Stepping out of the zone

I’ve been doing the same things over and over again these past few years. I’m afraid of trying new things, of taking chances so I end up with routines. Being a sheltered brat, I haven’t done a lot of fun and wacky stuffs in my life; stuffs that someday I’ll be proud of.

This year, I’ll try to step out of my comfort zone. I’ll try things that I haven’t done before. I listed down things I want to do or to accomplish this year. This is just a short list but I’ll try to fill it up as the year goes by.

Here’s the things that I look forward to this 2011:

Learn how to use Photoshop. I’ve wanted to learn Photoshop ever since. But I’m so damn lazy. This year, I’ll give it a shot. I’m a blogger so I must know how to work it.

Grab my second license*. This year, I’m going to take the NLE. I really want to top the board exam (huuuuugh!) so I need to study, study, study. I’m quite scared. But hey, a brilliant mind doesn’t need much bombardment. XD

* I got my first license (in Midwifery) almost two years ago.

Get a job. Sheeze! I’m gonna experience what the real world is like. Provided that I passed the board.

Give mom a decent gift on her birthday. This is embarrassing but I haven’t done this for the longest time. The last I gave my mom a birthday gift (if you even consider it as a gift) to my mom was 5-6 years ago and that was only a card. Budgeting this college freaks me out. But I’ll give her one this year. I just don’t know what.

Watch at least twenty movies in theatre. I wanna surpass my best record of 18 set in 2009.

Get a new phone. I’m just so sick and tired of my current phone. It is as old as the ship captain of Titanic.

Buy a DSLR. I know this is quite a luxury but I’m already egging Tita A to buy one for me.

Learn Bisaya. I don't know how I can pull this off but I'll try. I have few friends from Mindanao and I know they are very willing to help. I'm also finding sites in the net that offers Bisaya tutorials (if there's any). Learning a new dialect can be a hobby.

Corregidor. I find Corregidor very mystical. Media portrayed it as a ghost hunting haven. I want to have my own perspective of the place. And it’s not pricey to go there. I was told.

Caramoan. It’s a shame that I live only 5 hours away from that "Survivor" paradise and yet I haven’t been there. I'm not even aware of this place until last year when I heard in the news that Survivor France was shot there.

Be part of a medical mission. Obviously, no one beats charity works!

Invest in a good pair of shoes. I have 3 (rubber) shoes but they are all (kinda) old and overused. Old shoes are not-so-good. And not-so-good shoes bring you to not-so-good places. XD

Have a girlfriend. I’m just kidding. This is not a priority this year. But who knows?

A goal without a plan is just a wish (Thank you Ate Chyng) so I’m going to take a serious whack at it this year. My goal is to completely finish everything on the list before the clock strike 12 on December 31, 2011. This is no way going to be a walk in the park but I have a strong feeling that I can accomplish all of these – fingers crossed.


Dani said...

wow...at least you have ideas/goals for 2011. Ako, bahala na hahaha. But anyway, good luck and enjoy this year!

poot said...

Hi Ate Dani. Welcome to my blog!

Syempre, kelangan eh. XD

Anonymous said...

Have fun in fulfilling that list. :D Let's enjoy 2011!

Kura said...

Nice I'm impressed! Wag ka mag-alala isasama kita sa dasal. Cross-finger din ako sa 2011 goals ko e. hahaha!

Natuwa ako sa primitive cellphone mo. Ganyan din yung sakin. Not a techie person kaya from 1st year college up to now would you believe.. ito pa rin ang phone ko. Promise. FYI, 5 years na ko nagttrabaho.

Give it your best shot! Alam kong kaya mo mafulfill yan lahat.

rob said...

.. goodluck poot! the medical mission is a great idea, we also did that before we graduated.

kg said...

i also want to learn another language...

goyo said...

Wow. Goodluck. Sana ako din, magawa ko yung mga dapat kong magawa this year. :)

Anonymous said...

it is interesting how we all seem to have the same theme for posts this time of the year, lol. well all i can say is go ahead and grab each one of your wishes and nail them one after the other! you can do it!

kris‧tian said...

Oh yeah. I have the same goal of learning Ps too. It's like I've learned photoshop 3 years ago. Just the basics though which mean that I have never used Photoshop in a way that the result will be called "aesthetic". Now, I kind of forgot all of it.

Also, I am Bisaya. I just hope you find it fun.

Keep it up. Even if this is so cliche, my advice is that when you believe you can, you really can.

