Stepping out of the zone

I’ve been doing the same things over and over again these past few years. I’m afraid of trying new things, of taking chances so I end up with routines. Being a sheltered brat, I haven’t done a lot of fun and wacky stuffs in my life; stuffs that someday I’ll be proud of.

This year, I’ll try to step out of my comfort zone. I’ll try things that I haven’t done before. I listed down things I want to do or to accomplish this year. This is just a short list but I’ll try to fill it up as the year goes by.

Here’s the things that I look forward to this 2011:

Learn how to use Photoshop. I’ve wanted to learn Photoshop ever since. But I’m so damn lazy. This year, I’ll give it a shot. I’m a blogger so I must know how to work it.

Grab my second license*. This year, I’m going to take the NLE. I really want to top the board exam (huuuuugh!) so I need to study, study, study. I’m quite scared. But hey, a brilliant mind doesn’t need much bombardment. XD

* I got my first license (in Midwifery) almost two years ago.

Get a job. Sheeze! I’m gonna experience what the real world is like. Provided that I passed the board.

Give mom a decent gift on her birthday. This is embarrassing but I haven’t done this for the longest time. The last I gave my mom a birthday gift (if you even consider it as a gift) to my mom was 5-6 years ago and that was only a card. Budgeting this college freaks me out. But I’ll give her one this year. I just don’t know what.

Watch at least twenty movies in theatre. I wanna surpass my best record of 18 set in 2009.

Get a new phone. I’m just so sick and tired of my current phone. It is as old as the ship captain of Titanic.

Buy a DSLR. I know this is quite a luxury but I’m already egging Tita A to buy one for me.

Learn Bisaya. I don't know how I can pull this off but I'll try. I have few friends from Mindanao and I know they are very willing to help. I'm also finding sites in the net that offers Bisaya tutorials (if there's any). Learning a new dialect can be a hobby.

Corregidor. I find Corregidor very mystical. Media portrayed it as a ghost hunting haven. I want to have my own perspective of the place. And it’s not pricey to go there. I was told.

Caramoan. It’s a shame that I live only 5 hours away from that "Survivor" paradise and yet I haven’t been there. I'm not even aware of this place until last year when I heard in the news that Survivor France was shot there.

Be part of a medical mission. Obviously, no one beats charity works!

Invest in a good pair of shoes. I have 3 (rubber) shoes but they are all (kinda) old and overused. Old shoes are not-so-good. And not-so-good shoes bring you to not-so-good places. XD

Have a girlfriend. I’m just kidding. This is not a priority this year. But who knows?

A goal without a plan is just a wish (Thank you Ate Chyng) so I’m going to take a serious whack at it this year. My goal is to completely finish everything on the list before the clock strike 12 on December 31, 2011. This is no way going to be a walk in the park but I have a strong feeling that I can accomplish all of these – fingers crossed.



No, this is not going to be a “Confession of A Blogger” chronicle. Well, that’s the plan but who knows? I just feel like I need to make a sequel ‘cos I had a blast doing the first list last year. Basically, it’s just a list of random little secrets that I have always wanted to share to friends but never gets enough guts to actually share it. The first list was consist of pretty safe stuffs. This time Imma take it to a higher level – it’s gonna be a mix of safe and dirty and guess what, everything on the list, I’ve never shared to anyone before. So, consider yourself lucky people. Hahaha.

1. Everyone thinks I’m metrosexual. Hell no! I have nothing against MS guys but please. Believe me; I have no fuss at all. I take a bath for 10 mins (and that’s the maximum), no special soaps, no creams. I just want to look clean and mabango always. Of course, I don’t want to smell like onion. XD

But wait, I bring my cologne and loose powder wherever I go. Is that being MS?

2. I’m not really close with my dad since I was a kid. He’s not been a good dad. He and Mom are still together but he stays in Pampanga while I, my mom and my sisters are here in Bicol. To tell you honestly, I prefer this kind of set-up than being in one house with him. If you ask me: Do you love him? Yes, he’s still my dad after all. But do you love him the way you love your mom? No.

3. I hate people who misspell my name. How many times did I saw my name spelled as Jobert, Rubert, John Robert and worst Juvy *damn to that SLG crew*? People just fucked it up! They can’t decide if it’s a “u” or an “o”. Hey, it’s J-U-B-E-R-T J-O-H-N. Honest mistake or not, it’s still a mistake and needs to be corrected, right? Now that you know, once is ok, twice is forgivable and the third is “suntukan na lang oh”.

