Why should I be proud being a Filipino in the first place?

Should I be proud of the fact that the Philippines is the second richest country in Asia... in the fnckin' 1950s? Should I be proud that we are resilient because we can laugh at our problems and we laugh even when there is nothing to laugh about? Should I be proud because we have an elf as a president? Should I be proud of the Ampatuans who put the country in history books? Should I be proud of Noynoy Aquino? Or should I be proud of our 9 (!) medal haul in the Olympics?

Anyone can point out a thousand things which are wrong in this country, from being Asia's most corrupt to the poverty-stricken kids begging for coins in the streets, to the gruesome Maguindanao massacre, to the taxi drivers opening the car door to spit (that's gross!), to the world famous "Filipino time", to the women (and men too!) who loves to bicker, to the unraveling traffic jams in the metros and to the tons (multiplied it by 100) of other things that you want to curse the country for.

And yet. I'm still a Filipino and I love being one. Despite all the misery brought by being a Filipino, my faith and belief in my race is still intact. No matter what they tell about my country, the Philippines will always be where my heart is.

Why not? There is so much to rave about being a Filipino and being in the Philippines. We live on a paradise, we have a rich cultural heritage, our adobo, our "never-say-die attitude", our warm smiles, Dr. Jose Rizal, our beautiful ladies, we decapitated Magellan, we showed the world the true meaning of "People Power", we have Charice and Pacman, our jeepney, the Aquino couple (I will say family but...), we taught people how to smile after a misfortune - oh, I can go forever baby. That's why there's no reason for us to be insecure, to be envy. Because we are so blessed. What more could we ask? There is so much to be proud of and to live for.

To the people who think that there is no hope for the Philippines, to the retarded columnist who called the Philippines a nation of servants, to the desperate housewife that insulted the quality of Philippine medical education, to the Comedy Central loser who called President Cory a slut, to the fugly Adam Carolla who called the pound-for-pound king illiterate, I feel so sorry for you. And to all the Filipinos who proclaim that they are ashamed to be Filipinos, to tell you, I'm much more ashamed to have you as "kababayans".

Excuse me Juan dela Cruz, before you judge our country, before you look down and spit on us, before you shove in anyone's faces that the country sucks big time, pause for a moment and ponder, "What exactly have YOU done to make this the place you want it to be?". If none, then just zip it. You don't have any right to complain, you don't have any right to whimper and snivel because you yourself have done nothing.

I have come to realize that it is the people who makes the country and not the other way around. Moreover, I have come to realize that if we want this country to gain its loss glory, we must put our shits together and work towards a united goal. This will not be an easy ride, there will always be the pain of defeat and pleasure of triumph. But what separates the two is the attitude we Filipinos possess. We are known for our resiliency. We can manage to laugh even after a tragedy. It is not that we can't take anything seriously but because we prefer to move forward with renewed vigor and rising expectation than to just sit down and cry.

Some of us may be exhausted of "Philippines-in-deep-poo-poo" state and some may think that the only way to get out is to give up. No puh-leez, keep holding on. Sino pa ba ang magmamahal at mag-aaruga sa Pilipinas kung hindi tayong mga Pilipino? Sino pa ba ang magmamalaki sa ating lahi kundi tayo-tayo din? If nobody wants to lift our chair for us then we must do it ourselves. Or else nobody will know how much we're worth.

As for me, I refuse to believe that my country is a hopeless case.

I refuse to be humiliated by my own lineage.

I refuse to lambaste my own countrymen.

I refuse to exchange my citizenship for anything else.

I refuse to give up.

I am a Filipino and will always be a Filipino, "sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa".


.pOot! said...

Happy Independence to all! Whew, 112th na. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino!

Thanks Tintin for helping me to finish this post.

jasonhamster said...

syempre ako ang base kumapreng poot!


basahin ko mamaya, d2 pa kasi ako sa work.

ayan ha binisita ko kagad!

len said...

proud pinay, yess!!

happy independence day poot! na miss kita!! :-)

like the song!

Allen said...

O diba, daig ko pa ang mushroom sa pasulpot sulpot sa blogosphere. LOL :))

Happy Independence Day.

Anyway, eto na kasi yung pinagkakaabalahan kong blog ngayon. http://shutterchitecture.wordpress.com so if you like, ex-link. hehe

Redlan said...

Sabi ko na nga pang independence day tong post na to. I appreciate nakagawa ka ng ganitong post. sobrang pampagising, daig pa ang kape sa starbucks.

ilang taon na ulit? I am looking forward in five years kaw ang pinakabatang senado ng Pilipinas, in more than ten years, kaw ang magiging presidente. Ikaw mismo.

Geb0i said...

Proud to be pinoy. Btw, I just moved from wordpress to blogger. Feel free to visit me sometimes

melody said...

new post huh..nice song.

definella said...

napadaan lng poh. gumagala eh :D

pede makahinging tisue? hanep sa language, sp0keningdalars =)

nga pla, i checked ur profile, and i was like 'whoah'

age (ay pareho)
astro sign (ay taurus din)
z0d year (1991, magkaage eh)
pagdating sa location.. nakz!
tabaco city! (bacacay ako, lapit ah)
tas ang school, BU (hanekz! ako rin, main)

wahaha wla lang 'nanalian lang' sori pala offtopic po..


