"S.O.T" Campaign

Did you know that trees decrease CO2 in the atmosphere?

15 trees are being cut down to produce the amount of paper we use in our every examination.

What more if we add the papers that we use in writing our notes?

Join me in my noble cause of saving our trees...



Make SENSE? It's time to think GREEN.

why not? kung si pareng jason ay merong "No Smoking Campaign", di ako pahuhuli... meron din akong "Save Our Trees" campaign. oh ano ayos ba?

hehehe... wala kasi akong mai-post ngayong araw. kagagaling ko lang sa duty at pagod na pagod ako. ewan ko kung bakit. wala naman akong masyadong pinag-gagawa. haizzz. tulog mo na ako mga dudes.



ang aking mga pers.

sabi nila "you can't forget your very first". ang pinakauna daw ang pinaka-memorable. totoo ba? naniniwala ka ba dun? ako, oo!

dahil mga ka-dudes ko kayo at espesyal kayo para sa akin, i want to share you this post about "all my first" pagdating sa love.

pers love.

ika nga nila 'puppy love'.

five years old pa lang ako ng unang beses panain ng super kulit na si kupido ang puso ko. nasa kindergarten ako noon ng ma-inlove ako sa classmate kong si michelle. dude, maganda talaga siya at halos yata ng kaklase ko ay may crush sa kanya. pero dahil batang-bata pa kami at hindi ko pa siya kayang pakainin ay mas pinili kong itago ang feelings ko for her.

i haven't heard anything from her since we graduated from kindergarten.

pers kiss.

*blushes* hindi si eunice ang first kiss kung hindi ang ka-love team ko noong elementary, si joy. she has been featured in this blog already. remember "a letter to my mom, my blog and someone else"?

it was just a smack . it just happened out of a dare but i enjoyed it a lot. hehe. tama na baka mabasa niya 'to, magalit pa yun sa akin.

pers heartbreak.

huhuhu. ang topic na ayoko sanang pag-usapan pero dahil sports ako and for the sake na rin of this post kaya sige na nga.

grade 4 ako noon ng makilala ko si mj. bagong lipat siya sa school namin from manila. first time ko pa lang siyang makta ay tinamaan na agad ako sa kanya, ika nga nila "love at first sight". kaya todo-todong pagpapa-pansin ang ginawa ko. nalaman ko through a friend na may gusto rin siya sa akin. kaya parang gumuho ang mundo ko ng malaman kong may boyfriend na siya. ouch! at ang mas masakit pa dun ay ng malaman ko na ang boyfriend niya ay... barkada ko. double ouch!

for you guys to know, siya ang unang babaeng iniyakan ko.

pers girlfriend.

si eunice ang first girlfriend ko. nakilala ko siya personally sa 'youth congress' way back in 2006. she was the president of the youth congress at that time. niligawan ko agad siya at after 8 months ng pagti-tiyaga sinagot niya rin ako sa wakas. heaven ang feeling ko ng mga time na yun.

but my happiness didn't last that long. we have lots of differences and masyado siyang focus sa studies niya to the extent na wala na siyang time para sa akin. she didn't even have the time to go out with me. dahil siguro napagod at nagsawa na ang puso ko (wow. corny na yata 'tol), i let her decide if she still wants to continue our very dysfunctional relationship. she said 'no'. sa kanya na nanggaling kaya wala na akong magagawa.

i was so broken at that time. i even lost my concentration. kahit nga yung preparation ko for three coming competitions where i was the school's representative was affected. my coaches even noticed it.

may isang competition dun na isa siya sa mga kalaban ko. we are from different school, mind you. her presence affected me in a way kaya siguro she ended 3rd and nakuha ko naman yung 4th spot. honestly, mas matalino talaga siya sa akin.

natatawa na lang kami kapag naiisip namin yun ngayon. until now, we are still good friends.

pers fling.
i'm not the type of guy na basta-bastang nakikipagrelasyon lalong-lalo na sa text. for me kasi, these kind of relationships are not serious and very immature at saka, it's unfair on the part of the girls kaya not even on my wildest dreams ay naisip kong aabot ako sa stage na papasok ako sa isang relationship through text. maybe, it's because of my desire to forget my first serious girlfriend.

hindi ko nga matandaan kung paano ko nakuha yung cp no. niya honestly. i think through a common friend. halos one week pa lang kaming magka-text ng ligawan ko siya (note: through text) at naging kami overnight (note: through text ulit). hehe, ganun katindi ang kamandag ko. ang hindi ko alam ay kung naging serious siya kasi ako hindi.

i just stopped texting her when i learned na umiinom at nagyoyosi siya, it really turned me off . we have no formal break-up.

note: no comments against me are allowed. lol.




I know you're a huge, HUGE fan of Harry Potter flicks (I'll bet my left hand for it). And, because of the fact that I'm writing an entry about this, it is safe to say... very safe... that I AM NOT AN EXCEPTION.

I can still remember when I first heard about Sorcerer's Stone. I wasn't really interested to watch it... at all. But since, it's the talk of the town, I made up my mind to check it out. And just like you, I was hooked instantly after watching it.

