As I go on, I remember what?

I wish Mom and Dad had a child before I was born ‘cos I was thinking if I have a big sister/big brother, at least, they can kinda orient me on the do’s and don’ts in college. Perhaps had I had these tips I didn’t made some really huge mistakes and learn things the hard way.


I’m still in a bit of daze brought about by thinking that just few weeks from now; I would take that long (and flashy!) walk to the podium to grab with my splendid right hand the piece of paper that I worked hard for these part four years. Shikes! Has it really been four years? It seems just like last year.

When I made the decision to take up BSN, I knew it would be hard – I just don’t know how haggard-ing it would really be. Oh freaking gawd! It completely savaged, ruined and destroyed my sleeping time (read: laging puyat!). It semed like I had a thousand of stuffs to do every day and sleeping was, well, my last option. Believe it or not, I became accustomed to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule. (Don’t take up BSN unless you love going to school on weekends.)

During the first few weeks in school, I missed my family so badly. (Newsflash: I’m staying in a dorm) That was the time that I realized that I had reach the point in my life where mom and dad will not always be around. I must take responsibility for myself which mean I must take off my diaper, wipe off the milk in my lips and do things for myself.

I learned how to cook for myself – just a little bit though. I tried to cook pancit canton with sabaw once and the taste was urgh. Don’t try this at home evaaaar! I had a shoddy affair with attendance especially in the first two semesters. I was tempted with the usual things like cigarettes and alcohol. Don’t worry, I’ve already stopped it. I forced myself to eat carinderia foods whenever possible. Noodles are well, not nutritious but I learned that it’s very cost-effective. I learned that bringing my student ID at all times do wonders. I check Facebook at least three times a day; I double it on weekends. I became used to taking a bath with cold water – yes, this is a big deal for me. I became a celebrity blogger, in the campus at least. Whenever I go home, all I do is to eat as much as I can, sleep as much as I can but I don’t do the laundry. Let’s be clear on that. I let my Mom do that wonderful job for me. I almost give up this course for a stupid reason that I cannot share here. I learned that having a girlfriend is just a waste of money. I flirted with girls on Facebook – not cool! I joined a pageant in the campus. I’ve met tons and tons of awesome people and some annoying ones. I learned that to budget your allowance is harder than taking an exam. And so many other memories. And oh yes, lessons too!

I would have to admit that mine was a typical college experience. It was tough! I faced a lot of adversities. I have always wanted to go to a certain elite school in Manila but belonging to a lower middle class family, I wasn’t able to fulfill that particular dream. But I’ve always conditioned my mind that bad things happen to everyone. What I need to do is to work my ass off to ensure that no opportunity is rendered spoiled. And with this comes the realization that true success is not defined by the status that you have or by the numbers in your bank account, but it is how you worked for it. Once you learned that lesson, you’ll get along much better in life. You might say that I am not in the position to say this ‘cos I’m just freaking 19 years old – I repeat, nineteeeeeen – but I think you don’t have to be as old as Lola Basyang to share a little bit of what we call, wisdom.

I don’t know where this is going anymore or how I am supposed to end this post. I still had a lot of thoughts going on in my awesome awesome head but lemme just say how thankful I am for everyone who made this journey of mine smooth from start to finish. Some of them will not make it to my post-college life and I to theirs and it’s a sad realization. Really, that really hurts. It is sad and a little thrilling! But I should never say bye.

When I look back in my college days, I see so many mistakes that I (or my friends) did that are inevitable. It pisses me off that I screwed things up pretty bad. So for you to not make the same mistakes that I did, I scribed down some nice (and sensible) college tips that you can ponder on.

1. If you are going to study in a big state university, prepare for the dog-tiring registration process.

2. No matter how much you disliked keeping trashes, don’t throw school receipts.

3. If you have early morning classes, set at least 3 alarms. You don’t want to be late, don’t you?

4. If your class got a load of attractive people, the easier it will be for you. Trust me!

5. If you have a unique feature or whatever, chances are a nickname will emerge and stick harder than a bubble gum.

6. Befriend the campus’ “sekyu” in the beginning of the semester ‘cos it might work for your advantage in the future.

7. Don’t forget to bring your student ID wherever you go.

8. Be cool when dealing with professors that don’t like your point of view. Don’t get upset or anything. Your (stupid) professor might take it out on your grade. It should never happen but it does.

