BOYS do flirt (period)

Lower those eyebrows! Yes, boys flirt. Got a problem with that? If none, then SHUT UP!

I don’t know why I’m annoyed every time this certain friend (let’s call her Ms. X) asked me the question “Why do boys flirt?”. Maybe because, she asked me this question a hundred times already (read as every time she see her boyfriend flirting with other girls… and this happens EVERYDAY. LOL). But, she never got a serious answer from me but if you considers “Get rid of him. Find another.” or “Do the same. Flirt with a guy.” a serious answer then OK.

I’m getting more serious so help me to work this out, ok? Ms. X uhhmm… and for the other girls too (Ate Chyng, being a smart girl knows this already), remember that just because a boy has already a girlfriend, it doesn’t make him stop noticing other girls huh. It just happens that SOME boys are naturally born with the flirting gene. Maybe, he inherited it from is father or great great granddad. Hahaha.

Girls, don’t be too shallow (Zara of Malaysia and Ate Chyng not included), remember that like you boys wants to feel free even if they’re committed so they sometimes errr… FLIRT. I think it’s one way of fulfilling our need to be a bit naughty without actually being naughty. Come on, you know what I mean.

ANOTHER REASON WHY BOYS FLIRT. I know girls this is not new to you and you may forget about this. Sometimes boys flirt because we want to make you jealous especially if we see you fluttering your eyelids at other boys. We hate to see it, so we must do something. In that case, we're just fair.

But girls (boys too!), flirting can be sometimes meaningless... maybe sometimes your boyfriend (or girlfriend are just being TOO friendly. The stuffs that you consider flirting... can just be something else, you know.

I hope my dear Ms. X you understand all the talking blah blah blah... and PLEASE I'm begging you don't attempt to ask me that f****** question again. Do you get me?!



tsariba said...

thanks for the visit ;p

i hope my dear Ms. X you understand all the talking blah blah blah... and PLEASE I'm begging you don't attempt to ask me that f****** question again. Do you get me?!

i did.

Anonymous said...

ang galing mo magsulat! kudos!!!

PUSANG-gala said...

simply because we are also humans and we also love being loved ~~~~

joycee said...

I completely understand your point, weheheeh.

I used to be a very possessive girlfriend, but when I got out of that relationship, I learned a lot of things, and of those is that boys and men do flirt, but at the end of the day, they still think about the woman they love, the one that they will marry.


i love your song :)

Chyng said...

Super mention pala ko dito sa entry mo. Thanks dear! (i feel so tanda na by calling me ate! haha)

Of course boys do, everyone does! Ego booster kasi yan dba?

Pero nde effective yan saken. Indifferent ako eh. Jeric is the only guy in his team of 7 pretty girls, plus he also hangs out with his sisters' pretty girl friends. Still, no selos kahit 1%. Ang abnormal ko lang.

Chyng said...

Btw, from my 1st-4th job, lagi lang akong solo girl sa team. And my closest friends are boys too. Fair no? (00,)

jonathan said...

Nice entry. Flirting is a behaviour inherent to man as a way of showing our interest to someone. We do this kind of behaviour in many different situations even when applying for a job, talking to a customer or purchasing something from a store. And if someone flirts with us (oldies), it just mean we are still interesting, lol!

.pOot! said...

@ tsariba,

thanks for following me.

@ mang badoy,

you're such a charmer. thanks.

@ pusang gala,

i agree with you.

@ ate chyng,

yes. EVERYBODY does. haha.

@ jonathan,


sa lahat ng nagbasa, maraming maraming salamat.


Anonymous said...

lemme say i'm guilty!dang.haha

patambay lang ha.magbabasa-basa. :p

.pOot! said...

i was really overwhelmed with the response of the readers in this article.