23 Days of Dark Age

I was really overwhelmed by the response of my co-bloggers on my entry, "STATUS: Confuse". I was really glad to read their advices- upright advices, mind you. Somehow, it made me realize what to do --- make sure of my feelings first before jumping into any conclusions.

But, the advice that made me think is Kuya Ax's. He said "Give yourself time. We have this so-called Dark Age Era. Go back after 28 days. Then, that's the time to ask yourself if you love her or not". Surprisingly, the Dark Age Era idea was supported by Kuya Shatter. He said "You need space. Both you and your friend. You're always together... If after spending time apart, and the affection still grows then I guess you have to rethink your motto na walang taluhan". I thought about it for a night but, sad to say, I TRASHED the idea because I think it is not necessary.

A day passed. I was shocked when the close friend I was talking about left a comment on the same entry.

28 days?? I think it's the best thing to do now. I can't pretend when I'm with you. It's hard.

28 days starts now... Walang pansinan. No communication. No everything. 23 days to go before my birthday. That would be enough. 23 days only, patawad na ang 5 days kay Kuya Ax. I'll miss you. This is hard, 'tol.

S***! All this time, she was reading my blog. Uncool! I feel so naked. LOL.

10:24 PM Saturday. I was walking to the dormitory where I stay when I received a SMS from Close friend.

Close friend: Have you read my comment in your blog?

ME: Yup. Why?

Close friend: I assume you understand what I said there, don't you?

ME: Yup. Why?

Close friend: Do you agree? We BOTH need time and space.

ME: No way! haha. (And I can still laugh ha.)

Close friend: But, we need it, both of us. We're confused.

ME: Basta, it cannot be. Avoiding each other is not the solution. Let us just save the friendship. That's what we need to do - nothing MORE, nothing LESS. *wink*

Close friend: Why? I know you can do it and I know I can, I think. Let me move on please.

I arrived at the dormitory. They're watching "Jennifer's Body". (Ahh. Megan Fox made me salivate.) I sat beside her and in a low voice, I said to her "Ang drama mo". She didn't replied back. And, I realized that it isn't appropriate for me to said that. Bad jubert, bad!

After the movie, I went straight to my room and she went to hers on the next floor. As I was preparing myself to sleep, I received another SMS from her.

Close friend: Ano payag ka na?

ME: Hindi nga. bleh!

Close friend: Bakit ba kasi ayaw mo?

ME: ?

Close friend: Can you please take this seriously? Nahihirapan na din kasi ako. You're making me fall for you much deeper.

ME: Naks naman! OK. On the serious note: I'm not doing anything to make you fall for me.

Close friend: Sa tingin mo wala pero meron. So, give me a little space. Please.

ME: You're up there and I'm down here. Isn't that space, a BIG space?

I hate myself. I can still punch corny jokes in serious situations like this.

Close friend: Bahala ka nga dyan. Basta, we need to do what Kuya Ax had said.

ME: No way!

Close friend: I just want to clear everything. I need to do it and I'll do it.

ME: OK, but I will not avoid you in any means. Understood?

Close friend: You'll just embarass yourself. You said you're confused then, take a break.

September 21 (11:50 PM) - Start of my "23 days of Dark Age"

Urgh. I'm so PISSED off with myself. I said that I will not avoid her but now, I see myself taking one step away. I hate to do it but she thinks it's the best thing to do for now, to give her a little space. I do not own her. Like what Kuya Shatter said "She is single, and therefore, she can associate herself with anyone she has fancy for".

Basta, what I know is that 21 days from now, my own Dark Age ends.



BEAUTIES for a Cause

In a just a few momente, 79 stunning ladies will be sent into disappointment as the most deserving lady will walk away as Miss Earth 2009. Everyone has gotten their say, now, let me say mine. I want to apologize in advance if I will hurt others feeling in any way because of my comments.

In exact order, here are my babes (oops!), I mean, MY BETS.

SPAIN| Alejandra Echevarria

Spain will be represented by another goddess this year. A natural beauty with a perfect body with slightly shaped curves. Yummy! If this Iberian princess happens to reach Top 8, she only need to pull a great answer to secure the crown.

VENEZUELA| Jessica Barboza

I am pretty sure that she will have her place on the finals. She is such an eye-catching, resplendent figure of womanly delight. A far cry from Miss Venezuela - Universe 2009. OOPS! I shouldn't said that.

