Forget Me. Forget Me Not. I`m 21.

I turned 21 just recently! Not that anyone really cares. And it’s no big deal for me, really. I don`t celebrate birthdays. And I can’t remember a time that I celebrated my birthday in a grand way (except when I was a kid). I rather have a “me-alone” time, watch a movie, shop or something to that effect. I’m always single during my birthday so I don’t have any dates with whomever. And I don’t receive gifts during my birthdays, probably because: 1) my friends are kuripot (on second thought, so am I) or; 2) they perceive me as someone who is not materialistic which is partly-true.

This birthday was no exception. I did not celebrate grandiosely. Because the 17th fell on a work day, it was work-as-usual for me. I went to work and was surprised that “Happy 21st Birthday Jubert” was all over the place. Then in this instance, Ate Ching (a midwife that has been working in the hospital for 20 years) greeted me. It kept coming as I saw work mates whom I identified as friends greeted me. I could scarcely say “Thank you” knowing that I nauseate from corny statements. I may not show outward signs of being (over-acting-ly) thankful but deep inside, I was like “Okaaay, I wanna cry”.

But it was just like any other day (or so I thought). I was busy most of the day. I even accompanied a patient who went to a tertiary private hospital for a scheduled CT scan that afternoon. After about an hour, we went back to the hospital. The patient’s wife gave me a take-out pre-dinner from Jollibee and her daughter-in-law (she prolly overheard my work mates or read it in one of the posters at the station) greeted me “Happy Birthday”. I reciprocated by giving a humble smile. I was touched. I really appreciated the nice gesture. The next day, my workmates surprised me with a birthday cake and ice cream. Wow, ang sarap sa feeling. It was the first time that someone gave a me cake (aside from family members)

Me and my cake <3

Thanks to all those (1) who celebrated my birthday with me, to those (2) who were with me that day but didn’t celebrate with me, and to those (3) who said they would celebrate with me but didn’t. I love you all! Thank you to everyone who took the time to greet me personally, text, call, sent me TA, sent me PMs, tweet, and post their words on my wall. This so overwhelming and touching knowing you people remembered and took even a little time and effort to greet me. I’m also grateful to those who knew my birthday from somebody else’s mouth. Ang sarap ng feeling that I had a vast social life. 

Cheers to being an adult now. Goodbye teenage years, you were pretty darn awesome!


marxtermind said...

Nakaka-touch naman ginawa ng mga ka-work mo.

Happy 21, Jubs! :D

Monisima's Life in the Philippines said...

A very happy birthday to you:)

kim buenafe said...

an awesome birthday for you, indeed! belated happy birthday! wishing you all the happiness!

Superjaid said...

happy birthday =D

liz said...

Belated happy birthday Hoobert! I wish you more love and happiness everyday! :)

Dani said...

Hey awesome! Belated happy birthday! :)

Sendo said...

nung minsan nag birthday ako at sobrang busy kami lahat sa research..nakakalungkot...
then bigla..me nag surprise sakin..natouch ako

i think masarap talaga ang mag celebrate ng birthday witht he people you love right....kahit busy busy han ka pa at di baleng di engrande..what matters is that you're with the right people

More awesomeness to come

jelai said...

Better late than never babe!

Happy Birthday! :)

So you're a gemini too, huh. :)

SunnyToast said...

Hey! belated happy birthday! by the way I'll be visiting your place this end of month! hope we could meet! that wold be awesome!