2010: The Year That Was

2010 was a good year. I believe it was. I struggled. I laughed. I’ve done things that I never thought I would do. I think I’ve grown wiser but still there’s so much to learn. This piece is about reminiscing what have transpired over the past year.


It was February when my blog turned one. Who would ever think of that? This blog was born out of frustration and I never expected that this would last a year. That’s quite an accomplishment for me, at least. Now, I intend to keep this going for years. Heeeyah!

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I’ll be celebrating Chillspot’s 2nd blogversary this coming 8th of February. I’m gonna do some tweaking and fresh changes are in the air so better watch out. Please spread the word.

THE POGI THAT IS ME (in your dreams, freak!)

It was also February last year when I was nominated to be part of the hottest competition of the year - *drum rolls* Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger for 2010 where I ended up 5th. Funny ‘cos I did a very aggressive “Hey-you-think-I’m-gwapo-then-vote-for-me” campaign to some friends. But never did I expected to be part of the elusive Top 5 – it was such an honor. I will be forever grateful to everyone who half/wholeheartedly voted for me. They significantly increased the size of my ego, you know. And the best part is to be called Enchong Dee by LBG and his team. I took it as a compliment, mind you.

ICEBREAKER: I just learned that I am again nominated to the competition that is starting to make a buzz in the blogosphere – “Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger of 2011”. Wow, that’s a good way to start the new year.


From January to May 2010, I am a supporter of GT 2010. I’ve wanted to actively volunteer in the campaign but honestly, between acads work and summer affiliation, there was just no time. But I was proud to be part of the team. I’ve never seen a volunteer group as passionate, well-informed and dedicated as GT. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious.

I would oftentimes engage friends –and sometimes, strangers- to a debate on why Gibo would make a good president and most of the time, I win. To top it off, I attended Gibo Rocks 2010. Of course, hell, why not? The experience was priceless, it was worth every second. I was grounded for two weeks in the hotel (read: that was illegal detention, lol) as a result but I don’t care.


Summer was definitely the happiest, and not to mention the most haggard-ing, time of my 2010. We had our summer affiliation in Manila and I got to say, despite the zits and eye bags, I enjoyed a lot. Oh, I miss it! I miss the toogs-toogs (until now idk how it is spelled), the movie marathons, the Friday nights’ parties, the corny jokes, the mugshots. Thanks to Group Katursi/Poorten, my summer 2010 wouldn’t be the same without you. *sniffs* You were all OOOOHSOME!

Lemme tell you (and everybody else) a secret: We accidentally broke one bulb on the girls’ room on one of those random parties. No one knows that except us. Haha.

The only spoiler was the accommodation – the hotel suck and the food was terrible.


For the first time in my birthdays, I did not celebrate at home. Every year, it’s been a tradition during my birthday to just have a fine lunch/dinner with my mom and two sisters. But last year was an exception ‘cos I was in Manila for a well-deserved vacation. But I’m not complaining. Tita O treated me for a shopping spree that day. What more can I ask for?


May 30 – Oh, I was broken-hearted. It’s the first time in years since… I don’t know when. Wait, AAAH! Since that “eleven-days-dysfunctional-relationship-with-a-brainiac”. Look, I spent sleepless nights thinking of her and it was for nothing. Damn! It is just so stupid of me. Fine, maybe, I am a bit overreacting. We don’t have any relationship at all except for being friends. But I was badly hurt. Double damn! I planned to delete her phone number, but as usual, I cannot. I just changed her name from [insert name here] to “DO NOT TEXT” but the thing is, I cannot resist myself from texting her. And there’s the triple damn!


I also became a candidate for Mr. Nightingale 2010. Of course, hell, why not? I’m already a senior and I want to seize my last days in college so I give it a shot, though I’m not really used to facing huge crowds. Tita P thought it was so gay but for me, doing so is quite cool. I just screw up in the Q&A. My answer was a bit long and judges don’t like that. But despite of being a loser, I felt so much loved. And for me, that’s more than enough.

TRIVIA: I ended up 2nd runner-up and bagged a minor award.


Among the activities I did this year, I consider our geriatrics tour-slash-outreach program as the most rewarding. Of course, nothing beats charity works.

While writing this entry, I realized that there are countless things on why I should be thankful albeit not having everything that I want. That’s what life is about. You gained, you lose and it’s a sad realization. But this year, I gained more than what I lost. Oh please, I’m sounding like a grown up and I hate it. LOL.

Hey 2011. I’m Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo. I hope we can be friends. Don’t make me cry. Please!


poot said...

I hope 2011 will be a great year for me - crossed fingers

yoshke said...

well, save for the broken heart, it still was a great year for you overall!

here's hoping 2011 will be even better!

Chyng said...

that's life dear. you cant take it too seriously. enjoy lang and risk! no one gets out of here ALIVE anyway. \m/

melovesflying said...

Hello. I am a graduating student from UP Manila and blog hopping led me here. :) I was wondering if you could answer a survey I made regarding Filipino bloggers. This is for my thesis and answering will only take you a couple of minutes.


Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

kg said...

wow talaga namang puno ng gwagapuhan ang year mo! he he! but despite that brokenhearted ka? hmmm...kung bata bata pa ako, tayo ng lang poot! he he!

nung asa manila ka sana nagsabi ka at nagkita man lang sana tayo! :)

have a great 2011!