I’m quite blaming Mom for this. She could just named me Patrick Henry or Christian Andrew or as simple as James Edward Alexander Theo. Lol, so Britisssssh.

4. I never experienced to kiss a girl on the lips. ‘Cos of this, my good-for-nothing friends laugh at me as if my whole life depends on it. Eh, anong magagawa ko? I only had one girlfriend, very mahinhin pa. But I’m not complaining.

5. I never been involved in a fist fight before. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too good so they think I’m a saint. Or maybe, I look like a rebel’s son so they stay away from me. If you agree on any of these statements, you better start running and save your life.

*Part of this post has been edited out. One concerned reader reminded me that I must be responsible for my own actions (and words too!). BAM! It hit me. So in response to him, I'll delete nos. 6, 7 and 8 which I think some readers found unsavory. I'll just send it to you, ONLY if you requested. Just leave your FB account here. This is the best I can do for the moment.


She's so damn pretty!

And another thing, actually this is a personal request, please vote for my uber lovely friend Darlene. She'll be representing my school (Bicol University - TABACO Campus) in the Search for PNSA's Ambassadress of Goodwill. All you have to do is to like her photo here. But don't forget to like the page first. Please please do. I would really appreciate it. THANKS!


2010: The Year That Was

2010 was a good year. I believe it was. I struggled. I laughed. I’ve done things that I never thought I would do. I think I’ve grown wiser but still there’s so much to learn. This piece is about reminiscing what have transpired over the past year.


It was February when my blog turned one. Who would ever think of that? This blog was born out of frustration and I never expected that this would last a year. That’s quite an accomplishment for me, at least. Now, I intend to keep this going for years. Heeeyah!

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I’ll be celebrating Chillspot’s 2nd blogversary this coming 8th of February. I’m gonna do some tweaking and fresh changes are in the air so better watch out. Please spread the word.

THE POGI THAT IS ME (in your dreams, freak!)

It was also February last year when I was nominated to be part of the hottest competition of the year - *drum rolls* Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger for 2010 where I ended up 5th. Funny ‘cos I did a very aggressive “Hey-you-think-I’m-gwapo-then-vote-for-me” campaign to some friends. But never did I expected to be part of the elusive Top 5 – it was such an honor. I will be forever grateful to everyone who half/wholeheartedly voted for me. They significantly increased the size of my ego, you know. And the best part is to be called Enchong Dee by LBG and his team. I took it as a compliment, mind you.

ICEBREAKER: I just learned that I am again nominated to the competition that is starting to make a buzz in the blogosphere – “Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger of 2011”. Wow, that’s a good way to start the new year.


From January to May 2010, I am a supporter of GT 2010. I’ve wanted to actively volunteer in the campaign but honestly, between acads work and summer affiliation, there was just no time. But I was proud to be part of the team. I’ve never seen a volunteer group as passionate, well-informed and dedicated as GT. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious.

I would oftentimes engage friends –and sometimes, strangers- to a debate on why Gibo would make a good president and most of the time, I win. To top it off, I attended Gibo Rocks 2010. Of course, hell, why not? The experience was priceless, it was worth every second. I was grounded for two weeks in the hotel (read: that was illegal detention, lol) as a result but I don’t care.


Summer was definitely the happiest, and not to mention the most haggard-ing, time of my 2010. We had our summer affiliation in Manila and I got to say, despite the zits and eye bags, I enjoyed a lot. Oh, I miss it! I miss the toogs-toogs (until now idk how it is spelled), the movie marathons, the Friday nights’ parties, the corny jokes, the mugshots. Thanks to Group Katursi/Poorten, my summer 2010 wouldn’t be the same without you. *sniffs* You were all OOOOHSOME!

Lemme tell you (and everybody else) a secret: We accidentally broke one bulb on the girls’ room on one of those random parties. No one knows that except us. Haha.

The only spoiler was the accommodation – the hotel suck and the food was terrible.


For the first time in my birthdays, I did not celebrate at home. Every year, it’s been a tradition during my birthday to just have a fine lunch/dinner with my mom and two sisters. But last year was an exception ‘cos I was in Manila for a well-deserved vacation. But I’m not complaining. Tita O treated me for a shopping spree that day. What more can I ask for?


