4 years of being SINGLE

rFor almost 4 years now, since my very first serious and very dysfunctional relationship, I am still spending each day with no one to call 'my special someone'. But, my being single for that long has never disheartened me in anyway; being single in a vast ocean of kissing couples is not that bad as what others think. I believe that having a partner doesn't assure contentment, happiness and LOVE.

My buddies think that watching a movie alone is sad and uncool. Take it from me, NO. I always watch a movie alone, not if you consider an upsized popcorn or Cokefloat a companion. LOL. At least, if you're single you go there for the movie and not to "makipag-lampungan" with your girlfriend.

I have to admit that being single in a group of couples makes me out of the picture sometimes. Everytime I see couples publicly displaying their affection, I ask myself "Why are you still single? You can have a girlfriend if you want to. You got the looks. You're a smart ass. You're romantic, thoughtful and caring. And most importantly, you're faithful." Hep! hep! No harsh comments are allowed. Remember, my conscience said that. It's not that i'm afraid to fall inlove and be hurt again. I just love the status I have now, SINGLE.

In the end, it all boils down to ourselves. While some choose the aggressive slash desperate way of lovehunt, I chose not to exert effort at all and just let destiny work for me. Yeah! I do believe in destiny. While some jump from one relationship to another, I just patiently wait. I opt to take the road less traveled --- to wait.

Just remember, being in a relationship or being single is just a matter of choice, OUR choice.

*** I'm sick while I'm writing this post. But, don't worry guys, I'll be fine.



Good boy, No more!

Though I'm with my buddies last night, I am super bored to death. I don't know why. To kill the boredom, I grabbed five sticks of cigarettes from my buddy's Malboro Light packet. I lit one stick after another. And before I noticed it, it's all gone. Call me whatever you want, a chain smoker perhaps, I wouldn't mind.

When I was younger, there are times when I wonder why some people smoke. Are they doing that just to be hip and cool? Stupid morons. Some believe that smoking makes them astig but not to me. For me, the idea is just plain bulls***. An innocent-looking guy like me shouldn't be burning my lungs out for me to be "in".

But there's a saying that, as time goes by, people change and I'm not an exception. It came to me that it's not that bad if I will try to smoke some time, unless my mom and my dad will know it. I first puffed a cigarette in December 2007, I was 16 back then. My friends invited me to smoke and just to feed my curiousity, I joined them. I tried... ooohhhh... it feels like I'm in Cloud 9. Call it a pleasure, a guilty pleasure. At that moment, I got the idea why people choose to smoke though they know it's bad; it is because of the unexplainable sensation it brings. Believe me, there is.

However, it is very clear to me that there's an ugly truth that lies behind every cigarette pack: as what the government says, SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. It is really is. As a nursing student, I know that smoking can lead to several lung and heart complications, the worst, an untimely demise.

If I could give a handful of reasons why to smoke, it is without a doubt that you can came up a thousand reasons not to. That's why I'm trying my best not to perceive that cigarette is my newest bestfriend. But, I can't promise to you and to myself that I won't do it again. Unless, the devil inside me won't crave for some puffin'.

Did you hate me after reading this post?



8 months from now...

Just eight months from now, the much-awaited Philippine Presidential Election of May 2010 will happen --- assuming that our 'beloved' PGMA will be true to her words this time and step out of her thrown next year. Once again, the Pinoy voting population will attempt to change the course our "Pearl of the Orient" is taking for the past 40 years or so.

It is still too early to answer the question "Who will you vote for President?" as we have yet to see who the real presidentiables are. But at this point, of those who expressed their desire to run for presidency, I think, these three are the best options.

Vice President NOLI DE CASTRO

There is no doubt that Kabayan has good chances of becoming Philippines' next president. As what I can see, he is one of the few who do their jobs seriously, even if he is often silent in the background, which could be a point in his favor. I haven't heard anything about misuse of funds or whatsoever especially in Pag-IBIG, the agency he handles. And, another thing I like about him is he doesn't engage in useless political bickering. Remember when he rejected joining the Hyatt 10?

The thing that is killing his chances is his loyalty to Madam President. As McCain is to Bush, so is Kabayan to GMA. No offense, Ka Noli. Despite all the anomalies besetting the Arroyo administration *do I need to enumerate each one?*, he hardly raised a stir. He got nothing more than a 'playing safe' answer or a 'pass'. tsk. tsk. That's not good. What we need is a president who has the balls that will show decisiveness in every decision he makes. And, Kabayan may not be the man that our country needs.


If the elections will be held today, he might win.

Even before he confirmed that he will run for the highest post in the land last week, he is already enjoying strong popularity among the masses. Maybe he earned his popularity by being the unico hijo of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino and former Pres. Cory Aquino. Or maybe not? But, is being popular enough?

Shall I vote for him? As of the moment, NO. Noynoy Aquino may be the most popular and most winnable presidential candidate but he's not the most competent and most qualified to occupy the highest position in the government. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, he hasn't proven himself yet. I want to see him perform. Of course, he has to convince me first, that he's worthy of my vote.

Can Noynoy tackle the multitude of problems and tasks the future president might face? Of course, he can resort to his advisers, but the last say is his.