Kura said...

naka naman ikaw na ang kagwapuhan! hahaha! Congratulations Enchong Dee! Achieve na achieve! Bata ka pa naman e. Enjoy your singlehood muna. I'm sure marami pa magkakandarapa sayo. yihiii! Have a great year!

poot said...

Yeah Kuya Yosh, it was. & I'm hoping that 2011 will be another banner year for me.

I just checked your blog & it was awesome and hip. :))) Gonna visit it more.

poot said...

The problem Ate Chyng is that I'm a bit afraid of taking chances, of taking risks. But I hope it would change this year. I'm making a to-do list. You know, to challenge myself more.

If there's one person I really look up to when it comes to "taking risk", it is you. I just admire your courage to do daredevil stuffs. My salutations!

poot said...

Hi Tiffany! ( I didn't called you Ate 'cos I think we have the same age, lol) Welcome to my blog!

Anyway, I already answered your questionnaire. :))) Gonna find you on FB. Wala lang!

Happy Graduation to us! Cheers.

poot said...

You're such a charmer Ate Grace. You made be blush there ha! LOL.

I was busy last summer e. & our matron is quite strict so dapat may consent lahat ng paglabas. Uhm, next time. Don't worry, makikita mo din ang 5th Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger of 2010. Hahaha.

poot said...

To tell you honestly Ate Kura-ching, I really enjoy being single. At least, tipid. Hahaha. Some of my girl friends (that's two words) are pissed off when I tell them that "I rather choose being single than to have a girlfriend. At least, I have nobody to finance". Of course, I'm just kidding them, yeah, about the finance part.

Take note Ate, di girls ang nagkakandarapa sa'kin. Ako ang nagkakandarapa sa kanila. LOL!

Blotspace said...

Hope magiging maganda ang taon mo na to. More success. First time ko dito.

rob said...

.. finish your degree, pass the board, then START from there. kung ano meron, enjoy mo lang poot, ang bata mo pa and there's a lot of things waiting for you. andyan lang sila sa tabi ready to ambush you, hehe.

.. thanks for linking my blog in yours poot, will add you too in my peekaboo list.

Raymond said...

Well hello Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo. Hahaha!

First off, I just wanted to say how I had fun reading your little trinkets on the sidebar, and your post--this post. I can feel so much of the youthful energy, the dynamism, the spontaneity! And thus, keep those writing muscles going for I believe, you deserve to be read.

Moving on...WOW! Congrats on the nomination! That's a big thing, to be recognized and all; and for TWO YEARS IN A ROW? Double wow. Basta 'wag lang lalaki ang ulo ah. (You know what I mean.) LOL.

Re: Gibo, I supported him too, and I will continue to support his future endeavors. We may have missed the flight, but that doesn't mean there isn't a next one coming. Fellow greenie here! :D

And so you're a nursing student pala? Damn, I miss my dog days of being a student nurse tuloy. Ang mga puyatan, ang mga requirements, ang case studies, affiliation...I don't know, but life after graduation is just so--how should I put this--different. I won't bore you with the details, but I do hope and pray that you succeed in your future endeavors. Alas, I welcome you with much pomp and circumstance, my future colleague. :D

So pano, good luck with everything. I'll be watching you from the sides na lang ha?--which means, I'm putting your blog on my list of blogs to frequent and squash from time to time. Haha!

I'll get out of your hair now.

poot said...

Hi Blotspace! (Idk what to call you eh, lol)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sana nga maganda talaga ang taon na ito for me (and for you also). But still, it all depends on us. As the old saying goes "Life is what we make it". So, enjoy is the word!

Happy 2011 to you!

poot said...

Natawa naman ako dun Kuya Rob sa "andyan lang sila to ambush you", natakot tuloy ako. Haha.

There are so many fishes in the ocean kaya ayus lang. I'm not on a rush on the first place. I just miss being in a relationship. That's all! Lol. *inggit mode*

poot said...

Thanks for the kind words Kuya Raymond. You boosted the size of my ego. Honestly. You just made my day. Pwede na akong matulog. Hahaha!

& natawa naman ako dun sa "h'wag lalaki ang ulo" part. Of course, I won't. Bina-brag ko lang. Hahaha.

Yeah, I'm a nursing student & I'm in my senior year. I just fervently hope to pass all my subjects this time. And of course, to TOP/pass the boards! Just spare a prayer for me buddy. :)

& lastly, thanks for adding me in your blog roll. It is such an honor.


Robbie said...

Okay. Out of curiosity pumunta ako dun sa handsome bloggers thingit sabay nakit ko name ko sabay ikaw pala nag-nominate!!!!! Waaaaaaaaah!

Pa-check up ka nga ng mata. Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

padaan. good luck on your board exam, just do your best and God will do the rest hehehe :D

kris‧tian said...

Uy! When exactly, if makuha mo pang maalala, ang anniv ng blog mo? Kakainggit naman. I just realized na since 2008 pa pala ako dito sa blogspot, and I'm not making any progress. haha. Last 2010 pa din naman ako naganahan na maging "active" ulit. haha