CUBA| Jamilette Gaxiola

OMG! I'm not a pageant expert but I know beautiful when I see one. She's definitely the face of Miss Earth 2009. She is such a stunner. She was a diamond that needed no polishing. I noticed that she is so comfortable with her beauty that it actually came through in all her candid photos. I hope this beauty will not be wasted. It's time to put Cuba in the beauty map.

PHILIPPINES| Sandra Seifert

Well, I'm one of those who are not in favor of having a back-to-back victory for the Philippines this year because it is soooo Miss Universe 2009. But, Sandra has an undeniably great personality that Miss Earth is looking for. She may not be the most beautiful delegate (facially speaking) but she has this extraordinary aura that makes her to stand out in a sea of equally stunning ladies.

USA| Amy Diaz

She is undeniably gorgeous. She is a gem of the west who will easily pick up one of the top 8 slots.

THAILAND| Rujinan Phansreetum

She is one of those heavenly beauties with a pre-possessing smile. She is another Asian to watch out for tonight. Remember that Thailand is doing a great job in Miss Earth.

CZECH REPUBLIC| Teresa Budkova

Tereza proved that Europe is rich with beauty this year. She bagged the Miss Photogenic award --- the first from Europe. Will she follow the footsteps of Priscilla Meirelles and Karla Henry who won the Miss Photogenic award and later crowned Miss Earth? POSSIBLE. Take note that she's from another Miss Earth powerhouse.

LATVIA| Diana Kubasova

I'm not a fan of her beauty but who cares? She's a press favorite, anyway.

COLOMBIA| Alejandra Castillo

Some says she looks old but for me, her beauty is exceptional. Leaving this girl out of the semifinals is a crime of the catwalk.

PARAGUAY| Gabriela Rejala

I am impressed by her sizzling body (hot! hot! hot!) and her strikingly beautiful face. There is something on her that cries a Top 4 material.

BRAZIL| Larissa Ramos

Larissa is pretty and has a sweet aura. I won't be surprised at all if she'll make it. I think she's also ready for the crown.

POLAND| Isabela Wilczek

Poland has been doing good in Miss Earth and I presume that 2009 is not an exception. I just hope that she will not be robbed in this year's edition.

JAMAICA| Jennae Dawn Jackson

Jennae had the exotic looks, the perfect caramel complexion and a body to die for. In other words, an exquisite force ready to compete with the rest.

MEXICO| Natalia Quinonez

I'm quite fascinated with her beauty. I don't know but it spells Miss Earth winner for me. She has the same grace and beauty typical of most Miss Mexico.

KOREA| Park Ye-Ju

First Miss Earth from Korea? Why not? She is cute as a button. I expect her to be one of the three Asians in this year's Top 16.


This country is on the right track when they send another black stunner to grace this year's edition. I know comes final night she will surprise us in a nice way.

So, there it is. My Miss Earth 2009 bets. Puh-leez, don't give me those "why is she not there?" or "why is she there?" blah blah. Remember this is MY list.



End of Days

DECEMBER 21, 2012. What does this date truly indicate? What will happen to the Earth? What will happen to all of us?

Many people, which includes some of my friends, are confused of the complexities of the 2012 prophecies --- Nibiru, Nostradamus' predictions, end of the Mayan calendar etc. According to an article I read few days back, much of these prophecies are the result of the so-called "Mayan Calendar". Phew! What the heck is this? Why some people seems so much interested in a calendar made thousand years ago?" you may ask. I'm not an expert about this "2012 thing" but I'll try to give you the very basic surrounding this.

The Mayan calendar was made by the Mayans of Central America, obviously. This civilization were extremely advanced in areas related to science-time knowledge. They developed the most advanced mathematics and astronomy of their day. The Mayans built amazing structures that is beyond the capabilities of the "modern man". At the peak of their civilization from the 5th to 9th centuries AD, Mayan cities are among the largest in the world.

The Mayans were also incredible keepers of ancient and sacred knowledge - probably originating from sources not apparent at this time - that they were able to construct calendars which charted forthcoming great world events. They forecasted that at the end of the 'Long Count' calendar which is lasting 5,125 years, the world will end. According to them, it is the end of days as we know it, nothing more and nothing less.

