Cebu baby, here I come!

I always dreamed of going to Cebu since, uhm I-don't-know-when, well let us just say, since the time I first dreamed of it. This is one of the most raved about places in the country and been receiving a lot of good reviews from tourists. Now, I will murder (or hang or whatever) my curiosity and find out why. Courtesy of Mama and Papa, of course.

It was December last year (while eating in this certain overrated fast food chain) when Mom broke the good news that we're going to Cebu this month. Yes, my mom told me that we're going, uhm not only going but spending seven days in freakin' Cebu. YEEEEEEEHA! I may not have shown signs of excitement but deep inside, deep inside of me, I was screaming like crazy. Why wouldn't I? This will be my first time to set foot in Visayas and believe it or not, this will be my first plane ride evaaaaaar. So please understand if I am making a big deal out of everything.

I've mentioned before that I'm reviewing for the NLE. So ayun, I asked the permission of SRG Legazpi Head if I can take a more/less two-week vacation. There's no reply yet pero echos lang yun. With or without permission, I'll go on with the trip. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Sorry Sir P. XD

(Good pm Sir Pogi! Sup? I'm gonna ask permission lang po if I can take a vacation from April 19 to first week of May. We're going somewhere with my family. I promise to scan my notes while I'm away. :))) I'm hoping for your kind consideration. - JUBERT)

UPDATE: May reply na si Sir: Okay lang. Basta aral ng mabuti.

Our primary reason of going there is to attend the wedding *bells ringing* of my Tito Ninong. As of now, I do not know our itineraries yet but I'm already researching for the must-do and must-visit in Cebu, just in case, they asked for my help. Well, if you're a blogger it's as easy as ABC. Thanks backpackers! (´ 3`)

The bride and the groom
(Stolen from Tito Ninong's Facebook account. Peace!)

As early as now, I am super duper excited to see the wonders of the Queen City with my very own eyes, to indulge my taste buds in a food porn, to meet creatures as awesome and as gwapo as me (meron kaya?) and on top of everything, to be in the company of my family - as far as I can remember, our last family bonding (with Mom, Dad and two sisters) is way back 2005 in Baguio.

See you Radisson!

For now, I'm in the last-minute preparations.
I'm going to Pampanga tomorrow and we'll be staying there for a week. And on the 27th, we'll fly down south. Vavush! I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.


How my Patricia Lost A Crown

I was happy to know that Shamcey made it and she definitely deserved the title. She's the best of them all last night! She was a diva and a motivational speaker. The moment she finished answering, I know she will be the one. Next stop: Sao Paolo, baby!

Patricia, my dear Tricia, made it to the semis - which was a good run. She was superb in swimsuit and evening gown but...

Oh yes, her final answer:

What advice can you give to a teenage? She said "Just be yourself. In this world, we tend to be someone who we are not" blah blah blah.

It was good but not quite. I was thinking of a 4th runner-up finish for her (if there's any) based from her answer.

I was quite disappointed that she didn't make it as a finalist but getting herself together and moving forward after Miss Philippines - Earth is a brave feat. I'm done with the should-haves and could-haves and just salute her. With or without a crown, she will always be my queen.

Anyways, I fell in love with Janine's answer. Her answer "men must love unconditionally"made a mark in every man's heart (read: tinamaan). She deserved a crown.

I don't question the panel's choice for the Top 5 but with the way I see it the result must be (based from their answers and the way they delivered it):

Bb. Pilipinas - Universe: Shamcey Supsup

Bb. Pilipinas - International: Janine Togunon

Bb. Pilipinas - Tourism: Dianne Necio

1st Runner-up: Diana Arevalo

2nd Runner-up: Isabella Manjon

From the choices I posted yesterday, I got 11 out of the fifteen semifinalists or 73% which I think is good. And all the girls in the Top 5 are in my list. Oh. I'm all smiles.

(Pictures courtesy of Missosology. Thank you!)


