1 2 3 FLICKS!

During our review classes (for the licensure exam) that started mid-February and ended 27th of April, watching flicks straight from the silver screen became one of my past times. I even skipped classes just to watch one. Who can blame me? The review classes were so boring. Peace, SIR B.! I did it XX times. Ssshhh... I can't share the actual figures here, Mom might be reading this one. LOL. If I'm not mistaken, in a span of 2 1/2 months, I watched 18 flicks --- some of them are UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION, PUSH, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D, CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, BEDTIME STORIES, 7 POUNDS, THE INTERNATIONAL, TAKEN, SAW 5, WATCHMEN, HE'S NOT JUST THAT INTO YOU, T2 etc... After the licensure exam (which I passed successfully), my happiness has ended too. No weekly allowances. No cellphone. (I lost it few weeks back). Nowhere to go. Canceled trips to Cebu and Manila. *sniffs* So, I just bored myself at our house (with the dogs). And, if not because of my best friends at home, Mr. HBO and Ms. STAR MOVIES, I will surely die of boredom.

*sniffs* How I really miss sitting in front a giant TV screen inside a dark-litted room, holding a popcorn on one hand and a soda in the other. *brawls* And, I can't wait to see these 3 must-watch flicks this month. Sorry! STAR TREK, TERMINATOR SALVATION and ANGELS & DEMONS are not on my list 'coz its not my types of movies. PEACE!

P.S. Don't forget to upsize your sodas and popcorns. See'ya at the movies! *wink,wink*

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Leather pants? Check.
Eyeliner? Check.
Head-banging moves? CHE-HECK!

Listen up, rock stars! You better make way 'coz ADAM LAMBERT has arrived! Huh, you don't know him? Seriously? Okay, here he is...

OH, that vampire look!

I'm not a really big fan of ADAM before but now, I AM. (BIG fan- yeah, right). Look (stop and listen *smirks*), he's not just all about tight jeans and boy bangs, there's no doubt that this lad got a great voice, repeat, great voice. It's just the right balance between pop, rock and emo (natch!).

I was talking with my sister last night and she said that ADAM is so adorable that he really doesn't need to do much else. I agree! He's definitely of the coolest -not to mention, the most popular- AI candidate this season. Maybe, it's the reason why Americans are so in love with him and they even put him in a fiery one-on-one battle with KRIS ALLEN (fine!). Honestly speaking, I was a bit surprised when KRIS completed the 'Final 2' (with ADAM, of course) and not DANNY GOKEY 'coz I'm really looking forward to an ADAM-DANNY showdown tonight. But, it was totally fine with me. I also love KRIS but you know... I didn't really expected that he can get this far. PEACE! He go beyond my expectations and that's awesome. Bravo! But, sorry KRIS, I'm betting my ass to ADAM but... but, don't worry parekoy RYE is there -I mean in KL- to support you. As far as I know, he's with you all the way.

I know you two are pulling all the stops to put this final battle in the pages of AI's history. SO, GOODLUCK to both of you! Whoever win, it will be a well-deseve victory and that's for sure. *cheers*


Images: (ADAM LAMBERT) courtesy of hanyoori_89 - Photobucket


Why I love these boys?

If you're following my blog for quite some times now, then maybe you already read my last month's entry 'Why I love these girls?'. For those who haven't yet, it's a uhmm... what do you call this?... a sort of a list of the most important girls in my life and the girls I can't live without. My mom and my sisters also read that and since then they've been teasing me with 'her' (if you want to know who she is, just read it).

After a month, I decided to make another list but this time... a list of boys playing significant roles in my life and has special spots in my heart.

H.S. Barkada ( MARK, RAYMOND & ARNOLD ): Definitely, they are the bestest of buddies I've had in my life. It's been two years ago since we took our separate ways when we entered college so we seldom see each other.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THEM? Like ME, they are 'good boys too'. NO violent reactions are allowed. They never been a bad influence for me. They don't drink. No vices. No girls. Oops... I shouldn't have said that. LOL. But, honestly speaking, I'm very lucky and proud to have them as 'friends' and I'll treasure them forever.

By the way guys, let's give ARNOLD a shoutout, shall we? He placed 4th runner-up and became Mr. Talent and Mr. Haute Couture in the recently concluded Mr. Oas 2009. I'm waiting for your treat Tito ARN. yoohoo!

Oh my cousins! I just love these two boys - SIMON & ANDRE - so I treat them as my little brothers. I'm the unico hijo in the family so I really like to have a little brother. The funny thing is, we're sometimes mistaken as siblings. haha. Not bad. Not bad at all.

They are both cute (and so am I), sweet and smart. But, one noticeable difference between them is their behavior. SIMON is more of the serious type while his little bro ANDRE is the opposite.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE ABOUT THEM? When they are having tantrums.

