Funny how some senior year nursing students still managed to attend the annual Acquaintance Party last Friday night even though we are kicking our asses to finish our thesis – mine is still in coma *laughs*. Lack of sleep (and sex, lol) is apparent in our sluggish-looking faces.

LALALOVE that is Marvs!

Zits and 3-layer eyebags are breaking loose. Super looool!

The search-shit took, like, FOREVER!

But still, almost half attended the party. Believe me when I say that acquaintance parties are not big deal for us, really – these are just for the freshmen. But maybe, we are starting to realize that events like these are a more or less atypical excuse for a break – which we badly need.

With beautiful girls :) They got nothing on you babes!

Because I owe these pics to Hanna babes. Here's her group, the BWAD!

Wacky BWAD!

Because almost all of my closest buddies are there to my surprise, fine, “pretended to be surprised”, I thought to myself that this will be “one hell of a colossal party”. And indeed it was! As soon as the Search for Mister and Miss ACQ ended – my salutations to candidate #1 (Misturr ACQ, BSN) - we strutted our way to the dance floor.

Shakin' those booties!

Super looool :))) Pati sa seats, todo-hataw!

And because we were super-duper busy flaunting our moves, we haven’t thought of taking pics of ourselves. Thanks to baby Bryne for capturing these uber-cool shots. I’m all smiles!

Haha! Funny shot, parang di mga seniors.

Find me!

Everything went smooth from start to finish – uncool lang yung mga nambabasa, they made it a “wet and wild party” literally - so I went home with sheer joy. That’s one of the wackiest, craziest and happiest nights of my college life. Thanks to my closest buddies, friends, classmates and katorse-mates for making this “one hell of an experience”. I’m proud to have you guys! Yikes, I’m beginning to sound like a grown up and I don’t want that. :)))

I can’t wait for the Nursing Ball! Paging John Rhey, Daryll and the rest of the SNAB officers, make it grand!