Talking of HANDSOME?

I have just completed the hard task of choosing TEN bloggers who has the "most-pamatay" looks (WTF!) for this year's hottest competition on the blogosphere --- "TOP 100 MOST HANDSOME PINOY BLOGGERS FOR 2010". This is the battle between the handsome-mest Filipino bloggers launched by LBG of the brilliant blog Laboyboy. I've sorted 120 nominees and it wasn't a joke, to tell you.

It is hard choosing ten handsome bloggers without even the smallest hint of bias. I started drafting this list while we're having our boring class (name of subject withheld) last Friday morning. I had about two or three erasures. Ten is not really enough but that's the limit.

Anyway, here they are, the TEN most handsome Pinoy bloggers for 2010. For me, at least. *there's no room for nasty comment so zip it*

Dim the lights please...

There are ten photos in my hands. These photos represent the ten bloggers who will continue their quest to become the "Most Handsome Pinoy Blogger for 2010". Those who haven't been called must immediately pack their belongings and go.

Let's start with, who else, Candidate No. 22. *crowds go gaga*

Jubert John Marzan | http://tsilspat.blogspot.com

What do you expect? This is my list so I should be on it. LOL.

Next on line, Candidate No. 37.

Kelvin Servigon | http://kelvinonian.com

You've been waiting for this, Candidate No. 6.

Come on down, Candidate No. 20.

The fifth spot goes to Candidate No. 8.

Halfway through. We're calling Candidate No. 11.

Kristoffer Luzana | www.topexpress.com

You can relax now, Candidate No. 10.

Fr. Felmar Fiel | http://fielsvd.wordpress.com

Join the list, Candidate No. 1.

Jason de Guzman | http://jasonhamster.wordpress.com

You wish for it, you got it... Candidate No. 2.

Alexandre Roxas | http://axrealm.com

And the final spot goes to you... *drum rolls* Candidate No. 17.

Allan Dungca Rodriguez | http://mynameiskurog.com

There you go, the ten bloggers who got my votes. So, what is it for you, my dear readers? Well, aside from the eye candies, you will be part of making history. Isn't that great? IT IS GREAT! Visit Laboyboy, support the blogger/s you fancy for and don't forget to leave comments.

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Facebook account. Go and smooch us with some kisses baby.



.pOot! said...

My list ROCKS! Hahaha.

pengengbente said...

ayun eh... ako hindi pa ko nakaboto.. ang hirap hihi!

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD said...

aba, salamat sa boto. happy anniversary poot! hehehe sana manalo ka dahil alam ko todo kampanya ka talaga. hehe.

Kelvin Servigon said...

thanks for voting me poot! :D

Mister LLama said...

haha! Cute! =]

Awesome list you got here..=]

.pOot! said...

Hi Pengengbente!

I agree. It is very hard to choose ten from a sea of handsome (nem!) bloggers.

Wala ka pang list? The voting ended yesterday. Sayang naman.

.pOot! said...

Hi Fr. Fiel!

No prob. Hehe. I hope so. Kahit makapasok lang sa Top 100, okies na yun saken.

.pOot! said...

Hi Kelvin!

Ikaw pa. Malakas ka sakin. ;0

ANIMUS said...

I love the intro: Mr.Tyra Banks. lol:d
ill vote for candidate #22!

eloiski said...

naks naman! ang daming fafa! gusto ko atang magvote ah... may pagpipilian ba? yung tipong may listahan na lang... ganun... kung meron asan???

at talaga namang ikaw ang numero uno kapatid ah!

Mr. Nonsense said...

ano yung nasa harap ni ax? malaki at madilaw pala ang saging nya. sige na nga it di ko na sya babastusin.

fufu said...

Kelvin Servigon is cute!! but Jubert John Marzan also not bad... all the best =p

brVince said...

wala kayang dayaan sa botohan na ito, lol!