On October 2008, Kelvin Servigon (a premiere blogmate) started to put up his now famous blog, KELVINONIAN IDEAS. Never heard of it? Seriously? He blogs everything from his personal life... to everything hip and new... to his love for photography. YEAH!

Now, after a year, he is celebrating his first year anniversary in the blogosphere with a BLAST. *you hear that, don't you?* In this connection, he launched a contest called "Be Creative, Shout Your Love". Want to know more about it? Click here. Because he is one of my closest links and he's also a FB buddy of mine, I never hesitated to give it a shot to join his 'pakulo'.

This is my first time to join a contest like this. It is really hard to make a fan sign especially, if you don't have a background in photo editing and web art. I started to sketch designs five days ago during our boring Physics class. It all started in my notebook and it ends here, in this blog entry. PHEW! After almost a week of contemplating the final design and after three trials, here it is, the best that I can do (remember, i'm not good in photoshop).

What do you think? Does it stand a chance with the likes of Edz and Kuya TSI's entry? Graphically speaking, NO f****** way! But, because the winner will be judge through voting, then maybe, YES.


1. The blog header, not to mention the black layout, is nice. Kelvin, can you make one for me? LOL.

2. The blogger is someone I can relate with. We have lots of similarities.

3. I'm a 'trying hard' when it comes to photo editing, so, his tips really helps me.

4. The creative mind behind this uber cool blog is super cute like me. LOL. No kiddin'.

5. If there's one thing that makes me to come back in his blog, it's the photographs.

6. And, the sixth thing I love about Kelvinonian Ideas is...

it rocks!

WHY I WANT TO WIN THIS AWARD? Ooohhh the prizes are super cool. *I'm all smiles* SM Gift pass. 1 year webhosting. Customized header. And to top it, a POP singing training . I want it and I badly need it now. LOL.

Whoever is reading this who happens to own a blog, you can also make your own. Hurry! You only got a day. The instructions? Please take it from here.

This contest won't be possible without the help of the following kind-hearted sponsors: JAYPEE ONLINE// blogging news, reviews, technology, tips and tricks, Crisiboy.com, Belter's Course from Pop Music Academy, Charles Ravndal, Jena Isle, DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit, Dexter Panganiban, Kevin Ray Chua, JumpShots, Labrador Retriever, Free PSP Wallpapers, Monz Avenue, Jhelo Cruz, Mars, Zorlone and SM Marilao.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

* I hope CHILLSPOT can surpass the 5,000 hits next week. YAHOO!


The voting for Kelvin Servigon's "Be Creative, Shout Your Love" contest has officially opened yesterday. And I'm begging you to please for vote me. Here are the instructions on how to vote:

1. Go to http://kelvinonian.com/, the official blog of the contest.

2. You'll find the poll in the sidebar.

3. Click "POOT". It is in the bottom of the list.

And don't forget to also vote for these three equally deserving candidates.

As of September 26, 01:33 pm, I had 64 votes or 8% percent of the total votes. Not bad. I'm 5th out of the nine entries.

Here's the link to the voting arena: http://kelvinonian.com/2009/09/the-voting-arena-is-on/.



Anonymous said...


.pOot! said...


ang galing galing naman ni pareng rye. naka-base agad. uhhhmmmm... pano mo nalaman na may bago akong entry? ikaw ahh... hehe.

atin-atin na lang yun.

Anonymous said...

gudlak sa contest parekoy!

TSI said...

Goodluck!!!! yeah

Kurog said...

Good luck! Ihihihi...

Hala ka, walang link yung sa DigitalFilipino... Baka madisqualify ka nyan! Ahahaha... Joke!

Anonymous said...

huwaw gudluck!

.pOot! said...

hi pareng rye!

salamat ng marami. hehe. pssst. iboto mo ako ah kahit plastikan lang. hehe.

ingat lagi :)

.pOot! said...

hi kuya TSI!

goodmorning :P

goodluck sa'tin. hehe.

.pOot! said...

hi kurog!

oo nga eh. buti napansin mo rin kundi lagot ako nito. hehe.

goodluck to the both of us. basta yung pinag-usapan natin last last night, mag-botohan tayo kahit plastikan lang. wahahaha.


