The 12-Hour Albay Escapade

Planning phase pa lang, sobrang excited na kami. We chose Kawa-Kawa Nature Park and Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave as our destinations ‘cos it’s two of the best and not to mention, two of the cheapest ecotourism sites in Albay. And another brownie point, they’re very accessible. So perfect!

Right after breakfast, we boarded the jeepney that will take us to our first destination: Kawa-Kawa Nature Park. It will take us almost an hour to reach Ligao where we will ride a tricycle going to our destination. So we spent the time by chikahan and just fooling around. We haven’t reached our destination yet pero sobrang enjoy na kami!

A Hill Without A Hilltop

We finally reached our destination after 1.2 hours. Weather is very good though it’s not as windy as I expected. The hike to the top is not really that easy. We had several stops and photo ops while walking. After 20 minutes or so, we reached the top.

We first find a cottage to take a rest. And besides, it’s very hot pa to take a walk. While having their rest, I walked around to practice my photography skills (if there’s any). I had several sorry attempts until I captured these two shots. What you think?

Before we took a walk on the trek, the Yoo brothers decided to leave their marks in the cottage.

The Korean’s first visit in Kawa-Kawa – Yong Ki Yoo

Thank you my Filipino friends. Joy is hungry. – Seul Ki Yoo

The view is really breathtaking. It was my third time here but the view never fails to amaze me. The place is beautiful and quiet. We are lucky ‘cos di ganun karami yung tao when we got there.

We didn’t go down the “kawa” because of the scorching heat. Umaatikabong sunburn ang aabutin namin ‘pag ganun. XD We settled on another cottage instead to eat our snacks. I advise you to bring your own food ‘cos the foods there are pricey. Mahirap daw i-akyat. Loooooool.

After ½ hour of exploring and 1 hour of pahinga (looool!), we went down the hill to each lunch. Gutom na gutom na kami. We ate at La Terraza. In fairness, the place is very cozy and the staffs were nice and attentive. I’m impressed!

All in all, we ordered four kinds of dishes (Adobadong Manok with Gata, Sweet and Spicy Bicol Express, Chicken Estofado and 2 servings of Humba). Almost all servings are big enough for two to three persons. Prices range from Php160-250. Yeah, very affordable!

For an affordable price, I’m not expecting much. Surprisingly, the foods exceeded my ecpectations. The foods are freshly cooked and flavorful. Kudos to their cooks!

Their Sweet and Spicy Bicol Express deserve two thumbs up. Sobrang yummy! It’s the best version of Bicol Express I’ve ever tasted.

As much as I wanted to consume all the foods in my plate, my stomach can’t bare it. Sobrang busog na busog ako! Another worth mentioning is – Seul Ki paid for our bill. He’s such a generous young man.

La Terraza Restaurant and Function Hall
Kawakawa, Tuburan, Ligao City, Albay

We took a rest muna before we leave La Terraza for our next destination: Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave. Actually, my mom warned me not to go there ‘cos it’s dangerous daw, considering that we’re graduating students. I think you know naman the pamahiin that graduating students are prone to accidents. So if my mom will ever read this, I'm dead.

To reach the place, we rode a jeepney going to Legazpi. Sa Camalig town center kami bumaba. Once there, we rented two tricycles going to Brgy. Cotmon. I was with Seul Ki and Yong Ki. Fare is Php 30 per head. Travel time is less than 30 minutes.

On the way to the cave, I asked Manong Driver how we can go back to town. He said that from the drop-off point wala nang dumadaang tricycle/jeepney. We can walk though from the cave to the highway but it will take us 3-4 kilometers. Effort pa yun so it became a dilemma for us. Luckily, the driver of the other tricycle offered to wait for us FREE OF CHARGE. Siya pa ang kumausap kay Manong Driver na hintayin na din kami. I love it!

First look pa lang, very creepy na!

We reached the drop off-point.
From there, we have to walk at least 500 meters to reach the cave’s opening. There we met Kuya Jessie, our tourguide (09301817532). He charged us Php 400 for the tour. He’s very nice and he is good in speaking English. So, I really recommend him.

What are we waiting for?
Let’s start spelunking.

