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BOYS do flirt (period)
Posted last February 13, 2009

Lower those eyebrows! Yes, boys flirt. Got a problem with that? If none, then

I don’t know why I’m annoyed every time this certain friend (let’s call her Ms. X) asked me the question “Why do boys flirt?”. Maybe because, she asked me this question a hundred times already (read as every time she see her boyfriend flirting with other girls… and this happens EVERYDAY. LOL). But, she never got a serious answer from me but if you considers “Get rid of him. Find another.” or “Do the same. Flirt with a guy.” a serious answer then OK.

I’m getting more serious so help me to work this out, ok? Ms. X uhhmm… and for the other girls too, remember that just because a boy has already a girlfriend, it doesn’t make him stop noticing other girls huh. It just happens that SOME boys are naturally born with the flirting gene. Maybe, he inherited it from is father or great great granddad. Hahaha.

Girls, don’t be too shallow, remember that like you boys wants to feel free even if they’re committed so they sometimes errr… FLIRT. I think it’s one way of fulfilling our need to be a bit naughty without actually being naughty. Come on, you know what I mean.

ANOTHER REASON WHY BOYS FLIRT. I know girls this is not new to you and you may forget about this. Sometimes boys flirt because we want to make you jealous especially if we see you fluttering your eyelids at other boys. We hate to see it, so we must do something. In that case, we're just fair.

But girls (boys too!), flirting can be sometimes meaningless... maybe sometimes your boyfriend (or girlfriend are just being TOO friendly. The stuffs that you consider flirting... can just be something else, you know.

I hope my dear Ms. X you understand all the talking blah blah blah... and PLEASE I'm begging you don't attempt to ask me that f****** question again. Do you get me?!



Basyon said...

Haha. Right, boys do flirt too. But base on what you've written they are all true. Meaning i agree in all of this. ;D Sometimes boys do flirt with other girls just to make their girls jealous and then pay attention to them once again. ;D
But if they do not stop flirting with lots of girls at any time they want. Then it's time for you girls to make some move. Leave them and don't ever get back. haha Just an own opinion here. ;D

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm pero kung BF ko hindi pwede yang flirt flirt na yan.... :P

sows said...

i do agree with the flirting thing..its just dat the intensity should be on the limit..u see, if ur already committed to someone, u shouldnt be eyeing on a certian prospect..better, quit the relationship and make out w/some1 u see hot..hehe..to make them jealous? oh c'mon, giv me a break..u guys/girls do lyk it, too of course! and pls dont blame it on the shortcomings of ur partners..cuz if shes/hes a flirt, shouldnt u be one..rather, have a cup of coffee and talk it over..

im just affected, ok..cuz im one hell of a flirting BS.. :lol:

fota, dinudugo akoooooo....

ANIMUS said...


if boys will flirt.

seresut--word verification

p0kw4ng said...

sabi nga..mas malandi pa ang lalaki kesa sa babae,hihihi

stormy said...

hi behbeh^^ heheh

wala naman talaga masama sa flirt.. pede rin naman mag-flirt kaming mga girls dava?!

ang umangal sasapakin ko..haha jowk!

ingat lage:)


Im conservative so I dont know how to flirt.


Nash said...

Boys are like that, but they do know where their heart really is ;)

.pOot! said...

hi ate basyon!

thanks for dropping.

But base on what you've written they are all true. Meaning i agree in all of this. ----> COOL! at least a girl has agreed with me :)

But if they do not stop flirting with lots of girls at any time they want. Then it's time for you girls to make some move. Leave them and don't ever get back. -----> nice advice. oh girls, take this from the expert, i suppose. peace ate basyon.


.pOot! said...

hi ate dhyoy!

ang higpit naman na GF 'to. hehe. ayaw mo man lang maging masaya BF mo. hehe. dyok lang. :)

.pOot! said...

hi sows!

haha. i definitely agree with you.

why waste your time, money and effort to someone whom you doesn't love? give it a quit. ang karelasyon mo ang masasaktan at hindi ikaw.

if you want to flirt with everybody, then just stay single. you will have the opportunity to taste all. :)

.pOot! said...

hi mark!

haha. ano?

.pOot! said...

hi ate pokz!

uhmmm... di naman. hindi. hindi nga. HINDI!

haha. defensive si poot.

.pOot! said...

hi ate stormy aka behebeh ko rin!

hindi po. di po kami aangal. ayaw kong masapak eh.


.pOot! said...

hi kuya KJ!

same here. i'm too conservative. and my parents are soooper stict so I don't flirt. LOL.

what's flirting btw? hahaha.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya nash!