.pOot! said...

hi ate dhyoy!

salamat. salamat. basta po suportahan niyo ako. hehe. :)

ingat po lagi. yhabyoo.

Winkie said...

wow, kasali pala sa pakontes si poot! ganda ng photo/graphics... very simple but nice.

good luck, poot! :)

dencios said...

i am supporting you :D


anyways mag babackread muna ako sa yo hehe


Nash said...


goodluck with the contest :)


oh by the way poot I already commented on your comment you can see it here: http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com/2009/09/patience-will-soon-be-rewarded.html

and by the way I posted a new blog entry.

With your request anout the fan sign? sure I'm taking care of it don't worry :)

.pOot! said...

hi ate winks!

salamat at may naka-appreciate ng work ko. hehe. medyo minadali ko nga yan para makahabol sa deadline.

sana po suportahan niyo ako :)

.pOot! said...

hi kuya dencios!

salamat talaga. :)

ingat din lagi.

.pOot! said...

hi kuya nash!

wazzup? suportahan mo 'ko sa kontes na 'to ha. thanks.

WOW naman kuya. gagawan mo talaga ako ng fan sign. cool! salamat talaga. woohooo!

yah. visit ko blog mo mamaya. aaraw-arawin ko yun. hehe!

errr exchange links!

kg said...

already voted for you! ilang beses ba pwede magvote?

pananalo ka sare mo paypal winning mo ha! i'll send you my paypal address! he! he! peace! :)

.pOot! said...

hi ate kg!

thanks po! *sabay hug*

di ko lang po alam kung ilang beses pwedeng bumoto. :) suportahan niyo po ako.

Joni Rei said...

hello :) salamat s pgbisita s blog ko. sorry ngaun lng nadaan. hehe
Goodluck nga pla stin! :)

deejay said...

hi.pOot! *kaway kaway* goolak sa contest na to, although nakita ko na rin yung entry ni cruxie baka madehado ka. nyahaha!

:P :D

ps: sensha ha ngayon lang ako nakapagcomment, nahihirapan kasi ako magcomment sa blogspot. :)

Nash said...

hey hey your fansign is READY! just send out a message so that I can send you the link for it :) cheers!

.pOot! said...

hi Joni Rei!

salamat sa pagdaan. :)

congrats. mukhang papasok ka sa top 3 ah. hehe. :)

.pOot! said...

hi kuya deejay!

hehe. alam ko naman yun. kaya lang botohan 'to kaya may pag-asa. LOL. gagamitin ko na lang ang charms ko. woooh.

salamat po sa pagdaan. it's a pleasure :)

.pOot! said...

hi kuya nash!

talaga? wow naman. hehe.

thanks kuya. di ko akalain na talagang tutuparin mo yun. sows. hehe :) thanks po.

Anonymous said...

dumaan ulit..

goodlak ulit. :p

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.pOot! said...

hi pareng rye!

salamat :)

manalo, matalo, kyut pa rin ako --- ang cheers ng mga losers

.pOot! said...

hi you, yes you.

*SHIT! dinugo ako dun.* yeah. i understand. :) thank you for dropping by and making my nose bleed. LOL.

Kurog said...

Wow Poot!

Ngayon ko lang napansin tong post na to ha...

I must say you play fair and you really are true to your words! Keep it up bro!

BTW, I've already given up! A not so famous blogger like me doesn't stand a chance against the other bloggers who joined the contest! Ehe... No matter how good your entry is, paramihan pa rin ng kakilala ang labanan dito...


.pOot! said...

hi kuya kurog!

thanks. hehe. siyempre kaibigan ko kayo. :)

yeah! sumuko na rin si edz. :( ok lang naman na matalo ako dito, di ko naman talaga kelangan yung mga prizes. blog mate ko kasi si kelvs kaya nakakahiya kung di ako sasali. at least, may naka-appreciate nung gawa ko... si ate yhen! hehe

Kurog said...

Ahe... Hindi okay na matalo ka dito! Diba ibibigay mo sakin yung prize money! Ahahaha...

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

May iba pang pagkakataon... Ahe...

.pOot! said...

hi kuya kurog!

hmmp... oo nga pala. tsk. tsk.

next time na lang. hehe