May 30 – Oh, I was broken-hearted. It’s the first time in years since… I don’t know when. Wait, AAAH! Since that “eleven-days-dysfunctional-relationship-with-a-brainiac”. Look, I spent sleepless nights thinking of her and it was for nothing. Damn! It is just so stupid of me. Fine, maybe, I am a bit overreacting. We don’t have any relationship at all except for being friends. But I was badly hurt. Double damn! I planned to delete her phone number, but as usual, I cannot. I just changed her name from [insert name here] to “DO NOT TEXT” but the thing is, I cannot resist myself from texting her. And there’s the triple damn!


I also became a candidate for Mr. Nightingale 2010. Of course, hell, why not? I’m already a senior and I want to seize my last days in college so I give it a shot, though I’m not really used to facing huge crowds. Tita P thought it was so gay but for me, doing so is quite cool. I just screw up in the Q&A. My answer was a bit long and judges don’t like that. But despite of being a loser, I felt so much loved. And for me, that’s more than enough.

TRIVIA: I ended up 2nd runner-up and bagged a minor award.


Among the activities I did this year, I consider our geriatrics tour-slash-outreach program as the most rewarding. Of course, nothing beats charity works.

While writing this entry, I realized that there are countless things on why I should be thankful albeit not having everything that I want. That’s what life is about. You gained, you lose and it’s a sad realization. But this year, I gained more than what I lost. Oh please, I’m sounding like a grown up and I hate it. LOL.

Hey 2011. I’m Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo. I hope we can be friends. Don’t make me cry. Please!



Sorry guys, this is just so late. I wrote this 7 weeks ago.

I am not happy with the Pilipinas Kay Ganda brand. It was such a pathetic attempt from the brainless DOT. It is two strokes from a porn site and too close to be Polish. And have mercy, this one is in Tagalog. As if the whole world could understand what it means. I don't think I would go to Croatia if their marketing slogan is HRVATSKA, TO JE LIJEPA. It's a stupid slogan. It's simply won't sell. Really. I wanted to rip the guts out of the DOT Undersecretary that wasted 5 million bucks for a so nonsense output. What's his name? Ah, Enteng Romano - what an idiot!

Shame on you Sec. Lim. Stop defending your amateur-ish project. You're just making a fool out of yourself. You said it's a result of a rigorous research, huh. And how long is that again, four months? FOUR FNCKING MONTHS! Nice try Sec. Tell that to the morons. It also amaze me that people can be paid gargantuan pesoses for a very mediocre work like this. Heard that Yolly Ong and friends? Ironically, you guys doesn't have a lot of grey matter in your brains.

If those geniuses at the DOT had only use their imagination- even a bit of it, why not make use of the tag line “More Than The Usual”. I personally love it, yeah, I love it more than “Wow Philippines”. And it's ad is probably one of the best tourism ads I've seen along with “Forever Young” and “If you've been waiting, you've been waiting too long”, both from New Zealand.

Why not reinstate “Where Asia wears a Smile” slogan? It’s probably one of our best tourism taglines ever. Isn’t it that we are known for our hospitality and cheerful spirit? There’s such thing as ‘truth in advertising’, so we better capitalize on it.

The DOT said that they wanted to put out Kay Ganda just like Hawaii’s Aloha and Japan’s Sayonara. WTF! Seriously, if the DOT wants a Filipino word, it should be Mabuhay Philippines.

It’s also 100% guaranteed that we have some of the best beaches in the world so why not “Philippines, Life’s A Beach”. But then, it could also mean Life’s A Bitch and the CBCP people won’t like that, that fo’sho.

And I’m also in favor of “Destination: Paradise Philippines”. It’s pretty. Who came up with this? Nice suggestion dude. Or what about, my personal suggestion, “Philippines More Than You Can Ever Imagine”? Now, that’s what you call c-a-t-c-h-y. It’s like an interesting country to visit and who wouldn’t want to travel to see that.

But hey, “Pearl of the Orient Seas” is still the best – hands down. Why don’t we just snatch it back from HK? They don’t deserve to be called as such.

I have no problem believing that the (brainless) DOT had the best of intentions in wanting to replace “Wow Philippines” with something new. Unfortunately, it is inferior in every angle to the old one. That’s a consistent problem with this administration so far, GOOD intentions but a FAILURE to deliver.


A message to the DOT: There are still millions of people who do not know where the Philippines is exactly located and who do not know how we are called, yet you have the creative and brilliant idea to market our country in our native language. Epic fail!