YEAH (exclamation point)

they flirt but at the end of the day, they always think of the girl they want to be with...

for the rest of their life.

-----> haha. sa text ba 'to?

ANIMUS said...

wala akong sinabi...dont mind 't.haha

i've a new post bwt the lil princce that im telin u.if u want u can visit:)
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Anonymous said...

wahahahaha taob naman ako sa music mo! hahaha



kaya ganito ang post mo, plus the background music...


totoo ba?

felmar fiel said...

ganda ng sagot ni shyboy: boys know where their heart is...

hahahaha kakatuwa ang background music poot. yan ba ang saloobin mo ngayon. lol.

timangkey said...

Boys do flirt...

more than girls even...hehehe

Anonymous said...

boys do flirt anytime...its a fact...oo naman, for some reasons or another...it is basically human instinct and behaviour....kung yung mga animals nga nagpiflirt..tayo pa kaya....

joycee said...

That's a fact! As long as boys know their limits, tsaka at the end of the day you'll still go home to the one you really love, keri nalang, girls do that as well.

.pOot! said...

hi mark!

yeah! na-visit ko na. ang cool ng pagkakasulat. :) di ko yata natapos basahin yung lil prince. di ko na matandaan.

.pOot! said...

hi pareng hamster!

haha. huwelkam back. LOL.

gago ka talaga. hindi ah. yah single pa rin ako pero di ako desperado. haha.

.pOot! said...

hi father fiel!

saloobin ko ngayon? hindi po. nagandahan lang kasi ako sa kanta. sobrang asteeg! haha.

yun lang ba? AHEM.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya timangkey!

// ganun ba? uhmmm... di naman siguro lahat. *sabay taas ng kamay*

haha. pero karamihan ng mga barkada kong babae, ininireklamo ang pagiging flirt ng bfs nila. haha. wrong choice girls. wrong choice. taob!

.pOot! said...

hi kuya blu!

haha. siyempre naman. papatalo ba tayo sa mga hayop na yan. hahaha.

-----> yeah! i agree na flirting is a human instict, pat of our behaviors. di na yun maiiwasan. the only thing i'm concerned is, if it will be understood by the others. haiz. //

.pOot! said...

hi ate joycee!

yes. that's the problem. some boys don't know their limits. sometimes they crosses the border. and they're ruining our reputation. haha. // uncool.

Anonymous said...

boys flirt, simply because gurls do it too... yan ang tinatawag na gender sensitivty... hehe... quits quits lang ang life.

and we have to understand that...

pero kung tutuusin mas human are born to be flirt, its just that may mga tao lang talaga na sobra sobra ang pagpractice nito. may iba naman na sa specific na tao lang niya gngmt ang pagkaflirt na ito. wel, flirting is a choice.

ANIMUS said...

was it?i dint know.hehe
thanks for visiting that one..ill have my next posts sooner.
ill just inform you.
:)ingat lagi

word verification:diesher

walongbote said...

nature na yan ng lalake sa ayaw at sa gusto namin wala kami magagawa.. ok lang, gantihan na lang.. wala lang magagalit.. paki ba nila.. sila nga eh.. THE HELL WE CARE..

Ax said...

kaya pala ang dami mong photos with different girls.. kung sabagay, sabi nga ni Tsi, flirt lang muna ha! hehe.

kaso baka mahirapan ka magflirt, kase di ka naman kagwapuhan! wahaha! joke lang!

livingstain said...

poot magpost ka na ng bago, eksayted na ako sa new post mo... ingatz hapi undas.

romeo said...

flirting is my forte... hahahahaha love it...

hi chill. cammon lets chill....

Allen Yuarata said...

I don't know ha. Maybe "flirting" isn't the right term.

I mean, if we're committed, we really aren't allowed to flirt right? Maybe, if ako ang committed and you see me having a-bit-intimate actions with other girls, I won't consider it flirting. I think it could be an act of friendship.

Honestly, I have never flirted nung kami pa nung ex ko because I know how it feels if I see her flirting with her boy friends.

Girls and Boys may think they need to flirt all the time. But MEN AND WOMEN should know that flirting isn't appropriate if they're committed.

It isn't natural for committed people to flirt.

