These kinds of words give me enough drive to continue writing. These are more gratifying than any awards. Ang sarap sa feeling that people appreciate my blog. I feel so much loved. And it’s not because it gives a sort of celebrity status but because it shows that I’m doing something right. And that inspires me to continue what I have started. 

“Nice one Enchong! I totally agree. Dahil diyan, may star ka kay teacher. Hihihi. Seriously, natutuwa ako sa mga ganitong post mo. Eye opener.” 

- From Maricar Villanueva, Pro-RH Bill is not anti-life” (August 2011) 

“Brilliant...finally, a write up with balls. First time I read a very entertaining and informative review about our new DOT campaign. I support this too because it’s true - it's more fun here in our country!” 

- From RizalenioItsMoreFunIn: It’s not who made it first, it’s who made it better (January 2012)

“I give it an A+... I love the way you justified the reasons why you love the new slogan. True, generic siya so it's catchy besides the fact that it can be used by many... and for the Filipino themselves to be involved in the campaign is definitely brilliant. At least na-emphasize na each of us has a responsibility to make this campaign work and for our economy to boom big...hindi yung puro dahil sa government dahil sa mga rich people... because all of us are responsible for it. Two thumbs up Hoobert. You're totally, the Awesome!” 

- From Jenny J. ,ItsMoreFunIn: It’s not who made it first, it’s who made it better (January 2012 )

Reading this felt weird. Because I've been writing for my future half for the last six years. No kidding. And reading your letter almost moved me to tears because it felt like a reply. I'm sorry if this sounded a little bit off. Your letter was written very beautifully. Your future girlfriend will no doubt be happy when you find her.” 

- From an anonymous girl, A Letter To My Future Girlfriend (February 2011) 

Now if there were only a thousand Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibos on the venue of the match, I'm betting on it, victory shall befall the Azkals! I mean, look at even dedicated an entire blog post for them!”  

 - From Raymond Carlos AbagatAzkals on the Prowl (February 2011) 

I know I commented somewhere in your blog about how I amazed I was to find out that you're only 19. You're 19 going on 30, I must say! Keep it up, kiddo! I wish all teenagers think like you do.” 

 - From ReesieChillspot turns 2! (February 2011)

Astig! I like the way you allow yourself to be able to express your love no matter how random or silly or serious you have to be. Love knows no bounds. Ewan ko na lang pag hindi kinilig ang GF mo tol! Good job! IDOL na kita sa larangan ng pag ibig! Ahahaha nice one bud!” 

- From Kristoffer LuzanaA Letter To My Girlfriend (October 2011) 

...I am glad that someone as young as you have managed to acquire information you need to make an informed choice. While we differ in the appreciation of the information, I am happy for you remind me when I was young - and that is - not being fence-sitters but by making choice and standing up for it.” 

- From Alexis Jay SapnuWhy I Won't Vote for Noy?”  (January 2010)