Cebu baby, here I come!

I always dreamed of going to Cebu since, uhm I-don't-know-when, well let us just say, since the time I first dreamed of it. This is one of the most raved about places in the country and been receiving a lot of good reviews from tourists. Now, I will murder (or hang or whatever) my curiosity and find out why. Courtesy of Mama and Papa, of course.

It was December last year (while eating in this certain overrated fast food chain) when Mom broke the good news that we're going to Cebu this month. Yes, my mom told me that we're going, uhm not only going but spending seven days in freakin' Cebu. YEEEEEEEHA! I may not have shown signs of excitement but deep inside, deep inside of me, I was screaming like crazy. Why wouldn't I? This will be my first time to set foot in Visayas and believe it or not, this will be my first plane ride evaaaaaar. So please understand if I am making a big deal out of everything.

I've mentioned before that I'm reviewing for the NLE. So ayun, I asked the permission of SRG Legazpi Head if I can take a more/less two-week vacation. There's no reply yet pero echos lang yun. With or without permission, I'll go on with the trip. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Sorry Sir P. XD

(Good pm Sir Pogi! Sup? I'm gonna ask permission lang po if I can take a vacation from April 19 to first week of May. We're going somewhere with my family. I promise to scan my notes while I'm away. :))) I'm hoping for your kind consideration. - JUBERT)

UPDATE: May reply na si Sir: Okay lang. Basta aral ng mabuti.

Our primary reason of going there is to attend the wedding *bells ringing* of my Tito Ninong. As of now, I do not know our itineraries yet but I'm already researching for the must-do and must-visit in Cebu, just in case, they asked for my help. Well, if you're a blogger it's as easy as ABC. Thanks backpackers! (´ 3`)

The bride and the groom
(Stolen from Tito Ninong's Facebook account. Peace!)

As early as now, I am super duper excited to see the wonders of the Queen City with my very own eyes, to indulge my taste buds in a food porn, to meet creatures as awesome and as gwapo as me (meron kaya?) and on top of everything, to be in the company of my family - as far as I can remember, our last family bonding (with Mom, Dad and two sisters) is way back 2005 in Baguio.

See you Radisson!

For now, I'm in the last-minute preparations.
I'm going to Pampanga tomorrow and we'll be staying there for a week. And on the 27th, we'll fly down south. Vavush! I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.


poot said...

No time for bloghopping. My computer is not working properly, guys.

ANIMUS said...

Pasalubong Jub! Haha. Dried mangoes tapos danggit! :)

Reesie said...

weh! na miss ko tuloy ang cebu. i gotta tell you jubibo, don't leave cebu without having to taste lechon it's the bomb! ;-)

Dorm Boy said...

Di pa ako nakakapunta sa Cebu and sana this year makapasyal ako kahit over the weekend lang. Enjoy!

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

ako din. pasalubong ha. hihihi! mauuna ka sakin pala. Sa June ako pupunta dyan e. Gagawin kong guide ang blog mo ha. Salamat! =)

JeffZ said...

ganyan talaga pag first time.. it's always a big deal.. especially for girls.. hehe

ng pagsakay sa airplane ha.. :)

Tama lang na walang computer when going on a trip, nasspoil ang time to bond with the family.. :) Enjoy Jubert!..

kristian said...

Dumaan-daan ka naman sa Negros. lol. haha.

Congrats at best wishes sa newlyweds!!!!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

have fun in cebu. buti ka pa, ako d pa nakakapunta ng Cebu. haha

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