Hello there, I'm Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo. I hope we can be friends- crossed fingers! I hope you'll find me nice and awesome, follow me and ravage me with honey. Please. I started blogging when I was 18. I only have 110 followers but I need more. Well anyway, my blog is hipper. I love Chillspot!

Again, my name is Jubert. I don't like it but well, I have no choice but to live with it. One thing you should know about me is that stupid people just can't get my name right. People just mess it up! Honest mistake or not, it is still a freakin' mistake and needs to be corrected. The proper way of saying my name is to pronounce it as it is spelled, as simple as that. Now that you know, once is okay, twice is forgivable and the third is asking for war. I'm quite blaming Mom. Mapapaaway ako sa pangalan ko. LMAO.

I'm 20. Lower those eyebrows honey - yes, I'm tweeeenty. Don't let me repeat it again. I just got off from college. I'm not a rich kid so I need to work. I have plans of joining the call center force. I think I have a fair chance of getting hired.  But I don't know if I can really get a job. Being an unico hijo, my mom pampered me all my life. She doesn't even let me touch the dishes.

Sometimes I like to cook. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I try really hard but still it boils over/turns to mush/taste like paste. It's not really a surprise for a lousy teenager like me who just love to slumber all day long. I have a messy room (if ever I invited my girl inside my room, she may not ever want to see me again). I have private things in my dying phone. And most of the time, I go to bed late.

Sssshhhh. Let me tell you (and everybody else) a secret: I'm not single anymore. You heard it right, I already have a girlfriend. She proposed her undying love for me a day before my 20th birthday. Oh gawd, she makes my body go boom boom pow. And the best thing about her is that, she completely understand that she got a quality blogger boyfriend right here. LMFAO.

The biggest misconception about me is that I'm suplado, that's why girls stay away from me. No, no I'm not. I'm actually very friendly. And to defend myself, it is never ever our obligations as citizens (and humans) to smile to people who we doesn't even know.

There you go. Hell, when I really am engaged to talk, I talk a lot. The thing is a lot of nonsense things come out from my mouth. And you're not gonna like me.

Hey, I feel so naked now. Get off me.


This blog was born out of frustration. So, I never really thought even in my wildest and wettest dreams that it would last even a year. Well, "the juice is worth the squeeze", now I'm the Prince of Philippine Blogging (in your dreams freak!). LMAO. I'm trying to be as modest as possible and don't wanna lift my chair but hey, I'm the 5th Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger in 2010. There, take that.

This awesome blog awesomely blogs everything about the awesome me. This is a personal blog, not a news source. What will you read here are my personal thoughts, opinions, rants, sentiments, analysis yada yada. And this is a wholesome blog, with the exception of some unsavory words not meant for kids (that part, I'm afraid cannot be avoided). Just setting your expectations. I wouldn't want to disappoint you people.