And NOW, Harry Potter and his gang is back! HOORAY!

Me and my friends planned to watch it as soon as it comes out on theaters but due to our conflicting schedules (we are busy people, you know), we just decided to check it out next week... Tuesday maybe. And so to avoid the flocks of muggles cum Potterheads. LOL. I'm super duper excited. And I can't wait to get an answer on my question - - -

Is Professor SNAPE good or bad?

What you think, huh?

In my opinion, I think he's in league with Harry. Because if not...

... would he save Harry when Professor Squirrel... I mean Quirrel tried to topple him off his broomstick during a Quidditch match? Remember?

... would he alert the Order of the Phoenix when Harry had a dream about his uncle, Sirius being tortured in the Department of Mysteries?

... would he agree to teach Occlumency to Harry?

... and lastly, would Dumbledore trust him?

But, but, but there may also be a BIG possiblity that he only done those mentioned above (look up!) to turn tables around and show that he's on Dumbledore's side but the truth is he's bad.

> it is very obvious that ever since Harry first stepped foot in Howarts, Snape always keeps an eye on him and was only too keen to get him expelled.

> he promised to protect Little Dracula ...LOL... Draco rateher and help him in whatever task He-Who-Must-Not-Be- Name ordered him to do.

> You know, his death Eater past... plus, what he did to Dumbledore.

Say whatever you want against him but it won't change the fact that he's one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.

But why I'm writing this? Snape's true colors will only be revealed in the last movie, Deathly Hallows. But I wrote about it already so never mind.



for the 'birthday girl'

This is for the girl who deserves more than a simple birthday greeting --- my bestfriend, DANNYCA that notched another year last July 11.

We know each other since we were seven. And for the next 11 years, WE became the best of friends. No one can separate us from each other. We have been through a lot of things and I think that makes our friendship better and stronger.

Have it came to you: What if we never met each other? What if you're still unknown to me 'til now? Honestly, I don't know. But one thing is for sure, I wouldn't be this happy. I won't repeat this so listen carefully --- meeting you is one of the best things that happened to my life. SO, I'm really thankful to God for giving me the chance to meet someone as good as you. You're not a perfect person but you're the most perfect bestfriend for me.

I know that sometimes OUR differences creates a gap between US but WE are determined not to let these differences destroy our friendship. We may know a lot of things about each other but when it comes to sensitive issues , we respect each other. We rather not to talk about it than to invade each other's privacy.

NOW, that another year has been added to your life. I wish you all the best things in life. I HOPE and PRAY that God will continue to give you the strength you need to surpass all the trials and obstacles that will come your way. And lastly, I hope that you will find the happiness that you've been looking for.

Remember, you're more important to me than all my exes, crushes and loves combined. natch!



Are we really that bad in SPORTS?

The first Asian Youth Games is now officially closed. Which made me think --- how our athletes have done throughout the week-long event? We sent 61 athletes and I guess we did well. OR NOT?

After our class this morning, I immediately went straight to the i-cafe and checked 2009 AYG's official site to see the final medal tally... BUT, I almost fell out of my seat with what I saw... WHOOOAH!

Dude, you're seeing it right. One bronze, one silver and nothing gold for us. SHIT! Are we really that bad in sports that of the 60+ young athletes who were sent to represent the country, only TWO able to take home a fuckin' medal. OOPS! Sorry for that unsavory word. I'm just really pissed off. What do we go there for? To embarass ourselves?

Imagine, Singapore grabbed a total of 30 medals (9-6-15). tsk. tsk. Thailand was able to haul 20 medals (11-7-2). Even Iran and Kuwait amassed more medals than us. Look at that! The Philippines only wound up 18th over-all, just four knots better than Myanmar, Malaysia (huh? what happened?) and Indonesia, which each pocketed a bronze medal. At least, it gave me a slight relief.

PSC, POC or whoever, listen to this:



Breath Poot. Breath. OK! OK! Get off me. I'm starting to calm down.

Stephanie Cimatu ... just call her 'Stef' (feeling close)... gave us our first taste of victory when she nailed a SILVER -at least- in the javelin throw event that officially put the country in the medal tally. Excellent Stef! Excellent!

And the other medal, which is a BRONZE was given to us by bowler Collins Jose. He also deserves a round of clap-clap.

Another silver lining (on this disaster), three swimmers - Borja, Alkhadi and Lacuna - though didn't take home a medal of any hue was able to qualify to four events in the debut of Youth Olympic Games next year. Not that bad! Isn't it?



5 months and counting...

THIS IS NOT A DAY FOR ME TO BE MODEST. And I will not show even the smallest hint of humility. You know why? Because this is a special day for me.

Me and my 'chillspOt' turns 5 months old in the blogosphere today. Isn't it worth to be applauding of?

I want to thank all the dudes in my blogroll who have been with me for the past 150 days.

rye jason

ate chyng kuya TSI

allen keb

kuya KJ kuya blu

ate reesie kuya ron

kuya mon kuya ax

cruxrifter ate tsariba
k buraot

livingstain pusang-gala ate joycee otep

jonelle gudang kuya jorge dhyoy

Thank you vey much mga ka-dudes ko.