"Bakit wala ka pang girlfriend?"

As a 19 year-old guy that has been single for all my life (but 11 days), I know this question too well. I've been asked by this question a thousand times already and you cannot escape it especially when in the company of your friends who are either nosy and pesky or attempting to be a matchmaker. Depending on the tone used, it's easy to know if it's asked out of curiosity or just simply bitching you out.

The stereotype of a single guy (and gal too!) considering the age (I'm freaking 19 years old, repeat, nineteeeeeeeen) is that they are pangit and deprived. Hahaha! I can't help but laugh. It never crossed my mind that I am pangit, never, because I'm not. (^-^) And never did I felt that I am deprived. At least when you are single, you are saved from the perpetual cheesiness and mushiness of this world. And besides I'm enjoying the status I have now. When I wake up in the morning, I'm not obliged to call someone. I can go wherever I want and I can be with anybody. I'm also a quite jealous person so I am saved from worrying about where she goes after school or who she's seeing.

But despite of these, I want to experience falling in love again like what I've experienced million years ago. But I am still waiting for the perfect soulmate and she hasn't appeared yet. Of course, I also want to get married and have my own happy family as much as everyone does. Those who said otherwise are sadly misinformed.

My mom always ask me the question "when will you get married?" everytime we are having this mom-son bonding moments. (I find it weird because Mama is not the kind of mother that will meddle in her son's lovelife. Never.) I always give her my honest and consistent answer: 37. My mom would always give me that same puzzled look as in "37? Ang tanda mo naman yata nun". Why mom? Do you want me to marry a girl, fuck her and have 8 kids to feed by the age of 25? XD

Why 37? I think by that time I have my career established, I have a house and I have traveled a lot. I believe it is important for me to experience these things while I'm still single so that I don't have any regrets later on in life. When you are already tied-down (words alone sent shiver into my spine), it is difficult to do something or go somewhere or take long periods of time yourself.

As cliche as it may sound but "ang pagpapakasal ay hindi parang kaning isusubo at iluluwa kapag napaso". Marriage is not a game, it's a life-long promise. It is about findind the right person, at the right time and under the same circumstances. Though I think that 37 is the right age for me to marry, there is no perfect age in marriage. It simply depends on your being mature enough to be able to make that full commitment to another person. And then you find that another person who can share that promise to you. (That's the hardest part IMO) And that could hit at any age.

But now I'm still young, I haven't turned 20 yet. (I'll be turning 2o this 17th of May. I'm accepting gifts as early as now). Let me just enjoy the moment and just take it sloooooooow.