Sorry guys, this is just so late. I wrote this 7 weeks ago.

I am not happy with the Pilipinas Kay Ganda brand. It was such a pathetic attempt from the brainless DOT. It is two strokes from a porn site and too close to be Polish. And have mercy, this one is in Tagalog. As if the whole world could understand what it means. I don't think I would go to Croatia if their marketing slogan is HRVATSKA, TO JE LIJEPA. It's a stupid slogan. It's simply won't sell. Really. I wanted to rip the guts out of the DOT Undersecretary that wasted 5 million bucks for a so nonsense output. What's his name? Ah, Enteng Romano - what an idiot!

Shame on you Sec. Lim. Stop defending your amateur-ish project. You're just making a fool out of yourself. You said it's a result of a rigorous research, huh. And how long is that again, four months? FOUR FNCKING MONTHS! Nice try Sec. Tell that to the morons. It also amaze me that people can be paid gargantuan pesoses for a very mediocre work like this. Heard that Yolly Ong and friends? Ironically, you guys doesn't have a lot of grey matter in your brains.

If those geniuses at the DOT had only use their imagination- even a bit of it, why not make use of the tag line “More Than The Usual”. I personally love it, yeah, I love it more than “Wow Philippines”. And it's ad is probably one of the best tourism ads I've seen along with “Forever Young” and “If you've been waiting, you've been waiting too long”, both from New Zealand.

Why not reinstate “Where Asia wears a Smile” slogan? It’s probably one of our best tourism taglines ever. Isn’t it that we are known for our hospitality and cheerful spirit? There’s such thing as ‘truth in advertising’, so we better capitalize on it.

The DOT said that they wanted to put out Kay Ganda just like Hawaii’s Aloha and Japan’s Sayonara. WTF! Seriously, if the DOT wants a Filipino word, it should be Mabuhay Philippines.

It’s also 100% guaranteed that we have some of the best beaches in the world so why not “Philippines, Life’s A Beach”. But then, it could also mean Life’s A Bitch and the CBCP people won’t like that, that fo’sho.

And I’m also in favor of “Destination: Paradise Philippines”. It’s pretty. Who came up with this? Nice suggestion dude. Or what about, my personal suggestion, “Philippines More Than You Can Ever Imagine”? Now, that’s what you call c-a-t-c-h-y. It’s like an interesting country to visit and who wouldn’t want to travel to see that.

But hey, “Pearl of the Orient Seas” is still the best – hands down. Why don’t we just snatch it back from HK? They don’t deserve to be called as such.

I have no problem believing that the (brainless) DOT had the best of intentions in wanting to replace “Wow Philippines” with something new. Unfortunately, it is inferior in every angle to the old one. That’s a consistent problem with this administration so far, GOOD intentions but a FAILURE to deliver.


A message to the DOT: There are still millions of people who do not know where the Philippines is exactly located and who do not know how we are called, yet you have the creative and brilliant idea to market our country in our native language. Epic fail!


.pOot! said...

Happy 2011 folks.

So, what's your New Year's resolution?

Robbie said...

Hahaha medyo late na nga. But yes, the new brand was an epic fail. Ang issue ko is that they spent A LOT of money for that campaign.... tapos ganun lang? In the end hihingi sila ng tulong for free???

Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko! =)

.pOot! said...

Parang Grade 5 nga lang gumawa eh. & it was soooo gay. :)))

Chyng said...

hello Poot! happy new!
save your sentiments, wala na yang slogan.

new year's resolution ko: hhmm less drug intake! haha

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey poot!
thanks for visiting my blog; you're so welcome to frequent it. happy new year! -DOCGELO


poot said...

This piece was intended for November last year but I was just so damn lazy Ate Chyng. Pero, I need to post this eh. Hahaha.

My NYR is to be a good boy. I'll try my best, swear.

poot said...

Of course Sir Gelo, it's such an honor. You're a legend in the blogosphere. :)))

dormboy said...

Ako rin hate ko ung bagong tagline ng DOT. Pero I moved on hehhehe! Happy New Year!

poot said...

Welcome to my blog DB.

I also did. & I'm fervently hoping for the best. I offered some suggestions - I just hope that the (brainless) DOT is still open for suggestions. 8D

Raymond said...

I know, right?

Pilipinas Kay Ganda sounds like the Philippines is owned by Vice Ganda.