What I HATE about SCHOOL?

After a week of silence without posting anything, well... I'M BACK!

I know you're expecting that this post will be for my nominees to Ms. Janette Toral's "TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOGS OF 2009" project but... but I haven't completed the list until now. Sorry, my apology. Dude, it is very hard choosing ten blogs without being bias. But, I'm trying not to. Give me at least a week to make up my mind oh... I mean the list.

It's been almost a week since our classes has started but until now I'm still in vacation mode. Yah baby, you can raise your eyebrows as high as you want but that's the truth. Like most of you, I'm not yet prepared to be back at school. Sad to say, I can't do anything about it so I'm so pissed. WAIT WAIT! Don't get me wrong, but, I'm really PISSED.

To be quite honest with you, I really don't know why I'm writing this. Maybe I wanna write down the things I hate about school. So, if you're not interested you are free to go but since you're here anyway just read my previous posts and don't forget to drop a comment before you leave.


1. I have to wake up as early as 6:30 during regular school days and as early as 5:00 during duty days. SHUT UP! That's too early for me.

2. I have to reserve 2 hours or more of my time every night to STUDY and do tons of homeworks. I'm not so into it. I hate it!

3. I will be on my OWN again. In the dormitory, Mom is not around so I have to clean my room, wash clothes and cook on my own. Thank God there's fast food. LOL!

4. I have to prepare myself... for war -- just joking! -- for weekly, daily or hourly quizzes. hehe. I'm just kidding about the hourly part but weekly, daily part I'm so dead serious.

5. I have to deal with a new bunch of classmates and (terror) professors. And the worst thing about this is that I also have to deal with 'fakes'. tsk. tsk.

6. I have to complete my notes for checking. So elementary! I know I have a good handwriting but I don't want to brag about it.

7. I have to attend all school activities, meetings, programs or anything that requires students' participation or else... my clearance is at stake.

8. I will spend my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays having hospital duties and it only means one thing... I will be at greater risk of acquiring A(H1N1) virus.

9. Saying goodbye to T.V. There's no boob tube in my dorm's room so I have to go home just watch T.V. So cool, isn't it?

What I hate most about going back to school?

10. I will have more limited time in blogging. Now that's bad!

I'm off to school. It's almost 12:15 pm and I'm late. See you all later!

Have a nice weekend everyone!





Just think of school as your training ground for the real world's battle. If you dont survive school, you'll have difficulty surviving anywhere.

Believe me.

(coz I hated it too before, but now Im missing it)

Good luck sa studies!


aajao said...

hi Poot! believe me. you will MISS school when you're out of it. so cherish school days/years while it last.


.pOot! said...

hi kuya jasper! hi aajao!
thank you for the advices. i really appreciated it. i will take them seriously. thank you. thank you.

starting from now, i will cherish every single day while i'm in school. don't worry you two I'll do all my best.


Reesie said...

Hate mo yung school mo ngayon but wait till you graduate and work... mamimiss mo rin ang eskwela lalo na pagsubsob ka sa work parang gusto mong bumalik nlng sa pag-aaral.. buti doon walang problema. ang problemahin mo lang eh kung paano ka papasa. sa work, it would be a different thing. it is war out there. hihihi

Chyng said...

hey hey!
finally na-add na kita sa blogroll ko! yey!

lam mo dear, pag di ka nag-aral, 5dekada ka maghihirap. so ano mas pipiliin mo dba?

Anonymous said...

hey it's small sacrifices anyway and when you finished it, blast!!! you'll gonna have the life you want it to be but....

it depends on you..

so take the risks and have fun.

Gi-Ann said...

waah great of you to visit my page.. third year kna rin bah? wow! more of the best luck din.


Ax said...

ako, mula ng grumaduate ako.. ayoko na mag-aral!

mas gusto ko na lang yung ganitong set-up! ayoko ngang bumagsak ng isang subject kase ayoko ulitin ang isang subject na natake ko na, kaya puro aral lang dati. puro projects. puro research. pero decision ko naman yun, kase gusto ko na matapos ang lahat. at grumaduate!

gra graduate ka din!

dencios said...

y not enjoy things u hate in school? malay mo may spark pala yan e ang kulang lang pala motivation.


i tell yu, yuo'll miss school once u r working.

