Another 'TAG'!

I've been busy these past few days that I'm not able to update my blog, not to mention my accounts in 2Fs - Friendster and Facebook. Na-ah, it was not that I'm kinda lazy in posting a new entry, not this time. It just happened that I became pretty busy because 'coz...

1. The classes has just started last week but our professors immediately gave us tons and tons and TONS of home works.

2. How about last weekend? Guys, I wasn't free last weekend. I went on to my afternoon shift duty (that's from 3pm to 11pm) in ZMDH last Saturday and Sunday. My patient was admitted Saturday morning due to mild CVA and placed on the ICU. SO, I was really tired. I just spent the whole morning sleeping. zzzzzzzz....

3. I just finished moving into a new room in the dormitory. My room on the third floor will go under extreme makeover (Dorm Edition)... oh I mean, renovation so I temporarily move in a room on the first floor.


This morning when I checked my Friendster account, another tag came. This time it's from Julia of Brunei with her 'The Name Game'. The instructions are very simple: List down the names that you are called by and name of the people who calls you by these names. OK! It's exciting so let's start.

NONOY - Only one person calls me by this name and she's Mommy Olive (my mom's younger sister). This is somewhat refers to a 'small kid'. So, I really don't know if I will take this as a compliment or as an insult. What'cha think?

JUB - People who are really close to me calls me by this name. My friends and classmates calls me 'Jubert'. But, my closest buddies calls me 'Jub'.

DAD - *blushes* My former girlfriend used to call me 'Dad' and it really makes me blush everytime I remembers it. :) Now, that we're not together anymore he just calls me 'Jub'. That made me sad. WAIT! My high school friend Charmaine also calls me 'Dad'. I don't know why.

JUBERT - My past and present colleagues calls me by my first name. I was named after my parents- Judy and Herbert. My second name 'John' came from... nowhere. LOL.

OYA - Shorter term of 'Kuya'. My mom started calling me with this very unique "nick" when I was still a baby and since then, the rest of the family and close relatives calls me this.

LB - My high school barkada used to call me LB which stands for 'Little Bean'. Yeah, it's really embarrassing, dude! Want to know why? Just ask Mark.

MR. MARZAN- It's very common for a professor to address you with Mr. or Ms. plus your surname but I'm not comfortable when my classmate Krizzel is calling me as such.

JOHN-JOHN- Our neighbors calls me this. This is the most common nick for a dude with John as his name. Agree? My mom also uses this to call me when she's angry. Don't you know that my mom transforms into a dragon when she's angry. LOL.

POOT- Even before I started blogging, I was really fascinated with this name, if it's really a name. When I was still a kiddo, I used to draw human figures and name them, one of these is 'poOt'. Weird!

That's it! WAIT WAIT WAIT! Before I go, I'm leaving you singingdork888's cover of Miley Cyrus "The Climb". Enjoy!



.pOot! said...

dudes, got to go na ako eh. late na rin kasi. i have to rest na rin. see you soon!

ZARA 札拉 said...


u've lots of names dear!!

tsiremo said...

ano pwede ko itawag sayo niyan?

K.noizki said...

Uy uragon! I too dami ring screen names, even my nephew asked why people call me K.

Just returning the favor. Thanks for visiting my blog.

jason said...

aba ang dami mong pangalan.

pero Poot pa rin tatawag ko sayo kahit magkita pa tayo.
Poot - PUt hindi Po-ot


Summer said...

Wow! Dami mong names ah..hahha Di ka nman nalilito sa mga palayaw moh ah..=D Looking forward for a new post.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

.pOot! said...

hi zara. yes dear. i have lots of names.

gandang umaga, kuya TSI. ikaw bahala. kahit ano, pwede.

k.noizki, ur from bicol too? uragon ka din. nyahehe.

salamat din sa pagdaan sa bahay ko.

.pOot! said...

pareng jason, oo. PUT hindi Po-ot. CHEERS!

kuya summer, wazzup! di naman masyado. im kinda used to it na rin kasi.

Solo said...

Wow nman! Ashtig mga nick names moh ah.. May buhay bawat tawag, at bawat palayaw ay may kwento.hehehe Ayus! ;D More post pa nga. ;D

Travel and Living

.pOot! said...

hi solo! nyahehehe. salamat. natatawa nga rin ako kasi bigla na lang pumasok sa isip ko na gumawa ng post tungkol dito. na-tag kasi ako. hehe

Ax said...

pag tinanong ka sa deposition, what are your other identities?

nakow, ang dami mo palang isasagot! hehe.

dhyoy said...

hmmm... ang dami neym... pero mas trip ko yung poot!


blurosebluguy said...

kung akong tatanungin ko gusto ko rin ang poot...astig at saka unique!

kg said...

hi poot....i'll call you poot out of your so many names!

buti hindi ka nalilito sa sobrang dami ng tawag sayo. baka minsan, nakaklimutan mo na ikaw pala yun! he! he!

thanks sa pagbisita! :)

jasonhamster said...

pagbubuhulin ko kayo ni Crux

.pOot! said...

hi ax!

oo nga eh.sana wag naman akong matanong ng ganyan.nyahehe. natakot ba?

gud ib dhyoy!

ako rin mas trip ko rin ang poot! hip and cool!

kuya blu!

i agree with you!

.pOot! said...

KG, hindi naman, minsan lang. nyahehe.

musta na pareng jason? hehe. wag naman. masakit yun.

Summer said...

uy salamat sa pag visit sa blog ko. ingat ka lagi :)

Mon said...

Jub! musta na?? hehe FC ako eh. lol

.pOot! said...

hi kuya sam, ok lang yun. ikaw din, ingat!

kuya mon, anong FC?

tsiremo said...

pwede mo ba ko ipakilala sa mga fwends mo?

just poppin-by to say hi.


so jubert pala real name mo?

cool naman eh, pero cool din and POOT!

parang tunog ng U**t! lol!

Happy weekend!

BIG.BAD.EJ said...

hey. thanks for droppin' by. exchange links?

jasonhamster said...


goodd morning

naisipan kong dumaan d2

kasi nadapa ako eh



.pOot! said...

gud morning kuya TSI!

oo ba. yun lang pala.

kuya KJ,

nyahehehe. oo nga eh. ang bantot diba?

.pOot! said...

hey big.bad.ej,

buti naman at napadaan ka dito. oo ba, kung ok lang sa'yo.

hoi pareng jason,

ang ibig sabihin ba nito eh pumupunta ka lang dito 'pag nadadapa ka? hehe

Mars said...

daming mga names

Mon said...

FC = Feeling Close.

haha.. baka sabihin mo FC ako kasi Jub tawag ko sayo! LOL

Allen Yuarata said...

You got tons of names. Imagine kung lahat yan official name mo? Haha.

My mom and the rest of the family (including cousins and close friends) call me Baby/Bebe if not Allen. How embarrassing could that be? lol

jasonhamster said...

oi pareng poot

paramdam ka naman!


busy ka sa tarbaho ah!

tsiremo said...

new header ha...noice!

Ax said...

yay, alam ko sumagot ako sa reply mo hehe.

pakabait ka para wag ka mapasama sa krimen! hehe. pag ganun, walang deposition na magaganap. yay.

hoy jason, pinepressure mo si .po0t!