I think he's up to the challenge. I believe that the next president should be someone who is strong-willed and has a strong governance tendency ala Lee Kuan Yew. For those who have been to outer space for the past 50 years, Lee Kuan Yew is the founder of modern of Singapore. *don't tell me you didn't know that *. And Manny Villar is the best option we had, being a successful real estate businessman on his own. This man really has ambitions for the country, which is a good thing. He wants to be the man to make this country move forward and bring the Filipino
people out of poverty.

How about the C5 controversy? This is yet to be proven. But if this is true, he's totally dead. Say goodbye to presidency. But, it seems that luck is still on his side. He still ranks high in surveys, which only mean two things: (1) we don't find the C5 issue of high significance; (2) we believe Villar is innocent and the allegations thrown to him are all politically motivated.

At this moment, I prefer him over Noynoy and Kabayan. But who knows? Eight months is still E-I-G-H-T months. I might change my mind.

We're an impoverished nation of almost 90 million Filipinos. 27% percent of which lives under $1.35 a day. Almost a quarter is unemployed. The quality of education and health care continue to decline year after year. The government hounded by corruption and controversies. And, a struggling economy. We badly need someone who has a sense of moral outrage that will act decisively in pulling us out in the dire state we are in. Someone who can heal this "Sick man of Asia". So, VOTE WISELY!

Guys, you don't need to agree with me. I don't write this post to sway your votes. All I want is to share the views of an 18-year old blogger who will be a first time voter next year. :)

P.S. Any endorsements, if there's any, will be made just a few weeks before Election 2010.

Enough of the Election 2010 first.

Baby JONI of Box of Cherries has another fight to win. This time it's "I am RICH GIRL Snap-a-shot and Win Contest".

She's cute isn't it? (Click the above picture to vote.)

Let's give her our all out support, shall we? Go baby JONI! I know you'll top this :) I'll be waiting for your treat five days from now. Uhmmm... a fan sign would be highly appreciated.




On October 2008, Kelvin Servigon (a premiere blogmate) started to put up his now famous blog, KELVINONIAN IDEAS. Never heard of it? Seriously? He blogs everything from his personal life... to everything hip and new... to his love for photography. YEAH!

Now, after a year, he is celebrating his first year anniversary in the blogosphere with a BLAST. *you hear that, don't you?* In this connection, he launched a contest called "Be Creative, Shout Your Love". Want to know more about it? Click here. Because he is one of my closest links and he's also a FB buddy of mine, I never hesitated to give it a shot to join his 'pakulo'.

This is my first time to join a contest like this. It is really hard to make a fan sign especially, if you don't have a background in photo editing and web art. I started to sketch designs five days ago during our boring Physics class. It all started in my notebook and it ends here, in this blog entry. PHEW! After almost a week of contemplating the final design and after three trials, here it is, the best that I can do (remember, i'm not good in photoshop).

What do you think? Does it stand a chance with the likes of Edz and Kuya TSI's entry? Graphically speaking, NO f****** way! But, because the winner will be judge through voting, then maybe, YES.


1. The blog header, not to mention the black layout, is nice. Kelvin, can you make one for me? LOL.

2. The blogger is someone I can relate with. We have lots of similarities.

3. I'm a 'trying hard' when it comes to photo editing, so, his tips really helps me.

4. The creative mind behind this uber cool blog is super cute like me. LOL. No kiddin'.

5. If there's one thing that makes me to come back in his blog, it's the photographs.

6. And, the sixth thing I love about Kelvinonian Ideas is...

it rocks!

WHY I WANT TO WIN THIS AWARD? Ooohhh the prizes are super cool. *I'm all smiles* SM Gift pass. 1 year webhosting. Customized header. And to top it, a POP singing training . I want it and I badly need it now. LOL.

Whoever is reading this who happens to own a blog, you can also make your own. Hurry! You only got a day. The instructions? Please take it from here.

This contest won't be possible without the help of the following kind-hearted sponsors: JAYPEE ONLINE// blogging news, reviews, technology, tips and tricks, Crisiboy.com, Belter's Course from Pop Music Academy, Charles Ravndal, Jena Isle, DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit, Dexter Panganiban, Kevin Ray Chua, JumpShots, Labrador Retriever, Free PSP Wallpapers, Monz Avenue, Jhelo Cruz, Mars, Zorlone and SM Marilao.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

* I hope CHILLSPOT can surpass the 5,000 hits next week. YAHOO!


The voting for Kelvin Servigon's "Be Creative, Shout Your Love" contest has officially opened yesterday. And I'm begging you to please for vote me. Here are the instructions on how to vote:

1. Go to http://kelvinonian.com/, the official blog of the contest.

2. You'll find the poll in the sidebar.

3. Click "POOT". It is in the bottom of the list.

And don't forget to also vote for these three equally deserving candidates.

As of September 26, 01:33 pm, I had 64 votes or 8% percent of the total votes. Not bad. I'm 5th out of the nine entries.

Here's the link to the voting arena: http://kelvinonian.com/2009/09/the-voting-arena-is-on/.



If Only They Were There...

