Who's the next de Castro?

I agreed when Alfonso Manalastas posted on his FB status that this year’s line-up is the suckiest in history. This is very true especially to the Vice-Presidentiables.

The Pinoy voting population does not care much about candidates running for the Veep. The focus mainly is on the Presidentiable, the man who can heal this “Sick Man of Asia”. But, it is still important for us to look on each of the VPs because as we all know, Veep is just a breath away from the seat that is Malacanang. So it’s time to busy ourselves with finding the better option. Let us not be lured by their commercials or their non-sense platforms. They’ve fooled us many times over and look where it got us to.

Have you ever think what if Sen. Edgardo Angara won the Vice-Presidentiable bid in 1998 and eventually succeeded Erap and not Pres. Arroyo? IMHO, we wouldn’t have so many troubles as we have now, no “Hello Garci” *imitating Mrs. President’s voice*, no ZTE scandal blah blah. So,
let's consider these few words about our VPs.

I’m no Mar voter. Well, I used to be but he lost my vote when he married someone (a media personality, mind you) just to propel his bid in the race. The worst is, he proposed to Korina in freakin’ Wowowee – a noontime circus. And not to mention, the stupidity of his commercials,"Anak, itabi mo, ako na". Sheeze!

Mirror, mirror in the wall, who’s the trapo-est of them all? The self-proclaimed Veep Loren Legarda. Why not? Isn’t she hate Villar? But now, she’s running with him. WTF! She sacrificed her dignity just for this election. I think something is up on her sleeve. Scary!

Binay is one-hell of a mayor. “Ganito kami sa Makati, Ganito sana sa buong bansa” pol ad shows great promise. But I doubt if what he has done in his city could cover the whole country. Could he give free hospitalization, free school bags or free movie tickets to everyone in the country including those in Tawi-Tawi? I don’t think so, it's quite impossible. I’m not being negative here, na-ah. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that 567,349 is nothing, as in nothing, compared to 91 million. Helloooo?!

Yesh, Bayani Fernando is weird. You know, blue fences, pink lanes, pink urinals but at least he’s getting something done. So, I didn't mind seeing pink and blue fences not only in Manila but in the whole territory of the country as well. But what's with the cutting of trees along Katipunan Av? Oh bad! He failed the green groups, he failed me.

Edu Manzano may be charismatic and all being a son of show business. But are we now ready to have a leader who has nothing to go for him but the endorsements of pips from tinseltown? NO WAY! Have we not learned our lessons during the Erap years? *wink, wink* Let me state in no uncertain terms I will vote for him even if he’s the running-mate of G1BO because he doesn’t deserve my vote.

My apologies to Jay Sonza, Perfecto Yasay and Dominador Chipeco Jr. for not including them in this post. But that’s not my fault. I never heard them speak in public so I don’t know what they will have to offer if they win. There, take that!

I am not closing my windows yet but as of now, I'm signifying my intention to vote for none of the Vice-Presidentiables at all. Simply because I don't want the choices presented to us right now- they suck as Alfonso puts it. But I still hope that the candidates themselves will make an effort to convince us voters that they deserve our votes.



It's getting HOT in here! *phew*

It’s betting season again. Bb. Pilipinas this time. This is one of the most heated editions of Bb. Pilipinas in history. I find it very difficult to choose from the 24 candidates because almost half of them has international caliber. C’mon, the candidates are smokin’ hot.

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010 KRISTA KLEINER

I have no doubt that she can be a great representative to Miss Universe. She has this stage presence that can immediately wow the audience. Her body is quite raw like most people complain about but she can carry herself very well. Besides, she has a gift of gab so expect her to outsmart all the girls comes final night.

NOTE: This photo of her made my ‘other’ head scream oh la la.

Bb. Pilipinas-World 2010 MARIA VENUS RAJ

A veteran in pageantry, Venus is another beauty to watch for in the finals. Believe me, she’s nice. She’s a fellow Bicol University student, different campus though. She has a very unique beauty that registers well on photographs and on television. She can just easily snatch a crown and might eventually win an international crown for the country.

Bb. Pilipinas-International 2010 NICOLETTE HENSON

Hands down! She is the face of the competition. I can’t ask for more from this lady. She’s not your typical girl-next-door beauty. She’s stylish and looks very fresh. She will certainly do well in Miss International.

Bb. Pilipinas 2010 1st RU DIANNE NECIO

She’s full of sparks and charm and anyone who would claim otherwise is a liar. Some people liken her to Miriam Quiambao, the sweet aura, the queenly stance and the beautiful Filipina complexion. She can be a big hit at MU as well but her age (she’s only 17) might hinder her from winning the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown.

Bb. Pilipinas 2010 2nd RU SELENA ANTONIO

She’s the Sandra Seifert of 2010. She’s one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest face for this year. She has that X-factor and not to mention a hot-as-hell body.

Completing the TOP 10 are






There you go, my Bb. Pilipinas 2010 bets. Don’t throw me the “why is she there/not there?” shit. This is my list, remember?