Why I love these boys?

If you're following my blog for quite some times now, then maybe you already read my last month's entry 'Why I love these girls?'. For those who haven't yet, it's a uhmm... what do you call this?... a sort of a list of the most important girls in my life and the girls I can't live without. My mom and my sisters also read that and since then they've been teasing me with 'her' (if you want to know who she is, just read it).

After a month, I decided to make another list but this time... a list of boys playing significant roles in my life and has special spots in my heart.

H.S. Barkada ( MARK, RAYMOND & ARNOLD ): Definitely, they are the bestest of buddies I've had in my life. It's been two years ago since we took our separate ways when we entered college so we seldom see each other.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THEM? Like ME, they are 'good boys too'. NO violent reactions are allowed. They never been a bad influence for me. They don't drink. No vices. No girls. Oops... I shouldn't have said that. LOL. But, honestly speaking, I'm very lucky and proud to have them as 'friends' and I'll treasure them forever.

By the way guys, let's give ARNOLD a shoutout, shall we? He placed 4th runner-up and became Mr. Talent and Mr. Haute Couture in the recently concluded Mr. Oas 2009. I'm waiting for your treat Tito ARN. yoohoo!

Oh my cousins! I just love these two boys - SIMON & ANDRE - so I treat them as my little brothers. I'm the unico hijo in the family so I really like to have a little brother. The funny thing is, we're sometimes mistaken as siblings. haha. Not bad. Not bad at all.

They are both cute (and so am I), sweet and smart. But, one noticeable difference between them is their behavior. SIMON is more of the serious type while his little bro ANDRE is the opposite.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE ABOUT THEM? When they are having tantrums.

I feel that I'm really old. LOL. Guys, just think of this, I'm just 18 years young (take note of the word young, please) but I already have 5 nephews - FRANCIS LEI, FRANCIS LEE, DENVER, AARON JOHN & GERALD - and a 3 weeks old niece, FAYE ANGELA. (NO) Thanks to my older cousins. hehe. PEACE!

But, honestly speaking, I love being called 'TITO'.

Ssshhh... don't make too much noise. Dr. Doofenshmirtz might hear us. (in a low voice) I just love these two little cuties. They are the two most imaginative kids in the block. There's no such thing as an ordianry day with them that's why I'm HUGE fan of their show. I'm planning to organize a PHINEAS and FERB fans club. Can I count you in? LOL.

Though Candace always tries to get them in trouble, I still love her... very much.

But, these guys are nothing compared to the most important dude in my life. LOL. The 'birthday boy' himself. Let's give a round of applause to...


YES! It's my birthday today. I'm turning 18. hmmm... 18 is not that too old. So, what are you waiting for? GREET ME!

Peace out!


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Anonymous said...


hahaa (pag hindi pahiya ako)

happy berdey parekoy!

have a good one.ano gusto mong gift, babae?hehe

.pOot! said...

parekoy salamat.

wag na! marami na ko niyan. hehe. (yabang)

Anonymous said...

eh kung ganun tama nga ako.base!yehey.haha.enjoy your berdey parekoy. :p

herdy kristine said...

happy birthday OYA!

Mon said...

Cool post! andami mo na ngang pamangkin, ako isa lang from my sis. hehe

Thank you very much for dropping by at my site! Yung banner sa SRP yun ng Cebu! basta coastal road yun somewhere in South Cebu. :)

Monz Avenue

the donG said...

great to have found your blog a day after your birthday! this post is quite unique. you get to feature your friends and i like the title because you also made it on girls.


Allen Yuarata said...

Hey! I still think it's not yet too late to say this but:


please consider this posted on your birthday, okay? ^^,

PUSANG-gala said...

wow---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

18 is really young---you have the world ahead of you so be careful----

I am a believer that the people we sorround ourselves determine the person we become so I say you are lucky to have good friends around----wish you all the best in life----

.pOot! said...

@ Mon: OO nga, ang bata-bata ko pa eh ang dami ko ng pamangkin. nagmumukha tuloy akong matanda pag kasama ko sila. hehe

@ the dong: hehe. buti naman at nagustuhan mo. ginaganahan tuloy akong mag-blog. salamat dude!

@ allen: ok lang yun! buti ka nga eh at least nabati mo ako. mga classmates ko nga alang naka-alala sa akin.

@ pusang-gala: nakaka-touch naman yun. oo, maswerte talaga ako sa mga kaibigan ko. talagang salang-sala sila.

ANIMUS said...

sori late na.
but i hope u'l still accept mah greetings..--


at dahil buRtdei mo..di ako magcocomment sa post mo last may 17.
what i love these BOYS?

i admire ur blog.
kip it up.

.pOot! said...

animus: salamat! buti naman at napasyal ka dito. salamat ulit ha.

Ax said...

nakow, late na late na talaga ang bati ko sa'yo! happy birthday kung ganon! nakakatuwa naman yung pinsan mo at mga nephews mo! hehe ang cu cute!

ANIMUS said...

hehe..kaInis kc..di ako maXadong nakakNet.togoynks.problemahin ba?keep blogging.
naiNspire tuloy akong ipagpatuloy kung anong nasimulan ko..haha

smithe said...

hello friend. how are you? I happy to find a way foreverglo friend

Ax said...

hehe. napadaan lang atsaka backread! since naka comment na ako rito dati pa. hm, nakakatuwa talaga yung mga bata!