This shameless mudslinging and bickering of review centers against each other is getting on my nerves. It’s kinda pathetic and deeply insults the intellect of the students. They’re pandering to us like we’re bunch of morons. The hell!

They need money and this is a competition – yes, I know that for a fact. So, why I making such a big deal out of it? Of course, it is only appropriate that they must uphold at all times civility, discipline and respect for one another. They must always give the highest regard to the students, to appeal not to our emotions but to our intellect. We’re not after the drama; we are after the good results.

If we want to eradicate this BS practice, we must not tolerate it on the first place. We must start choosing a review center that believes in our innate potential to make it no matter what and therefore, recognize their sole responsibility to prepare us for the grand battle – that is the board exam.

But this “BS-mudslinging-thing” taught me that no review center will ever be free from error- not even one. So my task is to determine which errors I cannot live with and which one I can allow. It taught me that I must appraise every review center equitably for everything they have to offer, for what they have done, for what they have failed to do and most importantly, for the way they treat us.

So, I will take this opportunity to quantify in words my decision to choose SULTAN REVIEW GROUP.

One of the things I really admire about SRG is the way they maintain positivity amidst all the accusations being thrown at them. They never gave in to pressure and sling the mud back. They just clear the issues out and it’s up to us if we will believe it or not. There are very few that are capable of this.

I also cannot help but admire Prof. JP Jacomille, one of SRG’s topnotch reviewers respond to criticisms. He has no gimmicks/no fanfare/no entertainment in his lecture, something that may render the class weary and disinterested. But for me, that’s not an issue. His focus was to share in the best of his ability his knowledge, techniques and expertise and make sure that everyone has fully understood it. For this, he earned my salutations!

I cannot impose my will to you. I don’t write this to sway you in my thinking. I am not asking you to agree with me nor enroll in SRG even if you don’t want to because that would be a grave insult to your intellect. What I’m asking you is that you must weigh down your decision as objectively and as intelligently as possible and not just base it on malicious and misleading hate propaganda. You must be staunch enough to stand by your decisions without others butting in. Don’t let others make up your mind. Remember this is our future and this will only be up to us.

Jubert John R. Marzan
Reviewee, SRG Legazpi


kg said...

pati sa mga nursing review centers may ganyan? oh my! it is pathetic.

Reesie said...

good luck sa board exam mo jubert! ;-) yakang-yaka mo yan. ;-)study hard, wag umasa sa review center kasi at the end of the day, nasa sayo lang whether papasa ka or not. ;-)