This is a sort of an obligatory entry for today so I’ll get back to regular programming on the weekends. 

I am still breathing, thank you very much. 
The 3-month long blogging hiatus was the result of the delinquency I have provoked these past weeks. I’ve really been a “bad” blogger. In my case, “bad” is defined as being inactive for 90 freaking days or so and not doing my blog hopping duties. I was busy. Having a social life, 12 hours a day/four days a week work schedule, normal sleep, maintaining two blogs and balancing all those is not an easy thing after all. Even if I could find time to be here, my guts is manifesting to have at least a leave of absence. This is especially true as I feel the pressure of my work increases as the end of the year draws near. My work is destroying every brain cells I have. My virginity was as well ruined (and you can take that anyway you want). I was fucked with these things for the past weeks. But with positive thinking, I’m going to turn everything upside down from now on. I promise! Cross my heart. Hope to die. 

This is getting boring so I’ll put the rest in bullet form. I have to remind you though, this post is everything in my mind at the very moment. 

(1) It does feel quite miserable when it turns out that I haven’t accomplished even half of my 2012 to-do list the fact that the year’s almost over. 

(2) I was drinking the other night and in between gulps of beer, I realized that I still had not blogged about my summer trip to Donsol with some travel bloggers. Wow, that’s funny! Talk about eternal laziness. 

(3) I’ve been getting few comments (peppered with unsavory words) on my article, “RH Bill is not anti-life”. But I’m trying to just ignore them. At the end of day, like me, they are Filipinos too who wants the best for the country. 

(4) Speaking of RH Bill, my article has been getting a lot of views lately. I didn’t think it would reach even half the number shown on the blog stats but I am very grateful that it did. At the time I wrote that piece, I was simply putting my feelings and thoughts in black and white. My objective was to share it with young adults like me who have yet to make a stand. 

(5) A close friend confessed that he has feelings for me. No typo error there, he’s really a “h-e”. Awkward. 

(6) I am trying to focus and be serious right now since (if things went as planned) I’ll be signing a three-year contract with Star Magic next week (fingers crossed). I’m also trying to build up a habit of reading legit health-related books so that I can do better at work. 

(7) I’m crushing on someone. She’s from Tumblr. The thing is, she’s five years younger than me. Saklap. 

(8) I cancelled both my Calaguas trip this November and my Batad trip this December cos I got no money, baby. Yay! 

(9) We got a new apartment. It’s pretty small though. Only 2 rooms for the four of us. I have to share a room with one of my sisters. Not cool. But for me, it’s more home-y compared to our old house. 

(10) Finally, after 1672 years of having no communication and being cold at each other, my ex talked to me. I was even surprised that she was the first one to hit me on chat, which she rarely does ever on Facebook. 

(11) Christmas is fast approaching. I’m thinking of Samsung GS3 as a perfect Christmas gift. For sure, I’ll be the happiest. Or a girlfriend. Yeah right, a girlfriend. To keep me from being bored with my existence and thinking about coma or something. 

Tomorrow’s another work day. I hope it will be sunny. Not that I hate the rain, I just hate the way it makes me feel sometimes. Sticky, wet and dirty and it’s nowhere near sexy, sexy! I love the rain when I know I won’t get wet or I know I don’t need to look dry, presentable and neat the whole day. 

I apologize if this is nothing but blabber. I just want to update you guys. Anyway, long distance back pats and high fives to all my awesome readers – you are all great. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.