Welcome to my ChillspOt!

Guys, wazzup!

Thanks for having time to peep at my so-so blog. errrr... By the way, I'm Jubert John Requillas Marzan a.k.a poOt from Albay, Philippines. Maybe your wondering where in the world is that. Ever heard of Mayon Volcano? If so, then that's my place ---no, no, no not on it but near it... about 30 kilometers or less (I think). I'm 17 years of age and currently taking up BSN (note: it's ladderized). I'm now on my sophomore year in Bicol University Tabaco Campus.

Ok!Ok! Enough with that, let's start with the blog thing. Maybe your wondering what the heck got into my mind when I'm thinking of a name for my blog. hmmmm... for those who doesn't have the time to google it, chillspot literally means a "nice place to smoke weed or do other drugs without being noticed by outsiders*". I know what your thinking! No... I'm not going to blog about marijuana here. LOL. Or post images of pot sessions (?). LOL-er. Mama might be reading this post.

But, what in the world I will blog about? hmmmp... Shall I blog about myself? I think I'm not that interesting... in fact, some says that I'm TOO boring. Whoever said that, 'f' word to you.

My plan is to blog about EVERYTHING. Anything that you can imagine but sorry strictly NO PORNOGRAPHY. I know that it sells but... errrr... that's the plan and I'll stick to it 'til the end.

Without much further talking coz I know you're already bored... I like to welcome you in my so-so blog.

This is where I live. This is my world. Welcome to my ChillspOt!
: .poOt!
*as defined by the Urban dictionary
p.s. don't forget to...
> drop a line @ taeyeon_korea@yahoo.com for your comments and suggestions.
>text me @ 09186802343 and don't forget to introduce yourself first.
>visit my f.s. account @ jubertjohn@yahoo.com.

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