GIBO = Galing at Talino.

DISCLAIMER: Folks, you don't need to agree with me. I'm not forcing you to vote for Gibo. I wouldn't argue if you're not vying for him. If you think he's not capable of doing the job, so be it. But, it doesn't hurt to listen to what other people thinks, isn't it? I can guarantee you that nobody pays me to write these things. And no... no... I don't work for any politician. I have no other motives other than to share my thoughts and urge you to share yours as well. No argument being solicited. Just a good all discussion babe, that's all.

Honestly, Gibo wasn't on my list before. But when I saw videos of him in forums and interviews, I couldn't deny that he really has what it takes to be the next Philippine president. But I think that he has still a lot to face for us to be 100% sure that we'll vote for him. Of course, he needs to be worthy of our vote.

However, I listed down the reasons why I will probably vote for Gilberto Teodoro:

1. He is smart and decent.

You can notice this when he speaks. Every words make sense. You can notice his wisdom when he speaks in forums and interviews. May mga sense naman ang sinasabi niya compared to the other candidates. Yung iba speaks like a trapo. Gibo speaks like a statesman. His words are rare gifts unlike the words of Erap, Loren, Jamby, Ping, Gloria, Noynoy, Bayani and Binay which are all worthless junk.

2. He is loyal.

He has strong ties with the second most corrupt administration the country has ever had. Surveys upon surveys revealed that Gibo's attachment with Gloria is really pulling his popularity down. But despite of this, he continue to support Gloria. He never tried to win the public's sympathy by washing his hands. He never, in any way, trashed talked the government he serves, not even once.

3. He has track record to boot.

There is no question that Gibo has the requisite intelligence and academic preparation for the office he seeks. He finished his Law Studies at UP with flying colors. He topped the Philippine Bar exam in 1989. He completed his Masteral at Harvard Law School and was admitted to the State Bar of New York in 1997. He was a Colonel of the Air Force Reserve of the Philippines. He was a Congressman before becoming the youngest National Defense Secretary. That's a quite pretty resume, Sir.

4. He does have presence.

Gibo has this certain aura that exudes an equal sense of authority and grace. What I'm trying to say is that his mere presence commands attention. That's the kind of leader we need, a leader who we will look up to. A leader who can keep us in our toes and leaves us in awe while in his presence.

5. He answers very well.

I watched FOCAP Presidential Forum on ANC yesterday and I can say that together with Dick Gordon, he gave the most sensible answers. His answers to the most difficult and provoking questions are unbiased. He answered every issue the best and honest way he could.

During the ANC-sponsored leadership forum in DLSU-Manila, Sen. Madrigal (another presidential wannabe) asked him, "If elected President, magtatanaw ka ba ng utang na loob kay GMA?" Gibo confidently answered, "Utang na loob sa definition ko ay ang pagsusukli ng mabuti sa mabuti. 'Pag masama na, nothing is worth my reputation and my father's reputation."

On another interview, host Ricky Carandang asked him if he is afraid of being linked to the Arroyo adminstration, he replied, "No. Dito ako naninindigan, dito ako naninilbihan. Hindi naman ako isang tao na maninilbihan na ikakahiya ko ang aking bahay. Hindi ako ganung klaseng tao, Ricky."

When asked if he will prevent people from filing cases against Gloria, Gibo vowed never to use the Office of the President to pressure or influence the decision of the people against his predecessor.

I admired his answers. It says so much about his character. And, we all know what well, put-together answers imply. It means someone's ready.

6. His campaign is a campaign of positivity.

On the first day of the official campaign period, he said that he will never engage in "pakikipagbatuhan ng putik" with other candidates. That's a good thing. IMHO, politicos who engage in political bickering are certified trapos.

And he's the only presidential candidate to center his campaign on Platforms, Positive Change and Solutions.

Before, I thought that Gibo will be Gloria 2.0 but he proved me wrong. Gibo does not have dictatorial tendencies, a significant difference with Gloria. While Gloria seems to be a pseudo-dictator, Gibo is a true-blue democrat. Gloria lies but Teodoro tries not to. And unlike his Madam, he's NOT power-hungry.

Gibo may not be in the league of others when it comes to media visibility (I'm looking at Villar, Noynoy and Fernando) but you can never question his capability to lead the country. Critics and skeptics questioned his winnability in the presidential race considering his poor standing in surveys. But, he's a man who doesn't believe that popularity is the game of public service.

