Are we really that bad in SPORTS?

The first Asian Youth Games is now officially closed. Which made me think --- how our athletes have done throughout the week-long event? We sent 61 athletes and I guess we did well. OR NOT?

After our class this morning, I immediately went straight to the i-cafe and checked 2009 AYG's official site to see the final medal tally... BUT, I almost fell out of my seat with what I saw... WHOOOAH!

Dude, you're seeing it right. One bronze, one silver and nothing gold for us. SHIT! Are we really that bad in sports that of the 60+ young athletes who were sent to represent the country, only TWO able to take home a fuckin' medal. OOPS! Sorry for that unsavory word. I'm just really pissed off. What do we go there for? To embarass ourselves?

Imagine, Singapore grabbed a total of 30 medals (9-6-15). tsk. tsk. Thailand was able to haul 20 medals (11-7-2). Even Iran and Kuwait amassed more medals than us. Look at that! The Philippines only wound up 18th over-all, just four knots better than Myanmar, Malaysia (huh? what happened?) and Indonesia, which each pocketed a bronze medal. At least, it gave me a slight relief.

PSC, POC or whoever, listen to this:



Breath Poot. Breath. OK! OK! Get off me. I'm starting to calm down.

Stephanie Cimatu ... just call her 'Stef' (feeling close)... gave us our first taste of victory when she nailed a SILVER -at least- in the javelin throw event that officially put the country in the medal tally. Excellent Stef! Excellent!

And the other medal, which is a BRONZE was given to us by bowler Collins Jose. He also deserves a round of clap-clap.

Another silver lining (on this disaster), three swimmers - Borja, Alkhadi and Lacuna - though didn't take home a medal of any hue was able to qualify to four events in the debut of Youth Olympic Games next year. Not that bad! Isn't it?




And I thought we're a great race? We're always proud of our country, we wanted those foreigners out of our soil coz we love our INANG BAYAN so much.... BUT LOOK! You're right POOT, Ive never been so irritated with our officials until I moved in here. In here Politics is not business. Politicians in here walk in villages without guards. If you watch news in here, it's mostly about science and travel and laws. Not crime, rape, chopped mutilated bodies, TV ratings.... What has happened to our country? What happened to discipline? Philippines might be democratic, but it surely is not free.

ZARA 札拉 said...

what happened to Malaysia as well?


.pOot! said...

yes, its true kuya KJ. until now i'm still pissed off about this.

i love the philippines very much but not its POLITICS. its so dirty. more dirty than my underwear. hehe.

hi zara!

no idea.

ELAY said...

geez, and I thought our country's always bringing home the bacon. tsk tsk.

.pOot! said...


this time we got it really bad! really really BAD.

Anonymous said...

tama.medyo kahiya nga.

lagi naman tayong ganyan.wala kasing budget sa sports.

well,san napupunta ang mga tax natin?

krishA said...

dropping by :)

jonathan said...

I read from an article many years ago that some athletes in the Philippines get no support from the government that they raise the money for them to fly and compete.

It's all economics, putting the big bulk to what is most needed. Maybe sports is not a big matter to those concerned.

Ax said...

well, may be we will have a good year. baka magagaling lang talaga yung mga kalaban natin. hehe.

sana nga mabigyan ng budget ang ating sports department. yay. kailangan natin ng mga superheroes para labanan ang mga athletes ng ibang bansa.


Anonymous said...

budget for training, equipments, etc. ayun, kinukulang tayo diyan poOt..kinukurakot kase..tapos yung mga nagte-training, kulang din sa training nyahaha ay..

kaya ayun haay sigh

cruxrifter said...

poot!! chill ka lang jan. hahaha.. relax wala na tayong magagawa kung mga noobs lang talaga mga athletes na un. GO PAKYAW nalang tayo! HAHaha.

K.noizki said...

I agree with TSI, kahit na we have all the good athletes kung walang hi-tech equipments and facilities it won't give them the hundred percent chance of winning. Nung thousand years pa ata ang reklamo ng mga Pinoys (hindi nananalo, haha) na kagaya neto.

Pero lagi na lang kasi tayong "nagrereklamo" (sensitive baga?) pag natalo sa mga contests, from singing, pageant, etc. so sometimes we just have to accept defeat to be better next time, diba?

.pOot! said...

hi rye,

musta na?! welcome back. hehe. matagal-tagal ka ding hindi nakadalaw sa munting tahanan ni poot. hehe.

teka di ko yata masasagot kung saan napupunta ang tax natin. hehe.

.pOot! said...
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.pOot! said...

hi krisha,

salamat sa pagdaan. balik ka. hehe. visit ko mamaya site mo. ;)

.pOot! said...

hi bro jonathan,

what a shame? even foreigners like you know how bad sports is being manage here in RP.

i watched recently on the boob tube how the national rowing team (???) are raising their own funds to compete internationally and defend their title. tsk. tsk.

