I know you're a huge, HUGE fan of Harry Potter flicks (I'll bet my left hand for it). And, because of the fact that I'm writing an entry about this, it is safe to say... very safe... that I AM NOT AN EXCEPTION.

I can still remember when I first heard about Sorcerer's Stone. I wasn't really interested to watch it... at all. But since, it's the talk of the town, I made up my mind to check it out. And just like you, I was hooked instantly after watching it.

And NOW, Harry Potter and his gang is back! HOORAY!

Me and my friends planned to watch it as soon as it comes out on theaters but due to our conflicting schedules (we are busy people, you know), we just decided to check it out next week... Tuesday maybe. And so to avoid the flocks of muggles cum Potterheads. LOL. I'm super duper excited. And I can't wait to get an answer on my question - - -

Is Professor SNAPE good or bad?

What you think, huh?

In my opinion, I think he's in league with Harry. Because if not...

... would he save Harry when Professor Squirrel... I mean Quirrel tried to topple him off his broomstick during a Quidditch match? Remember?

... would he alert the Order of the Phoenix when Harry had a dream about his uncle, Sirius being tortured in the Department of Mysteries?

... would he agree to teach Occlumency to Harry?

... and lastly, would Dumbledore trust him?

But, but, but there may also be a BIG possiblity that he only done those mentioned above (look up!) to turn tables around and show that he's on Dumbledore's side but the truth is he's bad.

> it is very obvious that ever since Harry first stepped foot in Howarts, Snape always keeps an eye on him and was only too keen to get him expelled.

> he promised to protect Little Dracula ...LOL... Draco rateher and help him in whatever task He-Who-Must-Not-Be- Name ordered him to do.

> You know, his death Eater past... plus, what he did to Dumbledore.

Say whatever you want against him but it won't change the fact that he's one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.

But why I'm writing this? Snape's true colors will only be revealed in the last movie, Deathly Hallows. But I wrote about it already so never mind.



ShatterShards said...

The fact that Snape is a character, and not a caricature or a stereotype, is what endears him to the audience and readers. He is one character people just love to hate, and he makes it easy for people to hate him.

If you haven't read the book (which I doubt), I'll try not to spoil for you Snape's true inclinations. hehe

.pOot! said...

"He is one character people just love to hate, and he makes it easy for people to hate him."

I definitely agree shattershards. i haven't read the 7th book. gusto ko kasi makita ko muna yung film bago ko basahin yung book. mas maganda kasin magbasa habang nag-iimagine nung nangyari sa film. pero madyo matagal pa yun. wahehe. kaya baka mapilitan din akong basahin yun to be updated.

salamat sa pagdaan dude.

lucas said...

well, i love snape's character very mysterious and dark... as for your question, if you had read the last book... uhmm.. basahin mo muna!!! i hate spoilers and i don't want to spoil anything for you! hehe!

nope. got it directly from flickr.com

K.noizki said...

Harry Potter who? I probably have a real life so maybe I am not a fan, sorry. Does it mean I'm not cool?

Have a fun Friday.

ShatterShards said...

If you're gonna wait for the movie before reading the book, then mabibitin ka. The last book will be made into two movies daw.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya ron!

i love snape's character. very mysterious talaga. di ko alam kung kakampi ba siya o kaaway. uhmmmmm...

i also hate spoilers. mas nae-excite kasi ako 'pag pinanood ko muna yung movie than reading the book.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya k,

di naman ganun yun. super cool ka kaya! halata bang nagpapa-sipsip?

.pOot! said...

hi shattershards again! oo nga, i heard na hahatiin yung 7th book into two movies. pero di ako nae-excite 'bout the idea.

teka, si david yates ba ulit magdi-direct?

ZARA 札拉 said...

I just love Harry Potter so much. Severus Snape is a great character indeed. Her deep love to Lily Evans, Harry Potter turned him became an evil after James Potter got her. Anyway, he still a good character, only after been revealed in the final book~ Can't wait to watch it as well~

Reesie said...

I watched it last night and honestly, I didn't enjoy the movie that much unlike the previous ones... :-(

Winkie said...

just like reesie, i didnt enjoy the film much. sobrang bitin... obvious na nasa next installment ang kasagutan :(

as to snapes being good or bad, i think he's both.

just hopping through... have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

mukha ngang super duper excited ka na parekoy. :p

ako rin super duper excited na. sa july 28 pa kami manonood.waahhhh

ShatterShards said...

Yep, David Yates is set to direct Deathly Hollows as well. Sayang, alam ko kasi, Alfonso Cuaron signified an intent to direct the last book. I just don't know what happened to that.

Mon said...

i wish i cud leave a very sensible comment. hehe. but i'm not a HP fan. eto na lang. judging from that pic, i think he's 75% bad. LOL. judgmental eh? joke lang yan.

Anonymous said...

Like what i said before, inantok ako kahit IMAX pa sya [20 mins lang 3D] konti lang yung moments eh.

Anonymous said...

di halata na fan ka,,,at talaga namang with matching explanation....

Anonymous said...

pareng poot ako
rin ay isang fans
ng harry poter

napanood ko na lahat
except sa latest na halfbloodprince.

pinakapeborit ko yung chamber of secrets naalala ko 2 fullshows nun ang pinanood ko sa sine na magkasunod. hohohohoooh

sana mapanood ko rin yan!!!