9. Don’t expect to get high grades when you miss more classes than you attend.

10. You don’t need to be close with your roommate. You don’t need to be friend with him either. But at least, try to be cool to him ‘cos he knows where you sleep.

11. Avoid having to purchase separate body soap and laundry soap by using body soap as laundry soap and vice versa.

12. Study, study and study during “hell week” unless you want to fail.

13. If you don’t, prepare to get a little sleep ‘cos you’ll be studying all the time.

14. If you are accustomed to 8 hours of sleep per day, then you are dead.

15. Check your Facebook only once during “hell week” ‘cos those grades might end up suffering.

16. If you are a guy, don’t enter a serious relationship if you have a weekly allowance of Php2K or below.

HIATUS MODE. I don’t want to do this – I really don’t – but I should. I need to isolate myself ‘cos I need to concentrate. NO BLOGGING. No Facebook for two weeks. I know it’s tough but this is the best thing I should do – for myself. Please bear with me. I promise that I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.

PS. I know you would miss me. I just know you would ‘cos


Right? Right!


poot said...

Buh-bye for now! See you guys in two weeks huh.

XOXO, Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo!

Reesie said...

Happy Hiatus, Jubibo! Wee! I will surely miss your presence in my blog. ;-)

Your post about your college life flashes back a lot of memories of my own in my university. It was one of the best really.. What I regret the most is I should've made it more fun. I was you typical studious and serious student back then. I should've enjoyed it a little bit but oh well, my all-work-no-play attitude paid off naman.

Congratulations in advance, Jubibo, on your graduation! I bet the review for your board exam is the harder than the four years you've been through. Good luck!

Nortehanon said...

Uy, may bagong RN! Congrats! And good luck sa board exam.

Dani said...

You know, I don't have an ate/kuya too but I did get a heads up about college. Of course some of the advice given were true and some, I guess some just aren't for everyone. IMO, there's really no need for a Do and Don't guide because it's all part of the college experience.

Now as for you, welcome to the "real" world. (As if college wasn't real enough. Haha.) Mas mangangapa ka ngayon hahaha.

goyo said...

Okay din namang maging panganay e. hehe.

Congrats men!

JeffZ said...

Congrats Jubert!..

Feel that moment.. hindi mo man maramdaman sa ngayon, pero when you're on that stage, iba..

You have yet to explore more.. Chill lang chillspot.. :D

Raymond said...

First of all, congratulations for making it past the four grueling years of nursing school. You deserve a pat on the back, and be slapped with a bit of a large trout. LOL.

I'm so happy for you, and I hope you will have an easy transition from student life to a successful career in nursing or whatever you may choose to do after graduation. And oh, good luck with the boards too! Mag-aral ng mabuti and don't get too complacent. On top of everything, put God at the core of your activities.

If there's one thing that I've learned out of the last couple of years, it's that I grew too optimistic of life and everything else after graduation. Not that there's anything bad about maintaining that kind of attitude, but just remember, life after graduation is an entirely different ballgame.

So brace yourself. And I mean that, real hard.

I don't want to ruin the mood for you so once again, congratulations...and all the best to you and your future undertakings! God bless. ;-)

kg said...

poOt! your post made me nostalgic again!

there are actually no black and white do's or don'ts for college life. there are guides though.

ako ang iniisip ko lang noon ay just to enjoy while making sure i don't fail! he he!

Chyng said...

You're almost there! Ngayon palang, be proud of your self.

NExt step, the dreade board exam Study well. Wag muna magFB!!

poot said...
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poot said...

I'm so back guys. Di ko kinaya. I thought this hiatus mode is manageable but now I'm here punching keys again. Hahaha.

poot said...

You're right Ate Reesie! Reviewing for the board exam is much, much harder than going to school for four years. There's a lot of pressure coming from every angle. Ngayon pa nga lang, sobrang kinakabahan na ako. This test would dictate my career. I cannot fail this one.

Pero positive thinking tayo, I know I can do it! I can top the board exam. Huuuuuuuugh!

poot said...

Asus, di naman Nortehanon. Hindi pa pero malapit na. Hahaha. Di ako nagyayabang, kine-claim ko lang kung ano ang para sa akin. Loooool.

Anyway, thank you dropping by. I really appreciate it. I'm gonna link you up ha.

poot said...

