Letters for my blog, my mom and someone else

Ok. Ok. I'll try to make this short and straight and try not to make this too BORING. I have here three messages, letters or whatever you call it, for three special girls in my life. Let's start...

FIRST, to my blog...

Glitter Words

My baby 'chillspOt' and I celebrated our third monthsary yesterday. *blush* But I became too busy yesterday that I haven't find time to be with her. LOL. Until now she's still angry with me because of that. I'm so sorry babe. I promise that I'll just make up on our fourth monthsary. *winks*

SECOND, to my mom...

Glitter Words

I planned to make a poem as a gift for my mom this coming Mother's Day but I have a hard time making one. It's just proved that I wasn't born with the hands and brain of a scribe. LOL. So, I just ended up writing a short message for her.

You find it CHEESY, isn't it? LOL. By the way, to all the moms out there, from the bottom of my heart, HAPPY MOTHER'S (PANATAG - Lactum) DAY!

THIRD, to someone else...

Curiosity kicked in! Maybe you got an idea but you still want to confirm if you're right. I have an option to keep you all guessing but that would be too rude of me so here she is... 'someone else'...


She's JOY (see that happy face?) but I'm fond of calling her "JENG". She's a very special friend. AHEM! It's true. We are friends for a very long time (since Grade 1).

We (accidentally) met last last night... that's Thursday night and have a small talk. I just want to tell her ---*I hope she's reading this*--- that I really enjoys being with her. After all these years, she's still the 'Jeng' that I met 12 years ago.

Good luck to you and uhmmm... what's his name again? Best wishes to you guys.

Before I go, I want to propose a toast for 'chillspOt', my mom and someone errrr - Jeng. Cheers!!!

Sleepy and drunk,



zeb said...

pare salamat sa pagdaan sa munting tahanan ni zeb. pare maglagay ka ng shout box mo para nice nice. hehehe

Aaron Willcox said...


Putera Arjuna said...

im visiting u..

thankz for visiting my blog!..
keep bloggong!

.pOot! said...

kuya zeb, musta ang cebu? take ka ng mga pictures. it would be great.

aaron and putera, thanks.