The Battle of the Eye Candies

(DISCLAIMER: I've never seen the girls personally. These are just based from the plenty of photos and videos available through the net)

I have just completed the first and final list of my Bb. Pilipinas 2011 bets. That's sorting 40 of them and it wasn't a joke. It is not easy choosing fifteen girls without the smallest hint of bias. Of course, I have my favorites but some girls whom I ignored in the past has penetrated most of the slots. I've made several erasures but oh well, here it is:

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe: The moment I saw Patricia Tumulak months ago, I'm pretty sure she would be in the finals. Call it a fan's instinct. Oh, she's so pretty. It's always a delight to see her in the television. Tricia shoots it in the bag this year!

Bb. Pilipinas-International: Bb. Pilipinas almost always pick a girl who is fresh. Well, it's Shamcey Supsup for me. If my Tricia babes fails to snatch the main crown, she's the best alternate.

The Runners-up:

With a body bootylicious and an enormous sex appeal, MJ Lastimosa can win it all but I prefer Tricia and Shamcey over her. And you know why.

Almost everything is perfect for Diana Arevalo. If she reaches the Top 15 or whatever, she'll be unstoppable. I'm betty my ass on it.

I don't know where to put Dianne Necio, honestly. I want to put her in a lower ranking but given her 1st runner-up finish last year, she's quite assured of a placement. Oh yes, politics!

Completing the Top 10:

The judges cannot ignore Isabella Manjon. You cannot just ignore a girl with a face like that. And besides, she's Madam Stella's favorite. I was told.

Paula Figueras who I ignored before had become a soft spot. She's stunning. I have a strong feeling that she will surprise us in the finals. If there is a beautiful surprise, it has to be her - pleeeease!

I'm not an expert or whatever but I know beautiful when I see one. Chloe McCully is undoubtedly the face of Bb. Pilipinas 2011.

I don't know to you but I find Queenierich Rehman mean-looking but (yes, there's a but) I think something special is in stored for her. Her name sounds expensive, btw. Nah, I'm just saying.

I see some sparks on Janine Tugonon and she deserves to be in the Top 10. Those who would disagree can lick my balls, huh.

And if there's a Top 15, these girls should be included:

Although Sabrinne Al-Tawil's beauty is not my cup of tea, she's a sure shoo-in in the semis.

There are underdogs that might get upset victories in the final night. Jen-Roe Gubat and Luzelle Felipe are those we need to watch out for. Who knows, they might pull a Gatbonton-kind of win.

Oh Arabella (Hanesh). She's fierceeeesh! The camera (or is it the photographer?) loves her big time.

Krystle Grant is another eye candy that cannot be ignored though I find her quite boring.

Here you go, my personal bets for tonight's 2011 Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night. Like what I've always said, don’t throw me the “why is she there/not there?” shit. This is my list.

On my final note, I predicted six out of the 10 semifinalists last year. Not bad, not bad for a first timer. Krista and Venus were my top two choices and they both bring home a crown. I also correctly predicted Dianne's 1st runner-up placement.


Pro-RH bill is not anti-life!

Much has been said and written about the RH bill that this entry of mine might just be one of the hundreds circulating the web today. Honestly, I would prefer to keep silent on critical matters like this one but it is inevitable especially when these are just catching so much attention from the mainstream media.


I am pro-RH bill but I am not an anti-Church, that I can guarantee. This entry is written to present a set of arguments which I personally believe to be valid and logical to a considerable degree, pointing to reasons why I eagerly support the RH bill. Of course, you don't need to agree with me. I do not have any motive other than to share a piece of my mind and urge you to share yours as well. Some of my comments may raise some eyebrows and hurt other feelings but my apology in advance.

We had this seminar weeks ago and one of our speakers was a priest in the local church
- sorry, I forget his name. He talked about the Church's stand on the RH bill and why it should be kill. With all due respect to him, he sounded pretty arrogant to me. I hate it every time he says, "O, di niyo alam yan!" as if he's talking to a bunch of illiterates. I disgust people who talks and acts like they know everything. I cannot even count on my fingers how many times he said that annoying phrase. Boooooo! Sige na po, ikaw na talaga!


