Another 'TAG'!

I've been busy these past few days that I'm not able to update my blog, not to mention my accounts in 2Fs - Friendster and Facebook. Na-ah, it was not that I'm kinda lazy in posting a new entry, not this time. It just happened that I became pretty busy because 'coz...

1. The classes has just started last week but our professors immediately gave us tons and tons and TONS of home works.

2. How about last weekend? Guys, I wasn't free last weekend. I went on to my afternoon shift duty (that's from 3pm to 11pm) in ZMDH last Saturday and Sunday. My patient was admitted Saturday morning due to mild CVA and placed on the ICU. SO, I was really tired. I just spent the whole morning sleeping. zzzzzzzz....

3. I just finished moving into a new room in the dormitory. My room on the third floor will go under extreme makeover (Dorm Edition)... oh I mean, renovation so I temporarily move in a room on the first floor.


This morning when I checked my Friendster account, another tag came. This time it's from Julia of Brunei with her 'The Name Game'. The instructions are very simple: List down the names that you are called by and name of the people who calls you by these names. OK! It's exciting so let's start.

NONOY - Only one person calls me by this name and she's Mommy Olive (my mom's younger sister). This is somewhat refers to a 'small kid'. So, I really don't know if I will take this as a compliment or as an insult. What'cha think?

JUB - People who are really close to me calls me by this name. My friends and classmates calls me 'Jubert'. But, my closest buddies calls me 'Jub'.

DAD - *blushes* My former girlfriend used to call me 'Dad' and it really makes me blush everytime I remembers it. :) Now, that we're not together anymore he just calls me 'Jub'. That made me sad. WAIT! My high school friend Charmaine also calls me 'Dad'. I don't know why.

JUBERT - My past and present colleagues calls me by my first name. I was named after my parents- Judy and Herbert. My second name 'John' came from... nowhere. LOL.

OYA - Shorter term of 'Kuya'. My mom started calling me with this very unique "nick" when I was still a baby and since then, the rest of the family and close relatives calls me this.

LB - My high school barkada used to call me LB which stands for 'Little Bean'. Yeah, it's really embarrassing, dude! Want to know why? Just ask Mark.

MR. MARZAN- It's very common for a professor to address you with Mr. or Ms. plus your surname but I'm not comfortable when my classmate Krizzel is calling me as such.

JOHN-JOHN- Our neighbors calls me this. This is the most common nick for a dude with John as his name. Agree? My mom also uses this to call me when she's angry. Don't you know that my mom transforms into a dragon when she's angry. LOL.

POOT- Even before I started blogging, I was really fascinated with this name, if it's really a name. When I was still a kiddo, I used to draw human figures and name them, one of these is 'poOt'. Weird!

That's it! WAIT WAIT WAIT! Before I go, I'm leaving you singingdork888's cover of Miley Cyrus "The Climb". Enjoy!



TEN Influential Newbies


Don't worry, this post is not about me. This is for the TEN great blogs who are lucky enough (natch!) to be included in my nominees to Ms. Janette Toral's "TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS OF 2009" project. (Dude, don't mind the poster)

OK! OK! I'll admit that I'm a maniac when it comes to bloghopping. I can even spend the whole day infront of my PC hopping from one blog to another to read entries. But, of all the blogs I've visited, these TEN blogs are the greatest. *round of applause please* They are truly fantastic and honestly, they inspires me a lot.

To show my appreciation to them for inspiring me, I've decided to nominate or if they have been nominated, to vote for them to Ms. Toral's newest project which aims to identify ten... yup! only ten... blogs that are gradually gaining influence and readership across the blogosphere.

Here they are... (SORRY if some of the snapshots are outdated)

'FLAMINDEVIL' by RYE (www.flamindevil.wordpress.com)



'JASONHAMSTER' by Pareng JASON (www.jasonhamster.wordpress.com)

'MONZ AVENUE' by Kuya MON (www.monzavenue.blogspot.com)

'KEBISM - MOVIES, MUSIC AND TECH: ALL IN ONE' by KEB (www.kebism.blogspot.com)

'TOPEXPRESS' by Kuya TOPE (www.topexpress.wordpress.com)

'FLAMING VIEWS OF A LUNATIC' by Kuya TSI (www.tsiremo.wordpress.com)

'BLUGUY' by Kuya BLU (www.blurosebluguy.wordpress.com)

'AXREALM' by Kuya AX (www.axrealm.com)

Though my lone vote will not ensure them of being on the "TOP 10", I hope they will appreciate this small act I've done.

SO guys, what are you waiting for? They are my TEN nominees and feel free to ravage their blogs NOW.

Whoever is reading this who owns a blog, you can also have your OWN list of nominees. Here's the link to the instructions. And in behalf of Ms. Toral, I would like to thanks the following sponsors that made this project possible --- Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, http://eventsatwork.com/, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, Budget Hotel in Makati and Blog4Reviews.com. Thank you very much!



What I HATE about SCHOOL?

After a week of silence without posting anything, well... I'M BACK!

I know you're expecting that this post will be for my nominees to Ms. Janette Toral's "TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGS OF 2009" project but... but I haven't completed the list until now. Sorry, my apology. Dude, it is very hard choosing ten blogs without being bias. But, I'm trying not to. Give me at least a week to make up my mind oh... I mean the list.