Some of us still thinks that Gibo is bound to be Gloria reincarnated. But I hope that the ghosts of Arroyo administration will not prompt us to overreact. We need to be unbiased. We need to take away anger. We need to take away hate. We need to look at the character.

Would Gilberto Teodoro Jr. make a good president? I certainly think so. It is just unfortunate that in our country POPULARITY exceeds COMPETENCY.



.pOot! said...

Let me just clear that I'm not pro-Gibo... not yet. Villar is still my man. But I'm having second thoughts now. I'm contemplating between Villar, Gibo and Gordon. While Perlas is starting to grow on me. ;o

melody said...

hes also credible... he had the looks but even though who will win they still acnt solve our problems.

kg said...

i like gibo. he's one of my choices. and we do need someone like him to lead us.

Chyng said...

A promising candidate like Gordon. Go Gibo!

Redlan said...

Your second choice is the best among the names you mentioned as your choices! lol. I don't want to mention the names I don't like. Kung ayaw mo kay Nonoy kay Gibo ka na lang. Siya rin ang second choice ko pero I am still loyal (wink)

.pOot! said...

Hi Melody!

You're Kuya Mon's blog traffic enforcer, right?

Why being so negative? Let's be more (+), babe.

.pOot! said...

Hi Ate Grace!

He's assertive. He has ambition for the country. And that's what I like about him. ;0

.pOot! said...

Hi Ate Chyng!

I agree they are both promising. Gordon is third in my list after Villar and Gibo. ;o

.pOot! said...

Hi Kuya Red!

Now, I got it! You're pro-Noy. Don't worry, we're still friends. ;p Lols.

gerald said...

well, honestly, i like gibo. i think he's very fit to be the president of the philippines. the only question is that "will he win?". i mean gloria arroyo is on his side, and we know it for a fact that a lot of filipinos dislike her.

i as well like gordon..

it's still a tough decision to make, ayt?

goyo said...

wow Chillspot! pwede ba ko magsindi ng isang stick dito? meron ka ba dyan pre, Marlboro Red ha. :)

Go for G1BO! :)

rita said...

it is good that you are thinking. i agree with you about gibo...and i am voting for him. i have never seen a candidate so deserving of the presidency.

Richard said...

If hindi nga lang sya maka-administrasyon, sya ang iboboto ko. bad for him.

pinkdiaries said...

hello poot, una sa lahat congrats muna to you! most handsome blogger! nice! :-)

well, siya ba bet mo? sige sama boto kodin siya.. :-)

Anonymous said...


dlysen said...

Voting is like betting on a lotto game. You chose your number that you think will win. A grand price is not always pick in reality. Hope grand price na ung president na mananalo.

fufu said...

lol what happened to aroyo?? she is not good?

.pOot! said...

Hi Gerald!

I admit, he's not the most winnable but he's the most deserving of the position.

I rather go for someone who is dictated by my conscience than to vote the most popular one. Prinsipyo na lang!

.pOot! said...

Hi Goyo!

Nyek! Bawal ang magyosi dito. Huh? Maglalagay na nga ako ng "No smoking" sign dito. Hahaha.

.pOot! said...

Hi Rita!

Yeah, he's very deserving. Ika nga "total package" na. He's an intellectual heavyweight. He's a man of words. And he has a track record/credentials to boot. San ka pa? Lols.

.pOot! said...

Hi Richard!

I think that he's being part of the Arroyo admin will make or break him. Pero eto lang ang controversy na inili-link sa kanya. Kaya sana, mag-isip tayong mabuti. ;o

.pOot! said...

Hi Ate Lhen!

5th? It sucks. *bitter* Lols.

Still undecided pero parang ganun na rin. Just wait for futher notice. :)

.pOot! said...

Hi Dlysen!

*sigh* I'm crossing fingers for that. ;) Let's just put our faith into Him na sana he will not let evil rule the country again.

.pOot! said...

Hi Fufu!

Her term is almost over (in July). So we need someone to replace her. ;o

viOLingirl said...

Gibo amazed me when he visited our school a few months ago..
he surely lived by his campaign slogan "Galing at Talino"
i will definitely vote for him..

nice post .poot=)

tsiremo said...

Just pure platforms dude..pure platforms..