The cave has three levels, bongga diba? Going down the first level alone will take you 3 freaking hours. Fortunately for us, only the second level is allowed for public viewing. Thank God!

See the photo above? We were surprised when Kuya Jessie said that it’s the entrance to the third floor. We’re like “seriously?”. My toothpick-thin body is bigger than the entrance and it seemed impossible to pass. But like what I said, it is not open to the public.

Siya si Moses!

There are lots of beautiful rock formations. All of us can’t help but appreciate the scene.

It is important to stop.
Never walk while staring at the ceiling. The way is quite slippery.

Kuya Jessie said that the cave was once submerged in water. As a proof, he pointed coral-like formations inside the cage. Very interesting! At this point, I stopped taking pictures. I need to concentrate on the path. One wrong step and my head might hit a sharp stone.

After 45 minutes of exploring, we’re out of the cave unbruised. Kahit sobrang pagod, we extremely enjoyed it!

There’s a souvenir shop besides the opening. I bought a crystal keychain and so does my friends. Seul Ki bought a lot. Pasalubong niya daw sa friends niya in Korea.

Before we left, Kuya Jessie promoted another cave to us. If we love adventure daw, we must visit Kalabidongan Cave. In the opening pa lang, you have to swim na. I think it’s very challenging! With Kuya Jessie’s description of the cave, I have to visit and experience it for myself.

We are all freaking tired but ‘cos it’s still early to go home, we decided to go to another must-see place: Lingñon Hill. From the cave, we rode the tricycle again and got back to town. We boarded a jeepney that will bring us to Bañag, Daraga and from there we rented a tricycle going to the base of the hill.

Among the three places that we’ve been to, Lingnon Hill is probably the most famous. This has been part of the Phillipine leg of Amazing Race Asia Season 4. Astig, di’ba?

It sounds easy to you but bear in mind that it is an uphill climb. And considering that we’ve been to two places that all requires walking, we’re starting to feel the cramps. But then, we decided to continue. Saying naman if we’ll back-out pa.

We have to stop once in a while ‘cos nakakahingal. I didn’t feel tired that much ‘cos I was busy taking pictures of them and the view.

At last, after 2.4 kilometers of uphill climb, we reached the top. Yahoo!

If ever na magutom kayo, don’t worry, there’s a Chowking there and a number of kainan but we opted not to eat. Sobrang dami naman nung kinain naming nung lunch.

The Yoo brothers got excited when they saw the zipline. I learned from them that sobrang expensive ng zipline in Korea. It will cost you Php 2000. Shikes! Eh dito Php 250 lang and it comes with a free picture pa.

Seul Ki and Yong Ki tried the zipline and seeing their wide smiles I can tell that they enjoyed it – a lot! Too bad, my lens didn’t capture it ‘cos it malfunctioned. Bad trip!

We rested there for a while. Talking, drinking and just enjoying the scene. Sobrang saya! At 7pm, we went back to Tabaco. I made a very sound sleep that night. Sobrang pagod!

This travel is the best I’ve made so far. I consider this as a travel ‘cos I’m one of the organizers though the trip is quite disorganized. Looooool. Never mind if the place that we’ve been to are just in Albay. I never thought that I can do this, to visit three places in a span of just 12 hours. It’s very fulfilling.

Now, I can say that my 2011 has officially started.



poot said...

Seul Ki & Yong Ki is now back in Incheon. So I’m sad. Idk when we will see each other again but I’ll hold to Seul Ki’s statement that they will be back here after 2 years.

Or if not, I’ll just see them in Korea. *wink*

Chyng said...

poot! im scheduled to go to Baga this sunday! omg, overnight lang kaya ngarag ako mag-isip ng gagawin! hehe

poot said...

You mean Naga, Ate Chyng? That's awesome! But, overnight lang? Dilemma nga yan. Andami kayang pwedeng gawin sa Cam Sur. Hahaha!

Anyway, good luck po!

Anonymous said...

Know what? I really envy you for having this kind of experience. You deserve all the adventures in life. How I wish I can have that luxury also.

poot said...

Hahaha, really? Natawa naman ako dun Kuya NU. Dati ako lang nai-inggit sa mga travel posts ng mga fellow bloggers natin. Now, kinaka-inggitan na din ako. Aylavet! Loooool. Biro lang!