.pOot! said...

I miss you too Ate Len, seriously! And actually, the song is for YOU, haha. With Ate Chyng, of course. Perdy ladies. ^^

.pOot! said...

Hey Allen, yeah, I always visit your new blog. I really find it kewl especially the photos. So amazing! Yeah, you're like a pro. *inggit mode on*

.pOot! said...

Thanks Kuya Red! Mas nagising ako sa comment mo, tinalo mo pa ang kapeng barako. And it actually made my day. Pero wishful thinking, haha.

.pOot! said...

Hi Pareng Geboi! Sup? Yeah, i will visit you now. ^^

.pOot! said...

Hi Ella! Whew, really? That's awesome. At least, I'm not alone. That gave me a relief, pretty much. Haha.

^^ And btw, thanks for stalking ooops... following me, haha.

len said...

me too, seryoso.. hehehe hugs!!

thnx! i like the song.. hehehe :-)

Chyng said...

hindi dahil sa love your own, pero I really feel lucky I like in Pinas.

im proud to be Pinoy! Ü

pusang kalye said...

that's what we lack--a single goal. a single direction. kaya nga kung minsan maganda na may kaaway na bansa coz we are united in difficult times but fragmented during peacetime.....nice template poot.....gusto ko to.

.pOot! said...

Yo Ate Chyng! So true. Parang sa dinami-dami ng bansa sa mundo, I was born in Pinas. I'm really lucky. And you too. :)

.pOot! said...

Amen Kuya Anton! Yeah, we're moving forward as a country but we're not on the right target, parang kung san lang dalhin ng hangin. Walang concrete plan, parang ganun.

Oo nga no,it is so true. Kapag may away-away, we're united. Pero kung kelan tuloy wala, dun naman tayo nagba-bangayan. And that's sad. :(

Haha, really? Haba ng kwento kung bakit ito ang naging template ko. ^^ I hate story-telling pa naman.

tsiremo said...

Haha in-deep-poo-poo, cool same with your theme ah..bullet drops hehe welcome back poOt..

Kurapengpeng said...

nahiya ako sa blog ko bigla hahahah! nice one kid! Mabuhay ang Pinas! Walang sinabi ang Sibika at Kultura sa post mo. heheh! Follow na kita now na!

.pOot! said...

Na-inlove ka bigla sa poo-poo Kuya Tsi? Haha, ako din. ^^

Astig lang talaga ang bloggers. Lols. Pero nung una, sobrang ayaw ko nito. Bigla ko kasing napilitan yung layout ko pero wala na, kaya I have to live with it. Thanks sa likey!

.pOot! said...

Ganun ba Kura (what do you want me to cal you?). Hahaha!

Thanks pala sa pag-follow. I link you up din. ^^

Ax said...

We celebrate Independence Day as it is Freedom Day. ;]

Pero both words have different connotations. The first means to be free from external control and restraint, and the second one means being just plain free and having the power to act or think without restraints. So today, let us celebrate what Independence is. Let no one control our passion. Let us do things because we can not because someone says so.

Yeah, off topic na naman ako.

At syempre, Pinoy din ako. And I will change the negative connotations of the word Pinoy. I'll start with the Filipino Time.

Ayun lang. Late na ako dito sa post na'to. Sorry naman.


second richest? talaga lang ah, napabayaan lang natin ang Pilipinas kaya nagkaganun pero kung alang corrupt proud to be pinoy ako.

dabo (or david) said...

I'm glad several bloggers made their independence day post.

thanks for getting down on my blog. cheers!

.pOot! said...

He-yo Kuya Ax! Thanks for the nice input. ^^

Kaya lang, ayun, late ka nga. Haha.

.pOot! said...

Hey Paps!

Saying CORRUPTION can be eliminated is like saying "there will be no sinners in the world". It's impossible to erase corruption in our present society. That's why we need competent officials who'll bring back the lost glory of the country. Sad to say, di pa natin time ngayon. With our new president? And his old-faces slash celebrities cabinet?

Peace out!

.pOot! said...

No problem Dabo or David. Haha, cool nick you got there!

petitay said...

following u young guy. follow me back po ha. just bloghping!! happy blogging!


Im no longer Pinoy but Im still proud of my heritage.

Passport lang ang nag changed... not my heart.

Kura said...

"Kura" is fine (and cute din)... hehehe! thanks! keep your posts coming! Enjoy ako sa blog mo! =)

glentot said...

Ang sarap kaya maging Pilipino kasi kahit anong sabihin nila mas angat pa rin tayo sa iba.

arnie said...

ayun you're back poot!!!

late na ata ako...whahaha

sempre super proud to be pinoy!!!!

God bless!!

.pOot! said...

Hey petitay! You got a funny name but my name is funnier. Lols. Ok sure, no problem, I will!

.pOot! said...

That's nice to hear Kuya KJ. I hope other Pinoys out there who changed their nationalities are echoing the same opinion as yours :)

.pOot! said...

Hi Kuya Glen! Can't agree more. We're one hell of a race!

.pOot! said...

Tito Arnie, thank you at napadaan ka. Haha! I'm trying to be more active sa blog :)

Noypi said...

Padaan lang po. You sent me here from your anniversary post.

A really nice job on this one. Keep posting!

Have a great day! :D