I feel that I'm really old. LOL. Guys, just think of this, I'm just 18 years young (take note of the word young, please) but I already have 5 nephews - FRANCIS LEI, FRANCIS LEE, DENVER, AARON JOHN & GERALD - and a 3 weeks old niece, FAYE ANGELA. (NO) Thanks to my older cousins. hehe. PEACE!

But, honestly speaking, I love being called 'TITO'.

Ssshhh... don't make too much noise. Dr. Doofenshmirtz might hear us. (in a low voice) I just love these two little cuties. They are the two most imaginative kids in the block. There's no such thing as an ordianry day with them that's why I'm HUGE fan of their show. I'm planning to organize a PHINEAS and FERB fans club. Can I count you in? LOL.

Though Candace always tries to get them in trouble, I still love her... very much.

But, these guys are nothing compared to the most important dude in my life. LOL. The 'birthday boy' himself. Let's give a round of applause to...


YES! It's my birthday today. I'm turning 18. hmmm... 18 is not that too old. So, what are you waiting for? GREET ME!

Peace out!


thanks to www.aolcdn.com/ch_kids/phineas-and-ferb-300a071708.jpg


Letters for my blog, my mom and someone else

Ok. Ok. I'll try to make this short and straight and try not to make this too BORING. I have here three messages, letters or whatever you call it, for three special girls in my life. Let's start...

FIRST, to my blog...

Glitter Words

My baby 'chillspOt' and I celebrated our third monthsary yesterday. *blush* But I became too busy yesterday that I haven't find time to be with her. LOL. Until now she's still angry with me because of that. I'm so sorry babe. I promise that I'll just make up on our fourth monthsary. *winks*

SECOND, to my mom...

Glitter Words

I planned to make a poem as a gift for my mom this coming Mother's Day but I have a hard time making one. It's just proved that I wasn't born with the hands and brain of a scribe. LOL. So, I just ended up writing a short message for her.

You find it CHEESY, isn't it? LOL. By the way, to all the moms out there, from the bottom of my heart, HAPPY MOTHER'S (PANATAG - Lactum) DAY!

THIRD, to someone else...

Curiosity kicked in! Maybe you got an idea but you still want to confirm if you're right. I have an option to keep you all guessing but that would be too rude of me so here she is... 'someone else'...


She's JOY (see that happy face?) but I'm fond of calling her "JENG". She's a very special friend. AHEM! It's true. We are friends for a very long time (since Grade 1).

We (accidentally) met last last night... that's Thursday night and have a small talk. I just want to tell her ---*I hope she's reading this*--- that I really enjoys being with her. After all these years, she's still the 'Jeng' that I met 12 years ago.

Good luck to you and uhmmm... what's his name again? Best wishes to you guys.

Before I go, I want to propose a toast for 'chillspOt', my mom and someone errrr - Jeng. Cheers!!!

Sleepy and drunk,



Guys, I didn't made it! (just kiddin')

The past seven days has been quite depressing for me, honestly. So, I was very delighted when I got the news that the results of the April 2009 Midwifery Licensure Examination came out today! I rushed to the PC to look for my name in the roster, my heart was pounding out of my chest *hear that* but there it was... my name...

1226 Marzan, Jubert John Requillas

I almost fell out of my seat. Thank God. After two grueling days of answering multiple choice questions and shading boxes, I finally stood victorious with my head held high. I passed the test. *cheers*

You know guys that passing this test means so much to me. It somehow meant that I have proven myself of something. Many times I thought of just giving up but something in me forced me to fight and finish the battle. And I did it. I know that I did it not just for myself but, most importantly, for my family. Because of them I became STRONGER. Remember, guys, that sometimes our mind tells us that we are weak, that we can't do anything but it's all our in our hearts. haha. I can feel that I'm turning into a preacher. LOL. I'm just thankful that I was able to pass them, my EGO unscathed.

Before I turn emotional... or so I thought, I want to congratulate my college buddies who passed the examination too --- CAMMILLE, RED and DARWIN.

I've told you pareng Red, "PAPASA TAYO!".

And my dearest Alma Mater -- cheesy --, Bicol University Tabaco Campus produced three board placers this year and I'm f****** proud of it. See our flag fly!

TOP 8 Jean Hazel Malto Firaza

TOP 6 Jeannie Allen Marie Ibarrientos Beltran

Congratulations! I knew you would made it. *winks*

And for the first time in our school's history... *hear the drum rolls*

This year's TOP 1 is

Iris (not Irish) Mae Belgado Relles

As expected, Iris (not Irish) nailed and topped the exam. There was no doubt in my head that she would make it. I just smiled when I saw her name posted on BUCN College Student Council website. She's definitely one of the smartest girls I've ever met.

Add to my delightment is the fact that most of my batch mates who took the exam passed too. It simply means that there will be a lot of thanksgiving parties! WOOHOO! And BUTCians parties means food and a lot of foods! And, pwede ba namang mawala ang MATADOR? LOL.