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BOYS do flirt (period)
Posted last February 13, 2009

Lower those eyebrows! Yes, boys flirt. Got a problem with that? If none, then

I don’t know why I’m annoyed every time this certain friend (let’s call her Ms. X) asked me the question “Why do boys flirt?”. Maybe because, she asked me this question a hundred times already (read as every time she see her boyfriend flirting with other girls… and this happens EVERYDAY. LOL). But, she never got a serious answer from me but if you considers “Get rid of him. Find another.” or “Do the same. Flirt with a guy.” a serious answer then OK.

I’m getting more serious so help me to work this out, ok? Ms. X uhhmm… and for the other girls too, remember that just because a boy has already a girlfriend, it doesn’t make him stop noticing other girls huh. It just happens that SOME boys are naturally born with the flirting gene. Maybe, he inherited it from is father or great great granddad. Hahaha.

Girls, don’t be too shallow, remember that like you boys wants to feel free even if they’re committed so they sometimes errr… FLIRT. I think it’s one way of fulfilling our need to be a bit naughty without actually being naughty. Come on, you know what I mean.

ANOTHER REASON WHY BOYS FLIRT. I know girls this is not new to you and you may forget about this. Sometimes boys flirt because we want to make you jealous especially if we see you fluttering your eyelids at other boys. We hate to see it, so we must do something. In that case, we're just fair.

But girls (boys too!), flirting can be sometimes meaningless... maybe sometimes your boyfriend (or girlfriend are just being TOO friendly. The stuffs that you consider flirting... can just be something else, you know.

I hope my dear Ms. X you understand all the talking blah blah blah... and PLEASE I'm begging you don't attempt to ask me that f****** question again. Do you get me?!



It's Rio!

Finally, after 120 years since the birth of the Olympic Sports movement, the Games is coming to South America in 2016.

Thanks to Rio de Janeiro!

Last Friday midnight, while the others were already in deep sleep *snoars*, I was still awake and kicking in front of the boob tube waiting for the IOC announcement of which city will get the hosting rights of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

I channel-hopped (oops! sorry for the loss of words) from CNN to BBC, to Aljazeera. I was never been interested to the Olympics before or on any sports for that matter. In fact, I'm hopeless in every sports since I was a kid. LOL. Ok! Ok! Back to the Games...

There are four candidate cities to choose from. The four were shortlisted on June 04, 2008, becoming official candidates --- Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

Chicago 2016

Almost as dramatic as the identity of the 2016 winner was the process of the voting which saw how Chicago crashed and burned in the first round despite the Obama's last pitch. Many didn't expected, even I, that the American city will be eliminated early in the fight. Imagine, out of the 94 who voted in the initial round, only 18 went for Chicago. *stammers* What a humiliation?

Prior to the announcement, Chicago was the bookmakers favorite and was one of the two cities perceived as favorites to win the hosting rights.

Tokyo 2016

Tokyo's dream to host the Olympics for the second time was shattered after the second round. Honestly, among the four cities, Tokyo is my least favorite. Why? Because its bidding logo doesn't work for me. LOL. Yeah, true. It doesn't strike me or my eyes either. From a country that produces state-of-the-art, super wacky or out-of-the-box designs from cars to clothes, it disappointed me.

Though Tokyo's bid stressed on an eco-friendly Games, youth involvement and solid financial guarantees *$$$*, their words just fell on the stony ground after they got 20 votes in the second round. I think, Tokyo suffered from rotation of continents philosophy.

Madrid 2016

The Spanish capital was well-beaten in the final round, getting just 32 of the 98 votes. That meant second consecutive defeat for Madrid which also had bid in vain for 2012. Madrid earned high during the application phase and being a highly recognized national capital is a plus factor. However, like in Tokyo's case, Madrid may have also suffered from rotation of continents philosophy. Take note that Europe will be the venue of the next two Olympics, the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Rio 2016

I love Rio, it's my bet after Madrid, but I still doubt if they can deliver a good Olympics. Why did I said so?

1. The Games has never been to South America before putting the Latinos' capabilities to pull a good show in question

2. Among the four candidates, Rio de Janeiro has the most infrastructure works to do

3. Rio's high crime rate

4. Financial security - Brazil will also staged the World Cup Finals just a mere two years before 2016

But, Rio de Janeiro has still 7 years to prepare. I hope they can pull a wonder and make the 2016 Olympics a big, brash and flamboyant show that the people of the world could possibly hope for.