Leather pants? Check.
Eyeliner? Check.
Head-banging moves? CHE-HECK!

Listen up, rock stars! You better make way 'coz ADAM LAMBERT has arrived! Huh, you don't know him? Seriously? Okay, here he is...

OH, that vampire look!

I'm not a really big fan of ADAM before but now, I AM. (BIG fan- yeah, right). Look (stop and listen *smirks*), he's not just all about tight jeans and boy bangs, there's no doubt that this lad got a great voice, repeat, great voice. It's just the right balance between pop, rock and emo (natch!).

I was talking with my sister last night and she said that ADAM is so adorable that he really doesn't need to do much else. I agree! He's definitely of the coolest -not to mention, the most popular- AI candidate this season. Maybe, it's the reason why Americans are so in love with him and they even put him in a fiery one-on-one battle with KRIS ALLEN (fine!). Honestly speaking, I was a bit surprised when KRIS completed the 'Final 2' (with ADAM, of course) and not DANNY GOKEY 'coz I'm really looking forward to an ADAM-DANNY showdown tonight. But, it was totally fine with me. I also love KRIS but you know... I didn't really expected that he can get this far. PEACE! He go beyond my expectations and that's awesome. Bravo! But, sorry KRIS, I'm betting my ass to ADAM but... but, don't worry parekoy RYE is there -I mean in KL- to support you. As far as I know, he's with you all the way.

I know you two are pulling all the stops to put this final battle in the pages of AI's history. SO, GOODLUCK to both of you! Whoever win, it will be a well-deseve victory and that's for sure. *cheers*


Images: (ADAM LAMBERT) courtesy of hanyoori_89 - Photobucket


.pOot! said...

guys, nood kayo ng finale ha! oh sige na alis na ako, nagsisimula na daw kasi eh. hehe.

Mon said...

i was rooting for Matt Giraud, then for Danny and now for KRIS! haha. as if pwede tayong mag-vote ano? LOL

well, i think Adam is a good performer too but there are a lot of nasty news/humors about him and to base that I don't think he'd be a good role model to the youth. I believe that an "idol" must be a role model too. naks! just a thought! don't hate me. hehe

Chyng said...

Hello! Late ang pag-greet ko sayo. Pwede pa ba humabol? Happy 18th! :D

fufu said...

yeah he has great voice!!!

.pOot! said...

i knew it! the underdog will win. americans are pro-underdogs. LOL.

@ mon: nice! your bet won. yeah.

@ ate chyng: maraming maraming salamat.

@ fufu: i'm nothing but agree with you.

lucas said...

Adam is good but i don't like the music he's making. Too noisy for me. hehe! Kris was the darkhorse of the competition and the finale just proved that people like underdogs. hehe!

i don't like this season's finale.maka-danny at matt kasi ako. hehe!

enjoy the movie!

Allen Yuarata said...

Usually naman underdog lagi ang nananalo e. Adam did well but I guess it just wasn't enough. Kris' humble image may have catapulted him to the spot. I guess yun nga yung kulang ni Adam Lambert.

Everybody wants an underdog to win, right. Take Pacquiao for example. ^^,

ANIMUS said...

jub.try to view my blog if you hav' time.hihi.i'll update it everytime from now on.:)

.pOot! said...

ANIMUS: try ko sometimes.

medyo bisi-bisihan pa kasi ako ngayon. hehe!

enrollment na kasi. basta... promise ko dadaan at dadaan ako. *winks*