Looking back at history, it can be noticed that there has been major catastrophes that struck the Earth every quarter of the "Long Cycle". Such events are documented as the "Great Flood", the sinking of Atlantis etc. And, it is said that the final quarter is set on December 21, 2012.

If the destruction will be similar to the one in Noah's time, well, we can never be sure unless it happens.


In the past, there are several situations like this that sprang like mushrooms. Can you remember the rumored doomsday in 2003? Or the Y2K? I think (and I hope) that they are all the same.

But if it's true, Nibiru, Maya or whatever it is, we're going to die and perish in the end anyway. *wink* LOL. Nanakot ba?


Last Sunday, Cammille egged me to watch the movie that is stirring a lot of fuzz on the past weeks, "2012". I must say that the movie is wonderfully-crafted. Two thumbs up for Emmerich and all the people behind it.

"The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity."



STATUS: Confuse

S***! I can't understand myself. I told her that I don't love her, that I only see her as a close friend. But, why does I feel jealous every time she's fluttering her eyelids to this "guy-from-outer-space"... oops! I mean this "guy-from-other-course"? I can see na masyado siyang kinikilig. And it's breaking my heart.

Last Thursday night, me and Close friend's roommate, J__, were texting. I confided to her this bizaare feeling that I just felt recently towards our friend. And I can tell that she's in the mood to talk possibly evidenced by her upright answers to my questions. She even presented to me these three theories:

1. Maybe you are jealous because you were used na ikaw lang ang lalaki sa buhay niya.

2. Maybe you are jealous because you know that she loves you but now it seems that she's shifting her attention to someone else.

3. Maybe you are jealous because you also like her.

As of now, I don't know what to answer. I'm still totally confuse. Just give me enough time.

This post is shoddy for Pete's sake. What's happening to me? Can you please punt me in the head to bring myself back into consciousness?




JOY, together with thousands of Midwifery students
will be taking the Licensure Examination for Midwives this weekend. I know exactly what they're feeling right now. I remember taking the same exam seven months ago. Flashback begins...

03.19.09. I remember that we skipped the afternoon class just to climb a famous hill.

Barely three months before the examination
when we started our review classes at AQ University together with the AQ Midwifery students. Honestly speaking, I never took the review classes seriously. I remember skipping classes just to watch a movie or to have jam sessions with my friends. I attended classes just for the sake of the attendance and went to the apartment after, not to study but to have gimmicks.

But, I realized (it struck me like a lightning!) that I had enough. I mean, my parents are working very hard just to send me to school. And the best thing I can do for now is to pass the exam. At least in that way, I can repay their hard works and sacrifices.

One week before the exam when I decided to leave the apartment (whom I shared with my friends) and went home to study. I finally took the review by heart. I only had three to four hours of sleep everyday but in exchange, I successfully fed my mind with the essentials I need.

Finally, the "JUDGEMENT DAY" came. I can say that I was fully prepared when I took the examination that could dictate my future. I told myself that whether I pass the test or not, I know that I did my best.

At last, after one full week of waiting, I stood victorious. I PASSED the test.


Go JOY! Nail the exam. I know you can do it. There is no doubt in me that you'll make it. No one deserves this more than you do. Just pray and stay focus.

PS. Cammille and I are so excited for your treat. 2012 the movie will be great. *laughs*

Oh I nearly forget, here's my kiss of "good luck". smooch smooch!

I also wish "good luck" some of my batch mates who will take the exam: JANE. Jheb. Obed. Shiela 1. Shiela 2. LYN. Junessa. Moya. Sarah. Nikko. Davy. Henson. Make our school proud!

--- This is also the same piece I delivered during our oral examination in Speech Communication last semester.


Selling Southeast Asia

I was reading through some back entries of BISEAN blog one week ago and I was amused to find an article published last May 2007 regarding the tourism slogans in use around Southeast Asia. I had a lot of fun reading it that I decided to come up with a similar entry.

Those who are in charge of our tourism have don their thinking caps to create "tourist brands", slogans that aims to promote our lovely countries and to capture the attention of dollar-spending tourists. No doubt, three of Asia's most successful tourism slogans of all time are in - hold your breath - Southeast Asia, with "Malaysia, Truly Asia", "Amazing Thailand" and "Uniquely Singapore", proved by the annual flock of tourists arriving in each country.