Sana more travels pa & more travel posts pa in the future. Wishful thinking na naman. XD

Anonymous said...

I really hope you get more travel experiences in the immediate future. Just keep it coming positively and they will surely come your way.

Have a nice day, Sir Jubert.

Reesie said...

Hey Jubibo! Looks like you had fun! Kailan kaya ako makapunta diayn sa Albay! Ganda pala!

kg said...

"Planning phase pa lang, sobrang excited na kami. "-- apir!

"We haven’t reached our destination yet pero sobrang enjoy na kami!"--apir!

i haven't been to kawa-kawa natire park. where is this? i'm glad you enjoyed hoyp-hoyopan cave. that's near our place. :)

poot said...

Albay is really an awesome place Ate Reesie. There's a lot of unexplored places here. In our place for instance, there is a white sand beach that can give Boracay a run for its money. Hahaha. Too bad, pahirapan sa transportation.

poot said...

Ate Grace, it's a new tourism destination in Ligao. I think it's been around for only 2-3 years pero sobrang patok na among tourists (foreigners & locals).

& just this January (I'm not sure tho), it hosted the 1st ASEAN Invitational Jamboree. Astig, diba?

You're from Camalig? Awesome. Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave is really maganda. I was in awe. :)

Raymond said...

Masaya ako dahil alam kong masaya ka sa ginawa mo. Though your blog's background music kind of ruined the mood for me. Kamusta naman ang Farewell To You My Friend? Guma-graduation ka na kagad ha! Hahaha.

Anyways, nakakatuwa naman ang Korean friends mo. Pwede bang i-befriend din sila para makapagpalibre na rin sa La Terraza? Haha!

At kamusta naman ang Kawa-Kawa park? Nung makita ko ang signboard nung lugar, nag-ala Percy Jackson ako at nagkabaliktad ng posisyon ang W at K, at naging Waka-Waka. Pagkatapos nun, at the back of my mind, naririnig ko na yung Waka-Waka song ni Shakira. Hahahahaha! Sakit sa ulo!

At isa ka pala sa mga organizers ng trip na ito? Good for you. Pero bakit hindi ka sumubok ng zipline? Nandun ka na rin lang! Kung ako ikaw, di ko palalampasin yun!

Hope I could travel with you, my blog friends too, someday. Para hindi naman hanggang blogosphere lang ang friendship natin, kundi pati na rin sa real life. Hehe.

At kamusta ka naman, magkakain ka nga! Ang payat payat mo! Nahihiya ang mga adipose tissues ko sa'yo. Hahaha! :D

Take care, Jubert! Enjoy the rest of your day, as much as I enjoyed your post.

God bless! :)

poot said...

HAHAHA. Wait lang, oh-yan, I changed the music na. Kaya lang naman yun ang napili ko kasi by that time (last Feb 25), the Yoo brothers flew back to Korea. So syempre dapat senti. Loooool.

Yeah, yeah, gusto ko yan. To travel with blogger friends. Maybe next year. I know it will be fun. Don't worry, darating din ang time na yan. :)))

TOINKS! Busog na ako sa lagay na yan. XD Biro lang.

Anyway, enjoy freaking Paris Kuya Raymond.

John Lloyd said...

hi poot. taga tabaco ka pala? Im here in legaspi right now. I visit tabaco twice a month, we can meet if u want. Wats your fb account pala? Add me up nurselloydie@gmail.com. I'l wait ah:)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

naks! kinarir ang pagka-tour guide. hahaha! gusto ko rin magkaron ng friend na korean. Naaliw kasi ako sa language nila promise. Dati natututo na ko e kakanood ng koreanovelang DVD e. Ang saya!

BTW, Yung bunso namin natutong mag english nung pinasok namin sa school kung san maraming koreans. hahaha! Bidang bida.

Never pa ko nakarating ng bicol, puro camsur lang at calaguas ang nababasa ko sa blogs. thanks for sharing your waka-waka experience!

nga pala, mali ka... si JeffZ of Mpanuri.wordpress.com ang nakita ko. =)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! ang saya naman ng trip nyo! di ko pa napuntahan yan, soon pagbalik ko ng albay, pupuntahan ko yan... thanks for sharing!

keep travelling!

poot said...

