The Battle of the Eye Candies

(DISCLAIMER: I've never seen the girls personally. These are just based from the plenty of photos and videos available through the net)

I have just completed the first and final list of my Bb. Pilipinas 2011 bets. That's sorting 40 of them and it wasn't a joke. It is not easy choosing fifteen girls without the smallest hint of bias. Of course, I have my favorites but some girls whom I ignored in the past has penetrated most of the slots. I've made several erasures but oh well, here it is:

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe: The moment I saw Patricia Tumulak months ago, I'm pretty sure she would be in the finals. Call it a fan's instinct. Oh, she's so pretty. It's always a delight to see her in the television. Tricia shoots it in the bag this year!

Bb. Pilipinas-International: Bb. Pilipinas almost always pick a girl who is fresh. Well, it's Shamcey Supsup for me. If my Tricia babes fails to snatch the main crown, she's the best alternate.

The Runners-up:

With a body bootylicious and an enormous sex appeal, MJ Lastimosa can win it all but I prefer Tricia and Shamcey over her. And you know why.

Almost everything is perfect for Diana Arevalo. If she reaches the Top 15 or whatever, she'll be unstoppable. I'm betty my ass on it.

I don't know where to put Dianne Necio, honestly. I want to put her in a lower ranking but given her 1st runner-up finish last year, she's quite assured of a placement. Oh yes, politics!

Completing the Top 10:

The judges cannot ignore Isabella Manjon. You cannot just ignore a girl with a face like that. And besides, she's Madam Stella's favorite. I was told.

Paula Figueras who I ignored before had become a soft spot. She's stunning. I have a strong feeling that she will surprise us in the finals. If there is a beautiful surprise, it has to be her - pleeeease!

I'm not an expert or whatever but I know beautiful when I see one. Chloe McCully is undoubtedly the face of Bb. Pilipinas 2011.

I don't know to you but I find Queenierich Rehman mean-looking but (yes, there's a but) I think something special is in stored for her. Her name sounds expensive, btw. Nah, I'm just saying.

I see some sparks on Janine Tugonon and she deserves to be in the Top 10. Those who would disagree can lick my balls, huh.

And if there's a Top 15, these girls should be included:

Although Sabrinne Al-Tawil's beauty is not my cup of tea, she's a sure shoo-in in the semis.

There are underdogs that might get upset victories in the final night. Jen-Roe Gubat and Luzelle Felipe are those we need to watch out for. Who knows, they might pull a Gatbonton-kind of win.

Oh Arabella (Hanesh). She's fierceeeesh! The camera (or is it the photographer?) loves her big time.

Krystle Grant is another eye candy that cannot be ignored though I find her quite boring.

Here you go, my personal bets for tonight's 2011 Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night. Like what I've always said, don’t throw me the “why is she there/not there?” shit. This is my list.

On my final note, I predicted six out of the 10 semifinalists last year. Not bad, not bad for a first timer. Krista and Venus were my top two choices and they both bring home a crown. I also correctly predicted Dianne's 1st runner-up placement.

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poot said...

Just hours from now, we will have our new queens.

My salutations to Venus, Krista and Czarina for showing the world what the real Filipina is! You made us proud, really. Good luck to your future endeavors.