I'm 100% sure you already heard Singapore's current slogan "Uniquely Singapore". It's been around for almost 5 years now. No offense, but what's unique about Singapore? Well, if uniqueness will be base upon safety and security, then the slogan is appropriate. I don't think I can disagree with that in any way. But heck, these tourism slogans aren't about such things right? Personally, I'll choose a destination for its cultural landscapes and cultural attractions and not for its excellent law and order. OOPS! I'm so dead to my readers from Singapore. I gotta stop. [read: pampalubag loob] Well, anyway, the slogan proved to be one heck of a success for them. HOORAY!

My dream destination came up with --- "Malaysia, Truly Asia". Does it mean that the Philippines or Laos is just 'partly Asia'? WTF or so I think. I guess they only want to imply that you can find almost the entire Asia --- in terms of the people, culture, places and things like that--- in Malaysia. If I got it right, Malaysia is the most-visited country in the region. Way to go Malaysia!

Also effective but a tad challenging is Vietnam's slogan. It seems that the Vietnamese government wants to get a piece of the pie that it conducted a nationwide contest in 2006 (or is it 2007?) to come up with a slogan and it turned out "Vietnam, The Hidden Charm" wowed the judges. I gotta tell you... when my friend first heard this, he blurted "if it's hidden, why find it?". LOL. But, I love it. Its like saying "Come here and you'll find something worthy".

Thailand's slogan is also a good model - "Amazing Thailand". Now, that's catchy. Simple yet intriguing. Who wouldn't want to travel to see that? The Thai slogan speaks for itself. It has sought to convey a simple message and to indicate to visitors that Thailand is just simply amazing.

"Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder". It's beautiful. Who came up with this? He needs to be congratulated for a job well done. I must say people that Cambodia doesn't only have Angkor Wat. It has a rich cultural heritage, virgin beaches, sinfully tasty foods, nice and warm people (someone told me that Cambodians are really, really hospitable) and a lot more.

Myanmar made the right decision when it use "Mystical Myanmar" as its promotion slogan. When I think of Myanmar, I envision it as a very mysterious and reserve place. And, they've capitalized on it. Good!

Brunei Darussalam. This little gem of Southeast Asia has chosen "Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures" as its slogan. This country of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has sought to demonstrate that despite of its small size, there is a wonderful world to discover. By the way, do they still need money from tourists? What do you think? Brunei is so rich and you know why --- yeah, oil, oil and MORE oil.

Indonesia with almost 13,000 islands (yeah! almost twice as the number of Philippine islands) and hundreds of tribes chose a slogan that best represent their identity - "The Ultimate in Diversity". But sorry it doesn't work for me. I know Indonesia can come up with another better than that.

"Laos Jewel of the Mekong". I asked some of my friends if they know "what the hell a Mekong is?", answers include, "a Chinese boy's name", "a vegetable" and "an extinct bird". LMAO. See? I think it's a wrong move for Laotians because, obviously, not everyone knows what the Mekong is and not everyone has access to google. LOL. They should change it. NOW!

I'm not really ecstatic when my paradise came up with "WOW Philippines More Than The Usual" as its promotion slogan in 2001. But now, I'm starting to like it. We Filipinos says 'WOW' every time we see anything spectacular. The Philippines' Department of Tourism used WOW as an acronym for many phrases --- such as Warm over Winter, Wild Over Waters, Wander over Wrecks, Wacko Our Wildlife et. al.

BUT HEY! The "Pearl of the Orient Seas" title is miles way better. Long before our neighboring countries came up with their own slogans, the Philippines was already known by this title. But, Hong Kong ... err how to say this?... robbed (oops!) it in the late '80s and we didn't say anything about it. Schucks!

[P.S. Mr. Ace, you can also opt to these slogans I read from The Philippine Star Inbox section --- Philippines, Islands of Tropical Paradise or Philippines, 7, 107 Reasons To Have Fun In The Sun.]

I observed that all our neighbors have already come up with their own promotion slogans... yes, even East Timor have stepped up in the game --- "Discover the World's Newest Nation". OK. I'll let it pass. They're just beginning. Giving little considerations won't do any harm... really.