The Church is screaming bloody murder, saying that the bill is a "pro-abortion bill". WHAAAT?! Now, I wonder if we have read the same bill because the bill I read stated no such thing. In fact, it actually does the complete opposite. The argument that the RH bill would legalize abortion is just a distraction. Forget that. Obviously, this is an invalid argument being spread by people who are against the bill. And what is alarming is that we are falling for it.

They also insist that we are not overpopulated. I get that. I do not claim otherwise. At 90 million, we are not overpopulated, nevermind if almost half are living below the poverty line. The Philippines is NOT and NEVER overpopulated. With 7,107 islands, we can even support billions of people - and I am not exaggerating. The thing is, we have a population more than we should have considering our finite resources and it is still growing at a pace that we cannot support anymore. It doesn't take a genius to know that the bigger the population, the bigger the food demand thus aggravating the price increase. It also means more energy will be required to sustain a reasonable standard of living which could make a toll in our nature. This is not pleasing to the ears but the Philippines cannot afford uncontrollable population growth. We need to curb our population a bit to allow resources to be more beneficial thus resulting to better quality of life.

And lemme clear this - the population control is not versus birthing per se. It is against irresponsible birthing.


I also find it funny when the Church are scared off their wits just hearing the term *drum rolls* SEX EDUCATION. Anti-RH folks insist that the bill will spawn a generation of sex maniacs. (Refresher course: The bill states of the mandatory sexuality education from Grade 5 to 4th year high school) I don't know if they are drunk or they are just plain stupid that they failed to read the word "age-appropriate" written with it. And they keep on insisting that it degrades morality. How is it immoral, exactly, to teach students how to properly manage their sexual well-being? Tell me.

I understand the Church's concern that it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children about sex. But this I tell you folks: there is a large number of Filipino parents who didn't had the opportunity to be informed, much less discuss, anything about sex education.


Natural family planning as claimed by religious folks as the moral way of limiting the population has been practiced since, well, the time began but that method has failed over and over and over again. The RH bill is not just about contraceptions for Pete's sake. It is about the freedom to choose what's best for your family. It is called RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD. It prevents couples from having too many children, too soon, too fast.

Cong. Manny Pacquiao said that "Kung nag-condom po ang aking ama, si Mommy D, wala pong Manny Pacquiao." I bet he thought, oh I'm so witty! (Just a few weeks ago, he was caught saying: Magsumbong ka sa lolo mong panot - which, IMO, is the dumbest thing I heard from a politician) But had he ever thought that not all people are as lucky as him?


Also, this good vs. evil thing that those religious folks is spewing is frustrating and getting on ym nerves. They are insisting something like this: anti-RH bill are good, pro-RH bill are bad and anti-life. Sorry CBCP, I cannot see myself as anti-life. I value life as much as you do. I cannot understand what is so un-Catholic in encouraging couples to refrain from having too many children that they can't afford to feed and nourished? I think there is none. Oh well, these priests won't understand a thing about family planning until each of them are raising children of their own.

"Humayo kayo at magpakarami" is their epic excuse for valid issues being thrown against their stand. God may told us to procreate but believe me, he didn't mean it this way. The Church just wanna play around using the Bible.

I think I made this long enough. Let me end this on a lighter note (kinda). With all the hullabaloo surrounding the RH bill, I realized that not everything you see or hear or read is the complete truth and if you are determined to make decisions, you must search for these truths yourself. Screw the surveys. I don't care if 86% of Filipinos support the bill and 2% doesn't. (To tell you, I didn't join the pro-RH bill bandwagon because it is freaking popular.) Statistics or popularity doesn't create the truth. It can be misleading. What I mean is, let us not content ourselves from choosing what's immediately available to us. We've done that many times over and look where it got us. Be critical and analyze the issue carefully, regardless of your belief, because at the end of the day, the decision is in your hands.