Why I won't vote for Noy?

DISCLAIMER: Folks, you don't need to agree with me. I'm not forcing you not to vote for Noynoy. I wouldn't argue if you're vying for him. If you think he's capable of doing the job, so be it. But, it doesn't hurt to listen to what other people thinks, isn't it? I can guarantee you that nobody pays me to write these things. And no... no... I don't work for any politician. I have no other motives other than to share my thoughts and urge you to share yours as well. No argument being solicited. Just a good all discussion babe, that's all.

I do have great respect for the Aquinos. I learned in grade school that Ninoy taught us how to stand and die for what we believe is right while her wife, former Pres. Cory trumped dictatorship and restored democracy. But until now, I am still not convinced by the sentiments of those voting for Senator Noynoy this coming May 10. Yes, I know, he's the unico hijo of the famous Aquino couple, his blood may have the genetics of martyrdom but it's not enough to bring him to Malacanang.

Admittedly, this blogger is not well versed with politics but as a student looking into the matter, let me share my 2-cent worth of idea about why I won't vote for Senator Noy:

1. He don't have the credentials, he don't have the track record.

I'm very curious about his legislative performance so I did some research and know what I found... NONE. *start of rant* He have been a congressman for 9 years and a senator for 3 years and he haven't passed even a single resolution he authored. Imagine that? After 12 years in Congress? What in the world he's doing there for? Sashay his way in and sashay his way out? And that's it, huh? *end of rant*

If he did not perform well as a senator, there is a very high possibility that he won't perform well as a President. Why would I vote an incompetent senator to the presidency?

2. He is un/gentleman.

More than his accomplishments or the lack of it, it's his demeanor which turns me off. He would be gentleman one time and a brute another time. Back then, his campaign used surveys to flaunt his insurmountable lead in the presidential race. Now, that his nearest rival is fast dwindling behind him, he have the gut to say "surveys can be bought in Quiapo". WTF. Isn't the survey he's talking about came from the same company that had him in the lead with a wide margin few months ago?

Then, just last week (I think) he said that if PGMA appoints a new Chief Justice as replacement for Justice Puno, he wouldn't not recognize it if he became president. (Wishful thinking, Sir) Oh, that only shows how immature he is. Would he rather have a vacant Chief Justice seat that would eventually result to power vacuum?

I just want to remind you good Senator that we don't need a leader who will lead this country to chaos.

3. He's an invertebrate.

I personally believe that Sen. Noy does not have the backbone nor the balls to assume alpha male status in Philippine politics. He's afraid to be at the forefront of issues of high significance, he's always staying on the sidelines. Is this his way of playing safe? He only takes the limelight when the dust have settled and it is safe to say to come out.

Remember good Senator that, when you don't speak your mind, it's bad politics.

4. He's not a man of words.

Another thing which is a source of my discomfort is "he change his mind like a girl change her clothes". During the wake of his mother, he said that he's not planning to seek higher office. But, why the sudden change of plan? He could have translated the throngs who paid their last respect to Tita Cory as votes in his favor if he runs for office.

Just a piece of advice Sen. Noy, when you say something, mean it so that we will believe in you.

5. He has circumvented the law for premature campaigning.

I have seen his star-studded music video... I mean political ad being played on tv over and over again. Why have he made such a move even before the actual campaign period starts? According to the Election Code, he and other politicos cannot campaign as of yet. He cannot reason out that other politicians doing it too. Don't he believe in the evil versus good mantra? And don't dare tell us that it's not a campaign ad because only trapos do that.

6. His words are empty.

I seldom see Sen. Noy being interviewed. And much as I want to present supporting evidence, I just can't because I could not remember anything he said at all. His being not a good tv material is not the issue. The issue here is if he has something good to say. And when he do speak up, make sure it's not empty. Yes, the country needs a man of action and yes, action speaks louder than words. But words alone can appeal to our hearts. He must talk in such a manner that we will actually find time to stop and listen. He is a leader. He meant to inspire us.

7. He's there for a vengeance.

After announcing his bid to the presidential race, he vowed to run after the Marcos wealth. I do believe that it is not the job of the President to personally run after anybody, enemy or not. Why not let the wheel of justice take its course? No direct Presidential intervention for or against anybody. Have you forgotten Sir of the principle "Genuine reconciliation is democracy in action". Where's the democracy there, Sir?

8. He's politics as usual.

I read in GMA News website that the day after Ondoy devastated Manila and its nearby provinces, Senator Noy met with former Pres. Erap to discuss possible union of their camps for this year's election. Sheeze. While thousands are still suffering from flood, Senator Benigno Aquino III is politicking. Hanep!