I don't have any interest to learn their language as of now. Sobrang hirap kasi! The pronunciation of a word is far, far different from how it is spelled. Loooooooool.

When I go na siguro to Korea to visit them saka na ako mag-aaral ng mga common Korean terms.

Loooool, actually Ate Kura-ching, Camsur is part of Bicol. Baka you mean Albay?

poot said...

Hey Kuya PA! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog & dropping a comment. I really appreciate it.

So, you've been to Bicol? Awesome. Yeah, yeah, sana pagbalik mo dito eh bumisita ka sa mga places na ito. :)))

pusang kalye said...

di naman namaltos nang husto ang paa ng mga Korean friends nyo ha? naka -converse shoes pa. nalala ko ganyan na ganyana ang suot ko sa 3 hour climb namin ng Mt. Samata sa Bataan,,ayun. nakamedyas nalang ako pababa sa sakit paa ko. bwahaha. pumasok pa talaga kayo kweba.lol

JeffZ said...

You're one of the organizers? pero disorganized yung trip?.. haha pero that's what made it memorable.. one thing I realized when I go to a place is, hindi memorable kung walang misadventures.. mas marami kayong pagkkwentuhan when you look back.. :)

Bicol was my first loooooooooong land travel.. sakit sa pwet ng 10 hours! :) in 4 days, hindi sumikat ng matino ang araw.. mapabyahe ng legaspi, caramoan, naga, wala ulan ng ulan.. hanggang ngayon, kahit di masyado enjoy nun, naalala ko pa rin yang mga misadventures namin and whenever I see the pictures, nakakatawa kasi lagi kaming may payong or kapote or worse, basang-basa!.. hehe

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

hindi... tama yun. What I mean is, wala akong ibang nababasa na magandang spot sa part ng bicol kundi yung Calaguas at Camsur. Diba yung bicol is composed of Albay, Legaspi, Cam Norte & Sur etc? Kaya salamat at shinare mo ang Waka-waka. Maiba naman. hihihii! Hindi ko alam na may mga eco trails din pala dun.

Have a nice day!

poot said...

Loooooool. Pansin ko nga. I told them to wear shoes. Sinunod naman nila. Yun nga lang, yung iba nag-Converse. Tama ba yun? Hahaha.

I also want to hike a mountain. Gusto ko Mt. Pulag agad. Hahaha.

Thanks Kuya Anton for visiting. Welcome back!

poot said...

It's true Kuya Jeff. Travel is not a travel without its hassles. Misadventures ang nagdagdag ng thrill and excitement sa isang travel.

Malayo nga talaga ang Bicol. 10 hours from Manila. Pero at least ngayon, may mga low-cost plane carriers na. :)))

Thanks for dropping by. Balik ka po. :)

poot said...

Pwedeng mag-sorry? Sorry naman oh Ate Kura-ching. Hahaha.

You can also go to Donsol. You know, whale watching. It's cool daw. Never been there pa.

Masbate and Catanduanes also offers a lot of beaches. May mga white sand beaches daw. Pero they're island provinces. Medyo mahirap ang transportation. Pero meron naman. May airport din sa Virac, I just don't know if it's still functional.

*Legazpi is not a province

marxtermind said...

Aw namiss ko toh nung last ako nag punta sa Bicol, never heard of this. I'll try to experience Kalabidongan Cave next time pag uwi ko, sana may time. Hehehe... San ka sa Bicol? I have a relatives in Bula and Sorsogon! Pero usually Bula ako, last Sorsogon ko is when I'm still a kid. ;)

poot said...

Hey Maxtermind!

Kalabidongan Cave is in Camalig. I also want to go there. :)))

You're from Sorsogon? Really. I have a lot of friends that hail from Sorsogon. Anyway, I'm from Albay.

Ed said...

thanks for sharing this! if all goes well, i'll be in Legaspi by June for a week. i need all the tips I can gather.

poot said...

Oh I see Kuya Ed. If there's anything I can help or whatever, don't hesitate to contact me.