Raymond said...

Now that's the spirit!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Good luck with your journey! At kung madapa man along the way, sige magpadapa lang. Kaya mo namang i-first aid ang sarili mo. Hahahaha!

I just looooove the sweet smell of hopes and dreams, and positive energies. Reading other people's goals makes me want to get back on track and stick to my own plans too.

Hala Bira!

Viva Pit Senor!

Good luck.

Hahaha. :D

poot said...

Hi Ate Nel! Of course we will. I won't make pilit naman kung di ko kaya. One step at a time lang and dapat enjoy lagi. Yun naman ang ultimate goal ko eh. :)

poot said...

Yes, spare me a prayer Ate Kura-ching. I'll surely need it.

Medyo impossible nga mga goals ko eh. Bahala na. Basta kaya ko ito!

poot said...

Yeah Kuya Rob. I also want to try having a medical mission in the mountains of Pampanga, you know, in the communities of Aetas. I think they are one of the most ignored members of the society. I just want to give back.

poot said...

Try to learn French Ate Grace. So romantic. Or Spanish perhaps.

poot said...

Just believe in yourself Kuya Goyo and do your best. Nothing is impossible.

poot said...

Welcome po sa blog ko Princess! I hope you had a good time reading. I'll visit your site later.

Mukhang ito nga ang meme sa blogosphere ngayon. Lol.

poot said...

Really Kristian? Oh sige, teach me how to speak Bisaya. XD

poot said...

First aid Kuya Raymond? Kayang-kaya. Hahaha.

Raymond said...

Natatawa ako, lagi ko naririnig sa Showtime lately yung kanta dito sa blog mo.

Wala lang, thought I'd let you know. Haha!

ced said...

change! kaya yan. things will come and fall into place. galingan mo sa exam ha. kaya yan!

kahit anong gift for mom's for sure maappreciate nya yun. spa day! hehehe

been thinking of medical mission too.

at last yung gf, malay mo! hehe

poot said...

Really Kuya Raymond? I don't know that. Haven't watch tv lately. I'm kinda busy, ka-kinda busy. Hahaha. You think I should change it?

poot said...

Welcome to my blog Ced. Thanks for dropping by. I'm all smiles! :)))

GF? Wala pa sa isip ko yan. Masyado pa kong bata XD


same with me, i can totally relate on buying a DSLR as a luxury! but who cares! :]] its still january we still have 11months to save! :P~ and hey i am bisaya! i can teach you :P~

new foolllower here!


Hey Poot!!! Hows yah???

goldi said...

galing naman :). I was blog hopping and your writings made me stop by and check your posts out. nice read.

Anonymous said...

Routines make life so boring. Good thing you thought of breaking it. I wish I can also plan for mine. Haha. (So this post served as an inspiration to me.)

A decent gift on your mom's birthday. Sweet son. Sipsip in other words. Haha. I kid. :D

Napadaan lang din dito. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey you should ask for Raymond's advise in taking the NLE :) He's an RN,USRN - if he won't mind me bragging this out (shoot! He's gonna hunt me down for good after this, haha)

Btw, some good advise, I myself is an RN, used to work as a review assistant somewhere down the road..

1. In choosing a review center, check the number of hours per session (ipmt!) longer hrs mean more learning opportunities - seek for advise from ur friends. (it does help sometimes)
2. Study on ur own, a determined person is a monster who can do almost anything
3. Be optimistic ALL THE TIME. Stay away from bad vibes - they're poisonous!
4. Pray hard and be precise about the details (state when to top, be specific, God is a father who willingly gives) - don't do bargains hindi mall ang prayerland :)
5. Be confident, a confident person knows what he knows.
6. Dont memorize incubation periods - waste of time lang yan :)
7. Dont overload urself with tons of info u can hardly absorb.
8. Make pilliterri,kosher atbp. your BFFs! magstarbucks ka kasama nila or wuever, enjoy being with them - also udan and the likes.
9. Release ur endorphins from time to time. Chill out :)
10. Do your best, there's no way for you not to top - all the answers are given, learn to choose the correct choices.

-- ang haba. Naisip ko ding iemail na lang to sayo..
pero and2 na..go na lang :)

In front of the mirror always tell yourself
"You're such a yummy Registered Nurse - Top 1 Ka"

poot said...

I won't buy the DSLR. My Tita will buy one for me if I pass the board. :)))