But, at least, our slogans are better than some slogans use in some parts of the world: Colombia's "The Only Risk Is Wanting To Stay" (I dunno, I just find this creepy), El Salvador's "Impressive", "Korea, Sparkling" and the state of Washington's "Say WA" - indicating that ridiculous slogans sometimes happen, even today.

There you go, promotions slogans that are used to sell Southeast Asia to tourists. I hope you enjoy reading it. So, is there any tourism slogan you love - or love to hate? Let me know.



Breaking the ♥ of a friend

11:31 PM Saturday. Confession day.
I was watching the gruesome "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on Max last Friday night when I received a SMS from a very close friend. I thought it was just another forwarded message pulsing with cheese and corn (come on... you know what I mean) so I was surprised when I opened it...

Close friend: Still awake? Can I ask a question? You told us that you don't like [insert name here] but why is her picture in your wallet? She's in your profile pic too. Did you lie? Is she your girlfriend? I'm just asking. I just want to know.

It took me a while to reply. Questions started to flood my mind. Sheeze. Why is she asking? Is it a big deal for her? Yes, she's my friend but it's none of her business.

ME: One word "no". I'm not fond of attaching strings to my girl friends.

I lied. I once courted my high school bestfriend but it doesn't go anywhere. Maybe, I just realized that I'm not prepared to make the transition from friendship to something more.

Close friend: Sorry! I'm just asking. Good night.

ME: Ok. No problem.

Close friend: I just noticed that you like [insert name here] so much.

ME: It's just pure friendship and nothing else.

I'll admit that I had a crush on [insert name here] when we were still in first year college but I don't think that our relationship is ever going to be anything more than platonic so I stopped.

Close friend: Ok. That's good.

After a few minutes, she texted again. I wished she didn't because I'm not really comfortable in this kind of conversation evidenced by my brief replies.

Close friend: I have another question. If you're already asleep, just answer this tomorrow... you said di mo tinatalo mga girl friends mo, so, do you mean even me?!

ME: Yup.

Close friend: You knew that I like you, isn't it? Wala naman pala akong hinihintay sa'yo. But, don't worry. It's ok.

I was quite speechless. I don't know how to answer back. Yes, I already know that she has feelings for me even before she told me. I can tell because she's quite obvious. Actually, I got clues from her FB status --- she will always rant about this certain guy who is either, according to her, "numb or dumb". Now, she openly shared her feelings towards me but I don't know what to say.

ME: Sorry. (That's all I can say.)

Close friend: It's ok.


I want to comfort her like what I'm doing every time she's sad and down but now, I don't know what to do... I don't know what to say. Obviously, I'm not prepared to handle such situation. I even ain't got a clue of what she feels right now. I just know that it's really quite frustrating when you have deep feelings for someone who you're just friends with.

But, I'll assure you guys that nothing will change after this. I'll keep things good between the two of us. She's a good friend. My life would just suck without her.




It feels a bit disconsolate
when it turns out that you're not yet finish with your academic clearance, the fact that classes in your school will resume in just two days. But, despite of this, I do not plan to excrete all my 'rants' about the dog-tiring registration process I have gone through. Maybe it's karma, a bad karma.

I'll admit that I've been a bad student during the first semester. In my own dictionary, bad is defined as " not preparing homeworks, not reviewing for exams and being terribly absent minded during class". I also have a not-so-good- record with the attendance particularly in Hum 1 (a 7:30 am class). You cannot blame me. It's not easy waking up early. But shucks, Professor [name withheld] is labeled 'notorious'. HEY! Don't quote me on that. It came from the higher years. I'm just quoting them.

But don't worry, I'm going to turn everything for the better. The behavior I've shown during the first semester is not on my plan this semester. From now on, I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. Yeah! That's a promise. Of course, I'm tired of being a failure. LOL.

Well, anyway, I'm facing pretty gung-ho subjects. I've got NP2 (Cardiology), NP2 (Fluids and Electrolytes), NP2 (ABC/DN/ER), NP2 (Onco/CD), NP2 (Ortho-EENT), Asian Civilization with TN (Soc. Sci. 5), World Literature (Lit 2), Introduction to Research (RES 1) and Community Heath Development. I'm hoping to have good grades *fingers crossed* at the end of the semester.

That's all for now.

Have a Happy Second Semester, folks!