Jonell said...

hindi mo talaga ako kilala? bakit ka ganyan. tinanggal mo na nga ako sa links mo e.

(ako yung dating paurong.)

jason said...

gusto kong bumalik sa
school.. hheeheh

parang ang dami ko pang kelangang matututunan ulit..

kahit di ko magagamit ang square root sa pagbili ng gamot sa botika.

kahit di ko magagamit ang trinomial sa pagpapakilo ng baboy.

kahit di ko magagamit ang pagpapalit morpoponemiko sa pagkukumpuni ng sirang computer

keb said...

What you hate with school
Are what I love.

Lawstude said...

ur list reminded me of my good old schooldays lol.

by the way, happy dad's day to ur dad and all the dad in the world.

better late than never. i was so busy and wasted yesterday that i haven't got a time to greet my friends here. hope u had a great day . :)

Allen Yuarata said...

Instead of making a list about what you hate about school, why not make a list about the things you LIKE about school?

Here's mine:

1. I get to escape the boredom at home.

2. May baon ako.

3. I get to be with my friends.

4. I learn something.

5. I can insult my professors if I don't like their outfit.

6. Masarap yung feeling kapag nalaman mong wala kayong professor at gagala sa mall pagkatapos.

7. Lalo na kapag umuulan at biglang inannounce na suspended na. Then nagsisigawan kayo sa tuwa.

8. Masusuot mo yung pinakamagandang porma.

9. Makikita mo yung crush mo.

10. kaw na magdagdag dito. hehe.

See? Look on the brighter side. ^^,


See poot?

Dami mong advisers....


ANIMUS said...

many piPs out there are eager entering college.
we are not all gifted.
un lang.
i know ur the studYkaholic type.
kaya yan!c LB pa!haha
nga pala..
un nga..
ah basTa.
hope to have some jammin wit u.
kamiSz ka..di ka man lang sumasama sa mga pagtitipon.hahaha


Anonymous said...

ALL TRUE. :D (kakapadpad ko lang pala dito), hmm. pero hindi naman school ang school kung wla nun. hahaha. :D kaya klangan pagchagaan. :D hehehe! GO!kaya mo yan! :D naten pala! :D

Anonymous said...

ok lang yan parekoy.

enjoy being a student while it lasts.

pag nagwork ka na,makikita mo. :p

.pOot! said...

kuya KJ and the rest of the gang, hehe. oo nga! oh sige na. mag-aaral na akong mabuti. i will take your advices seriously. i promise. alam ko para din naman sa akin yun eh. diba?

di ko akalain na maraming good advices ang matatanggap ko sa post na'to. salamat! salamat!

jason said...

ang aga aga ang kulet kulet


jason said...

teka patambay muna d2 ganda sounds eh

Anonymous said...

take your time...ang enjoy being a student. alam isang mamimiss mo pag di ka na estudyante...free allowance...mawawala ang benefit na yan...
dahil dapat magtrabaho ka na! hahahaahahah....

Anonymous said...

tol, life being a student may suck at first thought pero when u really face the REAL WORLD, mamimiss mo din ang pagiging estudyante!

Be the BEST that YOU can BE! dahil YOU will be WHAT you wanna be depending on HOW you MOLD yourself.


Ax said...

patambay nga dito! hehe.

ang gaganda naman ng advise at opinyan ng mga hinayupak na sila FD, Jason at Allen!

hehe. pag grumaduate ka, maririnig mo ang tunog ng opening ng Voltes V sa utak mo!

.pOot! said...

hi kuya blu!

OO nga no. 'pag nagta-trabaho na ako, di na ko dapat umasa sa parents. that's sad! hehe. joke lang!

hi kuya tope!

i certainly agree with you. OK na! mag-aaral na ako ng mabuti.

hi kuya ax,

oo nga. nanliliit nga ako sa mga advices nila. hehe. pero it really inspires me.

guys, maaral naman talaga ako pero minsan eh nagiging easy-go-lucky lang. hehe.