Like what I said before in my post "8 months from now... ", Sen. Noy maybe the most popular and the most winnable presidential candidate but he's not the most competent and most qualified to occupy the highest post in the land. He may be a good man, but he will be an ineffectual president. I think he will only be exploit by unfavorable elements, his inner circle maybe. We need to vote for hardworking people. No to Noynoy! Because INCOMPETENCE can't solve anything. Remember folks that INCOMPETENCE is no different from CORRUPTION.

102 days. That's how long before the much awaited May 2010 Election happens. It will be a crucial moment for Filipinos, a turning point in other words. Once again, we will attempt to put whom we think is the "best" candidate in the seat of power that is Malacañang.

We think that we are not in control. But the truth is, we still do have the control. We still have the power to change everything for the better. All we need to do is vote wisely. Let's not content ourselves with choosing for what's immediately available to us. We should look at every possible candidate, his pluses and minuses. Forget the surveys for Pete's sake. Who cares if this or that candidate is on top or bottom of the surveys? Let us not also overreact and favor perceived moral ascendancy and ignore other equally important criteria. Now, there is no room for "gambles". It is now or never.

God bless us all and may the May 2010 Elections push through as planned.


Photo of Senator Noy courtesy of his official campaign website.


Just dropping by to say...

I thought that the blogging hiatus would be endurable, but I'm here punching keys again. This will just be brief. Just gonna share what I'm up to these days.

Thesis making is an overkill for me. Then next week, we'll have our midterm exams. For sure, it will completely savage my sleeping time (read as: puyatan na naman)! I never really thought that this course is this haggard-ing. Zits and eye bags are breaking loose as lack of sleep is apparent on my sluggish-looking face. I'm just thinking that the "Summer Affiliation" will be my treat after all of these.


Yesterday, I went to BU Main Campus College of Nursing Library to do some research. That's about 1 hour by car from my school. Only to see that... the fnckin' library is close for Pete's sake. Then, I decided to walk under the scorching heat to the General Library located in the College of Arts and Letters. And then what? "Sorry Sir, wala pong undergraduate thesis ng BSN dito", the nice librarian told me. Wow naman!

Just to give myself an incentive for the effort, pampalubag loob kumbaga, I bought a new jacket from Penshoppe worth PhP X,XXX. [Actual price is withheld because Mom might be reading this] She's nagging me "to make tipid". Sorry Mom!

OK guys. I have to go. God bless us all and may I finish my thesis as soon as possible.



2009: The Year That Was

Certainly, there are COUNTLESS things on why I should be HAPPY and THANKFUL for the year that was.
And there are people that I would like to thank for making my 2009 worth remembering.

FIRST, to my family especially to my mom who is always there for me, no matter what, through thick and thin, through my ups and downs. I love her so much.

SECOND, to my friends. Ang sarap ng feeling that I had a vast social life. I had lot of friends whom I shared my effing life with. It just proved that I don't have a peoplephobia and I am not an antisocial. HAHA. Hear that?

THIRD, to my blog's frequent visitors. They are the one who inspires me to continue blogging. It's good to know that there are people who actually reads and enjoys my blog. I also want to share that hits already reached 7, 100 now. YIPEE! For me, that a freakin' achievement.

NOTE: On January 8, my blog will be celebrating its 11th monthsary.

FOURTH, to Cammille. Though I'm always giver her headaches (quote and unquote), eh pinagti-tiyagaan pa rin niya ako. How sweet? Siguro ganyan talaga kapag true love. Haha. Thank you Cammille.

Me and Cammille at Seh Lei Girl

PS1. This week, I'll be deleting sheeze links in my blog roll. These are either those who doesn't buzz me for weeks or those who hates me. Tsss... Bye losers!

If you still see yourself in my blog roll next week, then you're a lucky peep. LOL.

PS2. I'll be updating this blog only once a week. On the coming weeks, I'll be busy with my thesis. But, I'll be keeping in touch with the likes of Kuya Ax to seek advices for my thesis.

PS3. Ate Chill tagged me this photo on FB and it made me LOL this morning.

That's me! A skinny little toothpick on the far left. Oh. I'm too shy for this!

Hi 2010. I'm Jubert John. I hope we can be friends. I hope you'll be nice to me before you abscond. PLEEEEASE!

Anyway, ENJOY is the word. Happy 2010 to all of us, folks!