.pOot! said...

hi ax,

sana talaga mabigyan ng budget ang sports para sa susunod naman ay maipagmalaki naman natin yung iba pang mga pinoy athletes, hindi na lang lagi si PACQUIAO.

.pOot! said...

kuya TSI,

you're right. budget for the training and the hi-tech equipments.

bakit kasi hindi sila magpagawa ng isang world-class training facility para i-accomodate yung mga potential, raw talents and hasain sila para i-compete internationally.

bigyan sila ng training ala PACQUIAO. hehe. mabenta si MANNY.

.pOot! said...

hi crux,

ok. chill lang ako sa 'chillspot' ko. hehe.

oh wag na wag tayong magpapakita kay pareng jason. alam mo na kung bakit. atin-atin na lang yun. wahehe.

.pOot! said...

kuya K,

di naman talaga ako nagrereklamo.

i'm not just doing this for myself, i'm doing this for all the pinoy athletes na sana mapansin naman nung proper authorities yung pangangailangan nila.

pano na tayo nyan sa Olympics kung sa Asia pa lang eh tameme na tayo? tingnan natin sa SEA games kung anong makukuha natin.

CHEERS uragon!

cruxrifter said...

HAHAHAHA sinabi mo pa! naku po kakatakot nga yun si jason.. shh kana poot! baka malagutan na talaga tau. hahha

Anonymous said...

This loss does not really boil down to our athletes only. I mean, we can excel in sports if we want to. I believe that the Filipinos have the spirit to win each game he plays, whatever the disadvantages are. We are fighters, and it's a fact proven already by history.

What we really lack is a holistic, consistent program in sports. Is it because of budget deficit? I don't really bite that excuse. The youth and the health sectors have been clamoring to increase their respective budgets, and these calls always land on deaf ears. But we must take note that a lot of politicians get rich, considering that salaries of most politicians only range below a hundred thousand. Many studies show that a very significant percentage of the taxes we paid for just go straight in somebody else's pockets. Thus, there's no budget deficit.

I don't really believe that foreigners have this innate disadvantage over us. Mixed with our passion to win and the government that supports its citizens, we can attain skills that are at par with other countries. 'Yung tipong hindi naman tayo natalo kaagad nang walang laban.

Aside from the natural tendency of Filipinos regarding improper budgeting, the culture of corruption has become a norm that even those people who see it as something wrong just tolerate it, thinking that we can't do anything about it.

Indeed, this administration and the system is clearly ineffective.

Anonymous said...

Btw, salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. I just updated recently. Hope to see your updates and comments more often. Keep safe. :)

.pOot! said...


kaya wag ka nang mag-ingay kundi lagot na talaga tayo sa kanya. hehe.

.pOot! said...

hi yeahred,

i enjoy reading your comment. your right! we can win if we want to. if we just focus on our goal then we can attain it.

i also agree with you na walang budget deficit. meron lang talagang mga opisyal na malilikot ang mga kamay. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

awts. nakakaawa naman ang sitwasyon ng Pinas.
malamang kelangan ko na sigurong lumabas sa aking hawla.
hinihintay na talaga nila ako! hahahaha!

dencios said...

babawi din tayo! lets keep it positive. easy ka lang :D

enJAYneer said...

too bad for us... ^_^
bawi nalang next time..

JAYtography: An Online Travelogue


Ganun ba? Alam ko ako lang ang hindi mahilig sa sports. :)

.pOot! said...

hi eloiski,

oo nga. ikaw na lang ang hinihintay at aarangkada na ulit tayo. wahehe.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya dencios,

sana nga. sana sa susunod di na tayo mapapahiya. go go team philippines!

ingat lagi!

.pOot! said...

hi enjayneer,

sana. so lets keep our fingers cross.

sana makabawi tayo sa SEA Games this coming november or december.

.pOot! said...

hi acrylique,

too bad for you! tsk. tsk. di rin naman ako mahilig sa sports. even in school i'm hopeless in every sport but i found sporting events interesting --- SEA Games, Asian Games, Olympics etc.

salamat sa pagdaan! :)

Anonymous said...

well, it does signify a fact that has been there for centuries....poor sport program..lack of support for our athletes...corruption...

.pOot! said...

kuya blu,

i certainly agree with you. bakit kasi hindi natin tularan ang ginagawa ng thai government sa sports sector nila. humahataw!

Chris said...

Too bad for us...grabe na talaga performance ng pinoy sa mga sports

.pOot! said...

hi chris,

whooah. mukhang bago ka dito ah. oo nga, pahina na ng pahina ang competitiveness ng mga pinoy sa international sporting events.

Anonymous said...

Its very disappointing that we landed far from where we are before. nakaka lungkot isipin na mas kilala pa tayo ngayon bilang isa sa bansang may terorista (abu sayyaf) and mas pinagtutuunan ng pansin ng gobyerno natin ang kurakot at mga walang kwentang bagay kesa suportahan ang mga manlalaro.


.pOot! said...

hi kuya tope!

all i can say is: korek!!!