Dear Earthlings,

What's up? I know it's been long since the last time you heard a word from me. I know you already knew the reason and there's no need for me to repeat it.

To tell you, I really don't have the plan to post a new entry here 'til the end of the licensure exam in April 30 but a certain blogger friend, who just got home from a Cebu-Bohol getaway with his boyfriend (you know who you are), inspired me to give it a shot.

It's been a busy week for me (as usual!). Though, we don't have review classes last week because of the conflicting skeds between BUTC and AUL, filing of application form in PRC and graduation practices filled up our schedules.

But, despite of the hardships, there are still things that I should be thankful for:

1. I and my baby, 'Chillspot' are celebrating our 2nd monthsary TODAY. I know that for some, who celebrated its 100th year or so (LOL!) in the blogger's world, it's nothing, but for me it's 'SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT'.

I want to thank this opportunity to thank you, my dear readers, for your undying support. Thank you to my blogger friends, Ate Chyng, Zara of Malaysia, Ruthie Tuttie, Donna and all. A BIG HUG to all of you!

2. Two days ago, I made my mom proud(I hope so!) when I joined the 160+ others who graduated in Midwifery. Cheers!

All I need to do is pass the licensure exam *fingers cross* and VOILA , .poOt! is a Register Midwife. An addition to young professionals in the blogger's world.

I want to share some of the photos taken before, during and after the graduation ceremony held last April 06, 2009:

Love (xoxo),



.pOot! said...

haha. ala lang. i hope you enjoy looking at the pictures pero kung nabitin kayo, there are tons of pics in my f.s. account www.tsilspat.blogspot.com. thanks.

Paurong.com said...

Ang astig nitong blog mo....

update ka naman...

.pOot! said...

@ paurong,

WOW, dude, thank you.

.pOot! said...

pasensya na. mali f.s. account ko above. it's jubertjohn2@yahoo.com. salamat.