Funny how some senior year nursing students still managed to attend the annual Acquaintance Party last Friday night even though we are kicking our asses to finish our thesis – mine is still in coma *laughs*. Lack of sleep (and sex, lol) is apparent in our sluggish-looking faces.

LALALOVE that is Marvs!

Zits and 3-layer eyebags are breaking loose. Super looool!

The search-shit took, like, FOREVER!

But still, almost half attended the party. Believe me when I say that acquaintance parties are not big deal for us, really – these are just for the freshmen. But maybe, we are starting to realize that events like these are a more or less atypical excuse for a break – which we badly need.

With beautiful girls :) They got nothing on you babes!

Because I owe these pics to Hanna babes. Here's her group, the BWAD!

Wacky BWAD!

Because almost all of my closest buddies are there to my surprise, fine, “pretended to be surprised”, I thought to myself that this will be “one hell of a colossal party”. And indeed it was! As soon as the Search for Mister and Miss ACQ ended – my salutations to candidate #1 (Misturr ACQ, BSN) - we strutted our way to the dance floor.

Shakin' those booties!

Super looool :))) Pati sa seats, todo-hataw!

And because we were super-duper busy flaunting our moves, we haven’t thought of taking pics of ourselves. Thanks to baby Bryne for capturing these uber-cool shots. I’m all smiles!

Haha! Funny shot, parang di mga seniors.

Find me!

Everything went smooth from start to finish – uncool lang yung mga nambabasa, they made it a “wet and wild party” literally - so I went home with sheer joy. That’s one of the wackiest, craziest and happiest nights of my college life. Thanks to my closest buddies, friends, classmates and katorse-mates for making this “one hell of an experience”. I’m proud to have you guys! Yikes, I’m beginning to sound like a grown up and I don’t want that. :)))

I can’t wait for the Nursing Ball! Paging John Rhey, Daryll and the rest of the SNAB officers, make it grand!


kg said...

ok lang yan poot...all work and no play makes jack dull! so dapat hindi lang lahat work! he he! :)

melody said...

looks like youre enjoying the senior years..cool pics.

goyo said...

cool. graduating ka na pala.goodluck sayo at sa thesis mo..enjoy lang, di masamang magsaya habang nag-aaral. :D

DeejSpeaks said...

Lucky you sir. Goyo is right. Parties are a very good escape from stress. =) Our acquaintance party will be on July 16, 2010. =) sooo damn excited.

Allen said...

did you just do the snake dance on the last pic? I feel embarrassed whenever I think about it. Ginagawa kasi namin yan dati. Nakakatawa talaga pag may party na ganyan. may disco. hahahahaha!

cool. goodluck with the senior year. :)

Gervie M. said...

goodluck on your senior year poot! Okay lang ang parties and stuffs to expel the stress out of ur body! Kaya lang wag din sosobra.

Jowyow said...

di maipagkakailang nagenjoy kayong lahat... haizzz nakakamiss yang mga panahong gnyan... if i could only turn back time... :)

len said...

huwaw naman, party to the max!!

Hello Poot!! :-)

Sows said...

college years..
im missing it.

but one thing's im not..thesis.
cuz im exempted!

belat. :P


Looks like U had fun. sana may MTV para may new episode yung The Grind. LOL!

pusang kalye said...

lack of sleep and sex because of the thesis. that should not happen.lol

so party parin. ayun naman pala e. may nambabasa kaya pala maraming spots akong nakikita sa mga shots

Fickle Cattle said...

in law school, we hold as many parties as we can, just so we remember how it felt like to have a life.


aajao said...

happenings! graduating ka na pala?