It's been almost a week since our classes has started but until now I'm still in vacation mode. Yah baby, you can raise your eyebrows as high as you want but that's the truth. Like most of you, I'm not yet prepared to be back at school. Sad to say, I can't do anything about it so I'm so pissed. WAIT WAIT! Don't get me wrong, but, I'm really PISSED.

To be quite honest with you, I really don't know why I'm writing this. Maybe I wanna write down the things I hate about school. So, if you're not interested you are free to go but since you're here anyway just read my previous posts and don't forget to drop a comment before you leave.


1. I have to wake up as early as 6:30 during regular school days and as early as 5:00 during duty days. SHUT UP! That's too early for me.

2. I have to reserve 2 hours or more of my time every night to STUDY and do tons of homeworks. I'm not so into it. I hate it!

3. I will be on my OWN again. In the dormitory, Mom is not around so I have to clean my room, wash clothes and cook on my own. Thank God there's fast food. LOL!

4. I have to prepare myself... for war -- just joking! -- for weekly, daily or hourly quizzes. hehe. I'm just kidding about the hourly part but weekly, daily part I'm so dead serious.

5. I have to deal with a new bunch of classmates and (terror) professors. And the worst thing about this is that I also have to deal with 'fakes'. tsk. tsk.

6. I have to complete my notes for checking. So elementary! I know I have a good handwriting but I don't want to brag about it.

7. I have to attend all school activities, meetings, programs or anything that requires students' participation or else... my clearance is at stake.

8. I will spend my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays having hospital duties and it only means one thing... I will be at greater risk of acquiring A(H1N1) virus.

9. Saying goodbye to T.V. There's no boob tube in my dorm's room so I have to go home just watch T.V. So cool, isn't it?

What I hate most about going back to school?

10. I will have more limited time in blogging. Now that's bad!

I'm off to school. It's almost 12:15 pm and I'm late. See you all later!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Happy Independence, PHILIPPINES!

WOOOHOOOO! This is a time to PARTY! A time to step out of our houses and parade on the streets, toot our horns as loud as we want and raise our flags as high as we could while singing 'PINOY AKO' all day loooooooong.

Our country, our beloved PHILIPPINES is celebrating its 111th Independence Day from Spanish colonization today, 12th of June.

The PHILIPPINES has been through a lot of problems in the past --- Japanese occupation, dictator regime, financial crisis, corruption, poverty --- but these doesn't hindered us to show to the world that the 'brown race' can be globally competitive and can expand our horizons beyond our shore.

If we can only just set aside our ideological and political differences and put our shit (I shouldn't have said that!) together, we can soar high again in no time. :)

Watch out for my next post, my nominees to Ms. Toral's "TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGS OF 2009".

Bye guys! Cheers!


Image: Philippine flag (zxoom_zxcii of Photobucket). THANKS!


All About 'EIGHT'

Summer is over! And it only means one thing... 'school is here again'. BOO! Tons of homeworks. Terror(ists) professors. Mind-boggling exams. So, some of you are probably moaning and groaning because of that matter. Me too! Honestly, the only thing I'm looking forward about this whole 'school' thing is that I'll be sleeping in my room (in the dorm) again after, well, five months.

But, these post will not be about my 'balik-eskwela' blues nor anything about school... promise!

I was tagged by Ate TSARIBA of 'lipad kuto, lipad' the day before the licensure exam. Unfortunately, I'm very busy at that time so I just promised her that I will do it as soon as I come back. But, I haven't do it until now. Promises are made to be broken (remember?)... kidding! So, I'm giving it a shot ONE MONTH LATER.


1. ... have my haircut after, well, quite a long time

2. ... have our petition to migrate to the States be approved as soon as possible.

3. ... have my 'own' laptop at the end of the year. I hope Dad is reading this.

4. ... next year's summer affiliation in Manila.

5. ... sleep in my room in the dormitory. I can't wait to see it again!

6. ... see 'Doctrine' again.

7. ... watch 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' and 'HP 5' when it come out in theaters

8. ... CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited! LOL.


1. I woke up late, SO late.

2. Ate eggs and hotdogs for breakfast... lunch and dinner. LOL. It's my favorite! yummy!

3. Fooled around with my little cousins

4. Sound trip with my sisters' MP3

5. Cleaned my room. It's so messy.

6. Blog-hopping

7. Watch the premiere of 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' in HBO.

8. Slept late too!!!


1. I wish I CAN FLY (but no wings please!).

2. I wish I CAN SING 'coz I'm pretty bad at it.

3. I wish I CAN BE IN TWO PLACE AT THE SAME TIME. Everyone can do this. Have you seen 'A WALK TO REMEMBER'? If yes, then you probably know the answer.

4. I wish I CAN READ PEOPLE'S MINDS. That would be great, isn't it?



7. I wish I CAN BE FAMOUS. Now, that's funny!

8. I wish I HAVE A shhhh... GIRLFRIEND. naks! haha. I'm just kiddin'!







6. AMAZING RACE ASIA Season 3 (it has replays on AXN)



By the way, me and my 'chillspOt' is celebrating our 4th monthsary in the blogger's world today. Congrats to us!!! Yipee!

Watch out for my future post, my nominees to Ms. Janette Toral's "TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGS OF 2009". See'ya!