30 things you must know about .poOt! *

does it look old?

1. His full name is Jubert John Requillas Marzan

2. He was born on the 17th of May,1991 in Angeles City, Pampanga

3. He currently live with his mother and two sisters in Oas, Albay

4. He’s an overprotective kuya to his two sisters who are both high school students of St. Michael Academy

5. He’s a family-centered guy and pays due respect to his parents

6. he spend almost 11 years out of his 17 years of existence with his best friend (lapit na 10th anniversary namin… danic, tanda na natin, hahaha…)

7. He graduated elementary and high school at Oas South Central School and Oas Polytechnic School respectively

8. He is currently a second year Nursing student of Bicol University Tabaco Campus,Tabaco City

9. When he was in the elementary he dreamed to be a priest, a teacher or a nurse

10. His favorite subjects during high school are Social Studies (Philippine, Asian, and World history, and Economics) and Biology while Mathematics and Chemistry are those subjects he hated most

11. He has interest in history, geography,economics,social/global issues and linguistics

12. He has a small-scale collection of books and magazines in their house including the 2009 editions of Guinness World Records and Top 10 of Everything

13. When he's online, he doesn’t forget to answer the daily geography quiz on nationalgeographic.com; he also beaten Speedy a lot of times in the US Great State Race

14. He won’t be surprised if your first impression to him is “suplado” but the truth is, he’s so friendly and down-to-earth

15. He is righteous, sincere and is easily affected with sob stories

16. Although he enjoys being with nature, he consider himself as a homebody

17. His best friend said that he is so “makulit” but he’s just being “malambing”

18. He has big heart for street/abused/disabled children and Africans

19. Currently he's SINGLE but he had one serious relationship in the past and two 'flings' (can you define fling?)

20. Talking to himself makes him feel comfortable but he doesn't dare to talk to himself in public. hahaha

21. He smokes a couple of cigarettes when he is confuse to make himself at ease (seldom) but the truth he is irritated to smell cigarette smokes.LOL. Add to that, he's only an occasional drinker.

22. His favorite korean drama series is Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata and he watched it three times (on TV, DVD, and VCD)

23. He eats anything he wants: he likes to eat street foods, chocolates, cakes and junks.hahaha.

24. He is not a sporty guy but he loves to watch sport tournaments (basketball, billiards, figure skating, football, bowling, swimming etc…) on TV and he can’t wait for the Laos Games this year

25. Among the places he visited, his favorites are Baguio City, Pangasinan, Tagaytay, Zambales and Olongapo

26. all his past loves, crushes and his first girlfriend has one thing in common aside from they are all pretty: they are all intelligent

27. He met his first girlfriend on February 13, 2006 (yes. a day before Valentine's) at the Youth Congress

28. He wants to pursue a political career and to top this to be the Secretary of the Department of Tourism and to be the future Philippine president

29. He dreams to host a traveling and tourism show on either National Geographic or Discovery Channel

30. He plans to take up Political Science or Economics after he graduated in Nursing

:| .poOt!

*taken from .poOt!'s f.s. account


PUSANG-gala said...

hmmmm---salamat sa pagdalaw at komento----I will follow u too---

at mukhang me pagka-virgin pa tong blog u---welcome welcome---

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


u love Korean drama too?

Chyng said...

wow, you're so young!
nwey, i have my 20 weird funny and embarassign things, kaso nasa facebook. :D

.pOot! said...

@ pusang gala

thanks! yup, virgin pa nga 'tong blog ko.

@ zara

i love korean dramas.

@ ate chyng,

thanks for the view.


Anonymous said...
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groupmate (17) said...

aiii...first time magcomment sa blog..haha, mali pa napindot ko... ulitin ko na lang..hehe

hi jubert...nice commendation in yourself ahh..hehe, mabait na kuya!..anak at kaibigan..hehe, thanks for sharing me your blog...galing ng ginawa mo...

ka-miz group natin sa duty... go for GOAL!ajah!

Anonymous said...

28- big dreams! i seriously hope you'll be able to achieve them one day! ;-)

.pOot! said...

@ ganda...

matutupad din yan. hahaha.


Ax said...

backread ako ng mga post mo! kaso kakain muna ako!

Prinsesa ng Drama said...

Hi Poot! Thanks sa pagbisita sa bahay ko. hehe ;)
Wow naman gusto mo ng pol. sci after mo makagraduate ng nursing? cool. ;)
Ingatz lagi.

.pOot! said...

hi ate princess!

yeah. pero pinag-iisipan ko pa ng mabuti. siguro ipa-praktis ko muna yung una kong profession. :)

thanks po sa pagdaan!

J.Kulisap said...

Poot, baka ikaw na ang matagal na naming hinahanap, ang pinunong matapang, may moral,paninindigan at TAO.

Pwede bang madaliin ang panahon?

Anonymous said...

Yo! tol.. i visited your blog.. nice.. hehe.. newbie lang ako dito sa blogging e but anyway im gald that you visited my blog. got ym? gmail? padd nman..

.pOot! said...

hi j kulisap!

wehehe. ganun ba? haha. thanks. this made my day. lol.

thanks sa pagdaan. :)

.pOot! said...

hi geboi!

wala yun.

thanks din sa pagdaan. :) i appreciated it.

this is my account in FB, ym and email: jubertjohn@yahoo.com. add mo na lang :)