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Hi guys!

This is supposed to be a Valentine’s Day post but Mama grounded me for the weekend for a reason I can’t share with you HERE. So, I just spent the Valentine’s in my room just like a normal day and if not for Phineas and Ferb it would be one of the most boring days of my life. LOL. Anyway, thanks for those who texted me just to greet me and for those who are saddened ‘coz they think I didn’t reply to them, I did, just telepathically. Haven’t you received it?

By the way, here’s my Valentine’s Day post.

Since the day, I and my former girlfriend broke-up… that’s almost 3 years ago… I never had been involved in another relationship. I know what you’re thinking. Nope, it’s not that I’m afraid to love again it's because...

First, I think I’m not yet fully prepared to open my heart again. To tell you the truth, I still love my former girlfriend and it will be unfair for my future girlfriend if she knew that I only courted her just to help me forget my past. And, I don’t want that ‘coz it’s not right, isn’t it?

Second, I’m still searching for her, the ‘girl of my dreams’…it may sounds corny but it’s true…since I and my former girlfriend broke up I never fall in again. I admired a dozen and get involved with a couple of ‘flings’ but it never lead anywhere. Promise! I’m still searching…

…not until I met her…

Her name is Doctrine. We go to the same school. In fact, she's a group mate of mine during RLE.

You know, I never intended to fell in with her but she has so many good qualities that a guy can't resist to admire.

7 things I about her

1. She has a good sense of humor.

2. She's interesting to talk with.

3. She's gorgeous.

4. She really listen to what I have to say as much as I listen to her.

5. She doesn't fails to make me laugh.

6. She's confident, outspoken and strong-willed.

7. Sorry Miley if I'll borrow your line, 'She made me her'.

As far as I can remember, our first meeting (it's June 18 last year, I think) was very casual, a simple 'hi' and 'hello'... that's it. I think I only spoke a couple of sentences (or less) to her on the day we've met. From then on, we slowly became comfy with each other... we talked, we ate together, we went home together... things that ordinary close friends do together... until an unexpected thing happened, I realized that I'm starting to fell in with her. Maybe, she already noticed it because of the "extra-attention" I'm giving to her. But, I hope not yet *fingers crossed*.

Though I have already feelings for her, I don't want to take the next move YET because errr... maybe I've fallen to early and if I tell her the truth I may scare her off... then our friendship will be gone FOREVER... 'sniffs'

And, if ever, she learned 'bout this, I'M SO DEAD TO HER.LOL.

P.S. Ruthie Tuttie, if you're reading this, please don't share it with our schoolmates. Please! LOL.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a photo of our gigantic billboard in Cebu. LOL. It's my gift to her last Valentine's. hahaha.



ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


So good!

3 years and still single...It's been 2 years for me, as a single lady as well. Not looking for new one since the guy was my 1st love, and yeah, I still love him too.

Chyng said...

Wait, you're from Cebu???
Me and Jeric are going there sa 1st week ng March!

Chyng said...

Proper comment

It's OK to wait than settle with someone who's just right now.
Maniwala ka, someone will come that's worth waiting!

.pOot! said...

@ zara,

your story is a best example of 'first love never

@ ate chyng,

i'm from bicol. the photo was just edited. LOL.


Anonymous said...

hala.ang tameeeeeesss.

pinagsisigawan mo sa buong blogosphere ang pagtatangi mo sa kanya. ang lalim.haha

anyway, gudlak parekoy

joycee said...

waw sa wakas nakita mu na din sya after 3 years! congrats, stay in luuurve!

.pOot! said...

@ flamindevil & joycee,



msPANDA said...

the hell.


hayaan mo matatakpan naman ng "true love" yan eh...


hulaan ko, IMIKIMI?


.pOot! said...



reina donna said...

grabe k jubert!
kya nman pala ayaw mo ibigay sakin address ng blog mo kasi may sekreto k na tinatago..
haha! now i know,buking kn!haha..
anyway, goodluck sa lovelife!

reina donna said...


.pOot! said...

@ donna,

basta wag ka na lang maingay. hehe. di naman sa akin galit si doc. thank God. akala ko kasi nabasa na niya. hehe.