How my Patricia Lost A Crown

I was happy to know that Shamcey made it and she definitely deserved the title. She's the best of them all last night! She was a diva and a motivational speaker. The moment she finished answering, I know she will be the one. Next stop: Sao Paolo, baby!

Patricia, my dear Tricia, made it to the semis - which was a good run. She was superb in swimsuit and evening gown but...

Oh yes, her final answer:

What advice can you give to a teenage? She said "Just be yourself. In this world, we tend to be someone who we are not" blah blah blah.

It was good but not quite. I was thinking of a 4th runner-up finish for her (if there's any) based from her answer.

I was quite disappointed that she didn't make it as a finalist but getting herself together and moving forward after Miss Philippines - Earth is a brave feat. I'm done with the should-haves and could-haves and just salute her. With or without a crown, she will always be my queen.

Anyways, I fell in love with Janine's answer. Her answer "men must love unconditionally"made a mark in every man's heart (read: tinamaan). She deserved a crown.

I don't question the panel's choice for the Top 5 but with the way I see it the result must be (based from their answers and the way they delivered it):

Bb. Pilipinas - Universe: Shamcey Supsup

Bb. Pilipinas - International: Janine Togunon

Bb. Pilipinas - Tourism: Dianne Necio

1st Runner-up: Diana Arevalo

2nd Runner-up: Isabella Manjon

From the choices I posted yesterday, I got 11 out of the fifteen semifinalists or 73% which I think is good. And all the girls in the Top 5 are in my list. Oh. I'm all smiles.

(Pictures courtesy of Missosology. Thank you!)


poot said...

Good luck to Shamcey! Prove your detractors (including me?) wrong. I know you can.

You still have 4 months to do some tweaking in your body. Lol.

kristian said...

Gusto ko mag-comment pero di ko naman sila kilala. haha. Tapos di ko pa napanood. Ang inaabangan ko lang(?) naman ay iyong Q&A portion. Bwiset na kuryente biglang nagblackout kaya nawalan ako ng gana. Isa pa ay may test ako kanina at di ako nakapag-aral. haha

Isa lang yung kilala ko talaga pati contestant number. Yun daw #32 (Jenn-Roe G.). Kamag-anak daw namin. Lol. Palibhasa pareho ng apelyido. haha. Nadismaya lang ako ng marinig ko siyang magsalita. haha.

Sayang talaga, di ko napanood. tsk tsk. In fairview, dito ko lang din nalaman kung sino nanalo. hehe

Chyng said...

grabe yung winner, magna cum laude, architecture top notcher sa board, tapos miss universe pa! whew! she deserves it! =)

Reesie said...

i watched the pageant the other night and i have this notion that Supsup had been the winner before the contest even started. people, judges included, had this preconception because of her scholastic records. i wasn't satisfied with her answer, by the way. i liked janine's answer better.it was concrete, realistic and specific. just my two cents.