Bakit para yatang kinabahan ako sa late sentence mo Ate Dani?

Pero totoo naman talaga yun. XD Kaya mas kinakabahan ako.

poot said...

Thank you Kuya Goyo!

Yun nga ang problema Kuya eh kasi okay LANG maging panganay. If you can give me 10 advantages of being a panganay, I can counter you with 1000 more. Looool.

poot said...

Don't worry Kuya Jeff, chill lang ako. Loook! :)))

Ang gwapo ko 'no. Hahaha. Di biro yun.

poot said...

I see to it Kuya Raymond that I always maintain a positive attitude. Ewan ko pero sobrang optimistic talaga ako.

Oh ayun, dinagdagan mo pa kaba ko na dulot ni Ate Dani. Hahaha.

poot said...

Pareho tayo Ate Grace. I'm not the studious-type guy but I always see to it that at least, I have presentable grades. Loooool.

Actually Ate, your post "Down the Memory Lane" was my inspiration in doing this post.

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

tomooooh! hihihi Congratulations.. wow you're no longer a kid.. As usual, I won't say goodluck.. Give it your best shot. Alam kong kaya mo yan. God be with you.

Nakakarelate ako sa post mo. Pero mamimiss mo yan. Minsan bumibisita ako sa school ko at sinusubukan kong gawin ang mga gnagawa ko nung student pa lang ako. Pati yung boarding house naming walang tubig nakakamiss.

Yes... talaga naman. =)

ABoyNamedXander said...

thanks for the bday greetings

poot said...

I'm still a kid Ate Kura-ching. Looool, wishful thinking.

Oh, I'll also miss college. Sobrang dami ng experiences ko dito. Andami kong natutunan. Hay.

Buti Ate nung college ka eh di mo na ginagawa yung mga (stupid) things na ginagawa mo nung high school to get the attention of your crush. You remember? Nabanggit mo kaya yun sa post mo about dun sa Thai movie. Hahaha.

Love you Ate.

Gervie M. said...

congrats poot!

Raymond said...

Uy, ano nang balita sayo? Hope you are well! :)

krn said...

its tough, i knew it. no blogging. no fb! i thought i couldnt survive before without internet. but its a matter of self control, wahahaha, i guess. goood luck to you!

poot said...

Thanks Pareng Gervie!

Ikaw, kelan graduation mo? Parang nabanggit mo sakin na 5 years ka. Right?

poot said...

Syempre naman Kuya Raymond, okay na okay ako. I just took a well-deserved 5 days vacation sa...


Ang layo 'no? Kain tulog lang ang routine ko. Hahaha. Kilala mo naman ako, hari ng katamaran.

'Yan nag-update na ko. Ayos ka na. :)))

poot said...

Thank you po Ate KRN. Di ko rin kinaya kaya napaaga po ang pagbabalik ko. Hahaha. :)))

kristian said...

Sige2x, tama ka na. Mami-miss ka na nami. haha.

Natawa tuloy ako bigla sa nilagay mo sa pic mo. haha

Tumpak na tumpak yang nasa number 5 mo. Well, buti wala akong distinct na physical feature pero ewan ba't ilang ulit na nababago ang pangalan ko. Lagi pa nilang minu-murder! waah!

Agree ako sa no. 6. Helpful talaga si Manong guard. haha

kristian said...

LOL. Di ko napansin, eons ago na pala ang post na 'to. May "mami-miss ka namin" na linya pa akong nalalaman. Ang tagal ko na palang di nakalabas sa kweba. haha

poot said...

Hahaha, Kristian dude, masyado na nga yatang late ang comment na ito. :)))

Anyway, napa-smile naman ako nung "mami-miss ka namin" phrase. I'm all smiles. Look.

Tama. Murder kung murder ang name ko. Hahaha.

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

ahahahahahaha! naloka ako sa sagot mo. Naalala mo pa yun? Hindi ko na ginawa yung ganung level ng pagpapapansin. Masisira ang bagong image sa college. Though may crush ako nun from first year hanggang sa makagrad n kami. Hindi niya alam as usual

Trivia: nahawakan ko lang ang kamay nya nung baccalaureate mass nmin. Dahil sa 'Ama Namin'. Wala siyang choice magkasunod kami ng surname e. hahaha! Kung pwede lang hindi maligo after. You really made my day! =) ingat!