I should have written this ages ago, but given the activities these past few weeks, I wasn't able to do so.

*start of rant* I don't have anything against Miss Venezuela but I just can't believe that she won the crown. She deserves to be in the Top 15 or so I think but not with the Miss Universe '09 title. Her swimsuit wasn't that great and her body, is well, just plain. And her response in the Q & A did not even come close. *end of rant*

OK! OK! I'll stop this drama. The new Miss Universe was crowned and the more deserving candidates were dumped (NO thanks to Trump), so instead of ranting I just decided to list the seven girls who could have easily replaced many of the women who made the cut, internal franchise politics and 'sash factor' aside. I think this year's Top 15 sucks, really sucks.

Miss RUSSIA --- Hands down! Sofia Rudyeva is the face and the body of the competition, no doubt about that. Her very stunning face and 'to die for' body should have made her a shoe-in in the semifinals. maybe her absence in the Top 15 was due to her... you know... *sssshhhh* photo scandal.

Miss MEXICO --- Karla Carillo was such a stunner. Oh la la! With her exotic features, her flawless body and golden colored complexion, her exclusion in the Top 15 is unexplainable. If she had penetrated the semifinalist row, she will be unstoppable.

Miss PHILIPPINES --- I will stand on the statement that Pamela Bianca Manalo is worthy of a semifinal spot this year. She is probably the most bashed delegate in this year's MU pageant. You'll gonna agree with me if you just take some time to browse pageant-related forums. Before her arrival in Nassau, she was nowhere in sight and the Asian delegation were led by (names disclosed) but he performance she showed on the prelims made her an instant hit and became a front runner. But on August 23, the curse struck once again. She joins the ever-growing list of wasted Filipina beauties in MU.

Miss INDONESIA --- Zivanna Siregar was the most prepared and best suited candidate to come out of Indonesia in recent memory. She is a woman who is so comfy with her beauty that it actually came through in all her candid photos. She made her countrymen proud when she did a well-executed swimsuit presentation in two piece (yeah! hot! hot! hot!) and a competent evening gown presentation. This woman was a delight to behold and should have given the chance to shine onstage.

Miss COLOMBIA --- Michelle Rouillard is an eye-catching, resplendant figure of womanly delight. but she was ignored and, I think, there is no reason for that. I love how she strut herself in the Preliminaries with matching winking of the eye. Oooh sexy! This charming, delightful woman would have also made an elegant and competitive semifinalist. Another beauty wasted!

Miss SPAIN --- Honestly speaking, I doubt Estibaliz Perriera's chances to enter the semifinals right after she won Miss Espana. However, upon arrival in the Bahamas, all the doubt about her disappeared. She walked confidently durin gthe Preliminaries and proved that she didn't deserved all the nasty things thrown at her. Leaving this European goddess out of the Top 15 is an unforgivable crime.

Miss ETHIOPIA --- Aside from Miss South Africa Tatum Keshwar, there is another African princess who deserves to be on the Top 15, she is no other than Melat Yante of Ethiopia. Her perfect caramel complexion (yummy!) and exotic featues made her a perfect contention for the crown, an exquisite force to reckon... what a loss!

So, there it is. Our Miss Universe 2009 contestants who coulda been a contender if just given a chance.

By the way, don't give me those "why is she there?" or "why is she not there?" blah blah blah. It's just nonsense. Remember, this is my list.




It has been 8 years since the September 11 attack... *who can forget that?*

To all the souls --- fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends --- who perished on that tragic day, this post is for you.

We miss you so much! Rest in peace.


We are the CHAMPION!

This is not a day for me to be humble. Yes, I'm humble but not this time (humble daw oh!). I will lift my chair as high as I could and no one can stop me because I and my fellow BUTC nursing students have something to celebrate. WOOOHOO!


is for VICTORY

For the nth time, the Nursing Department was declared as the over-all champion of the just recently concluded BUTC Intrams 2009. And, we dominated almost all the events, from the LitMusDa competition to the Cheerdance competition, to the sporting events and even got the two highest placements in the search for Mr. and Ms. BUTC 2009. Isn't that a reason for us to celebrate?


Mr. and Ms. BUTC 2009

I'm proud that I somehow contributed to this another victory for our department. If you're following my status updates in Facebook, then you know that I was one of those who represented the Nursing Department in the 'Philippine Folkdance Competition'. Though we had a limited time to rehearse but we still catapulted our way to the top. I don't have any videos or pictures of our performance but I won't apologize for that. LOL.

Not in the picture: Kev, Arianna & Alwin. Where the hell are you guys?

So, next time guys --- i'm referring to the other departments --- send more competitive participants so that you will have more chances of getting a friggin' trophy. If you can't, then it is much better if you will not just participate because you're not just embarassing yourselves but also you're beloved department. But, don't lose hope dudes, there's still next year. But don't think that we will make it easier for you guys to win. No way! *devilish laugh* You can raise your damn eyebrows as high as you can but like I told you, I won't show even the smallest hint of humility.

CHANGE TOPIC: There's another reason for me to celebrate today. Me and my 'chillspot' is celebrating our 7th monthsary in the blogosphere. YAHOO!

Peace out!