images taken during the graduation pictorial last friday

It's been 18 days since my last post. And being gone for the past two weeks or so made me miss yo a lot. (I expect you miss me too. haha.) I'm just trying to be busy right now. *laughs* Have I mentioned before that I'm taking up a review class? It's a sort of preparation for the Licensure Exam for Midwives. We've started couple of weeks ago, Feb.19 to be exact, and because the review demands 'REAL EFFORTS' unlike in school, we are BUSY (or not). Like right now, I'm studying for our OB exam tomorrow and errrr... dividing my time for the OB exam and hitting the computer isn't a simple thing to do. Take note of that!

By the way guys, I didn't planned that this post will be as BORING as this. My original plan (if you call it a plan) is to make this post SUPER SPECIAL 'coz my "chillspOt" turns 1 month old today. hep hep hooray! You know I'm trying to be happy but I just can't. And the worst is, I don't know why. Maybe because the news about the death of my idol Francis M. still lingers on me. And, celebrating while the whole country is mourning isn't the best thing to do. Or maybe because I've learned that my former girlfriend have already found a new prince. *sniffs* But, I should be happy for her. I should be happy for both of them. But it seems that what I'm feeling right now is exactly the opposite. I can't even smile thinking about it. Am I being too overacting? Maybe not. Or am I JEALOUS? No, I can't be jealous. It's been 3 years and I have moved on (that's what I know). Am I still in love with her? What you think?

Guys, I need to go. It's already 5:30 PM. haha. I'm leaving you a video of singingdork888 singing a boy version of Swift Taylor's "Love Story". You gotta love him 'coz starting today you will be hearing a lot of his songs here.



joycee said...

Advance Happy graduation and happy 1st month to your blog. It's okay to celebrate naman basta you know in your heart na you're praying for Kiko. :)

.pOot! said...


salamat! oo nga parang kelan lang naglalakad pa ako ng hubo't hubad ngayon ga-graduate na ako ng first course ko. haizz. pero mas masaya kung makakapasa ako sa board. just pray for me.