Ei nga pala, my temporary link is http://allenyuarata.blogspot.com may annoucement ako dun, pakivisit ha. thanks. good day ^^

realscore said...

napadaan lang po...pa add po! http://myrevelationoutside.blogspot.com/

lhen said...

hay naku!!! i agree with that :-)
kya nga napagod ako nuon sa dati kong.....never mind......tahimik na siya........ayoko ng balikan pa ang nakaraan kse nabalikan ko ngayon sa post ko ..........kelangan eh....

romeo said...

poot napadaan lang akala ko may bago na... ako po siromeo... salamat

Basyon said...

Oh la pa bang inspired dito? La pang bago haha.. Just passing by to say hi! ;D

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ShatterShards said...

Some people are natural flirts but they don't realize it, and the males are so, more than the females.

The problem sometimes is, one's friendliness is often misconstrued as flirting. The fact that there aren't any concrete deliniation as to where friendliness stops and flirting begins compounds the problem.

Teka, diba gumawa ng appeal ang CBCP na ma-ban ang current muzak mo from radio airplay? hehe

.pOot! said...

hi ate yhen!

yeah. flirting is a choice. yung iba kasi especially the boys (me, not included), can't let a day pass without flirting. haha. sabi mo nga "masyadong pina-practice".

have a nice day ate yhen. :)

.pOot! said...

hi mark!

OK. ako wala pang bago. bakasyon grande kasi ako last week.

:) haha. super sexy pala ah.

.pOot! said...

hi ate walongbote,

uhmmm... quite right. boys (and some girls) are born with the flirting gene.

P.S. sana lahat ng girls ganyan mag-isip. haha.

.pOot! said...

kuya ax,


LOL. biro lang. hehe.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya stain!

haha. pasensya na. medyo busy kasi ako sa bakasyon. LOL. pero i will try to update my blog as soon as possible. HAHA.

.pOot! said...

hi allen!

BOW. nice one dude. very well said. putcha! idol na talaga kita. HAHA.

.pOot! said...

hi real score!

thanks sa pagdaan. :) hehe.

.pOot! said...

hi ate lhen!

HAHA. ikaw ha.

.pOot! said...

hi romeo!

hehe. wala pa eh.

btw, nice name.

.pOot! said...

hi basyon!

ala pa eh. naghahanap pa ng mag-iinspire sakin. hehe.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya shattershards!

talaga? di ko alam yun ah... puro lang kasi ako tulog the past few days kaya di na ako updated sa news. HAHA. mapalitan na nga.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm nagflirt ba? heheh

pano nga ba...



sige kaya mo yan. ayos lang maging busy pareng poot

suportahan kita!

.pOot! said...

hi pareng hamster!

haha. oo nga. salamat pare. maaasahan ka talaga.

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD said...

waaaaaa! ganda ng header. tsilspat for president ang drama!

Zero said...

And so I thought that this is too multi-colored to be readable.

ANIMUS said...

im just tellin the truth...
i feel like you deserve 't shoti..
keep safe:)

word verification:fiansy
haha!parang fiance'
kawindang mga word verification dito..
hey have you read Orosa-Nakpil Malate?by Loiue Mar gangcouangco?
it's very irresistable..
try reading 't..you're a nursing student.kung andito ka sana sa manila I'll let you borrow 't.pero baka nga may copy k na..it' was out on 2006.

.pOot! said...

hi father fiel!

bless po.

hihingin ko po sana ang inyong basbas kasi po nais ko po sanang tumakbo bilang pangulo ng pilipinas sa 2010. // HAHA.

nice po ba? thanks!

.pOot! said...

hi zero!

thanks for dropping by.

----> your comment is highly accepted. but i don't think i can do anything about it. it's inevitable. HAHA. *peace*

.pOot! said...

hi mark!

the book sounds interesting to read. WAIT! asa manila ka now? so i presume you're working? how about your studies? reply. (hehe. parang text)

ANIMUS said...

1 message received:

yep.im workin..i tot u know 't olredi in as far as our 'daldalerang' classmates are concerned..and it shows you dont.well,im a call center agent here in Makati.yes,that book is really interesting.grabe..once pa lang ako napa iyak sa pagbabasa.it's a sorta info bout HIV-AIDS but has too many things incorporated to it that made me realize that I love the way the author does it.try mo mag-visit sa Nat'l BooksTore..it's their best seller there.hope you'll get a copy.

word verification:gralit

naku!maka villar ka?
ayoko sa orange.
ayoko rin ng yellow.
guess it first when you comment back(well,ur obliged)..ill tell yah.

.pOot! said...

hi mark!

haha. yeah. villar ang nasa top ngayon ng list ko. pero medyo matagal pa ang election so i might still change my mind.

uhmmm... favorite color mo?