the world I will blog about? hmmmp... Shall I blog about myself? I think I'm not that interesting... in fact, some says that I'm TOO boring. Whoever said that, 'f' word to you.

My plan is to blog about EVERYTHING. Anything that you can imagine but sorry strictly NO PORNOGRAPHY. I know that it sells but... errrr... that's the plan and I'll stick to it 'til the end.

Without much further talking coz I know you're already bored... I like to welcome you in my so-so blog.

This is where I live. This is my world. Welcome to my ChillspOt!
: .poOt!
*as defined by the Urban dictionary
p.s. don't forget to...
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>text me @ 09186802343 and don't forget to introduce yourself first.
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