.pOot! said...

hi zara,

just like you, i really cant wait. i want to pull the time. now that's impossible! lol.

what's interesting about snape is his being mysterious. though we know that he has death eater past, there is a possibility that he's with harry at the end. woooow.

am i dreaming?? wake me up zara. wake me up!

.pOot! said...

ate reesie,


honestly ate, parang nase-sense ko nga rin yun. the 6th book is the most boring of all you know --- i'm quoting my friends --- but it is the most important chapter of the story.

so i hope that i'll enjoy it kahit papano.

.pOot! said...

hi ate winkie!

really? parang ayaw ko na tuloy panoorin. baka ma-dissapoint lang ako. baka parang "the mist" rin ang ending nyan. hehe!


.pOot! said...

musta na pareng rye?

hehe. obvious na obvious ba na excited ako?

ang totoo nyan...

gusto ko ng hilahin ang oras. bro, sana po tuesday na. hehe!

.pOot! said...

hi shattershards!

si cuaron ba yung nag-direct ng last four HP movies? hehe. ayoko na kasing mag-google.

si yates naman nung goblet, diba? for me, ok naman siya.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya mon!

you're not a HP fan? tsk. tsk. you miss the half of your life. wahehe. joke lang yun.

seriously, panoorin mo kuya from the start baka sakaling magustuhan mo.

.pOot! said...

kuya TSI,

20 minutes? ending lang ba yung 3D? diba 400+ yung price ng ticket sa IMAX?

bakit yata puro katanungan ang reply ko sa'yo? whhhoooooah! "katanungan".

.pOot! said...

hi kuya blu!

obvious ba kuya?

siyempre naman ni-review ko talaga yung past HP films to come up with this.

ayos ba?

.pOot! said...

pareng jason,

pareho tayo! inaabangan ko talaga bawat HP flicks.

chamber din ang pinaka-peborit ko, sa film man or sa book.

Anonymous said...

huy parekoy, snape is bad sabi nung isang blogger.hehe

.pOot! said...

pareng rye, talaga? sino?

Allen Yuarata said...

If you haven't seen the movie yet, please, stay away from my blog. Haha. I don't want to spoil it to you.

Anyway, Snape is probably Rowling's best character. So to spoil everyone's curiosity here, Snape is on Harry's side. He was in love with Harry's mom (Lily) and has since been Dumbledore's ally. So we shouldn't doubt him. He did not kill Albus intentionally. Albus really is going to die because of the curse, anyway.


ShatterShards said...

@ Allen: You sure didn't spoil it for Poot, who hasn't read Deathly Hallows yet. haha!

@ Poot: Alfonso Cuaron directed Prisoner of Azkaban, which critics and fans alike state as the best adaptation of the whole series. He introduced a more vigorous Dumbledore compared to the frail Dumbledore of the first two films. He also introduced the annoying shrunken heads, but that was forgivable. hehe

Joyo said...

hmmm... kapag nibasa mo ang libro di mo maappreciate yung movie......

sana hindi na lang ako nagbasa...

gusto ko ikwento ang ending kaso marami pang di nakakabasa ng last book... hihi!

Anonymous said...

sabi nila kulang daw sa aksyon itong recent HP.

ewan ko.

pero baka idownload ko na lang sya sa torrent

wala naman akong kasamang manood ng sine.

shea said...

may fansclub ka bang alam?

mag sisign up ako. hehehe

.pOot! said...

hi allen!

thanks 'tol. di mo naman ini-spoil sa'kin snape's true color. lol.


.pOot! said...

hi kuya shattershards!

hehe. kakatawa si allen. di nga ako pumunta sa blog niya, dito niya naman sa'kin sinabi. lol.

oo nga. si cuaron nag-direct ng prisoner. kaya pala ibang-iba sa other films. ang ganda pero. i like chamber better.

thanks at lagi kang nandito.

.pOot! said...

hi ate dhyoy,

talaga? kaya nga di ko muna binasa yung last 2 books. gusto ko kasi makita muna yung movies bago ko magbasa ng libro.

tama ate... wag mong i-kwento.

.pOot! said...

hi pareng jason!

punta ka nga dito para may kasama ka. mi-nove namin sa sabado yung panonood namin ng movie, right after duty.

.pOot! said...

hi shea!

fans club? anong fans club?

fans club ko? lol.

salamat sa pagdaan.

TSI said...

Bad! Bad! Bad si Snape, sya daw ang half-blood prince haha! :)

.pOot! said...

kuya TSI,

yup. siya yung half-blood prince, but allen already told me that he's on harry's side.


Anonymous said...

ahehehe. Si Snape nga ang half blood prince, and planned yung pagpatay ke dumbledore. Just to save yung bata na mapasama pag sia pa pumatay.

Like u, excited na ako mapanood susunod! ahehehehe

hate ko lang yung susunod kasi alam ko un na nag ending ng harry potter, and sadly, may mamatay na! ayoko maging spoiler. ahehehe

napadaan lang napahaba pa comment! ahehehe

apir! ^_^